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Alcatel_Lucent 4A0-M01 4A0-M01 : Alcatel-Lucent IP/MPLS Mobile Backhaul Transport 10 Q&A

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-2- Q: 1 When researching carrier-class Ethernet standards to support the mobile backhaul Ethernet transport, which standards body would you consult?


Answer: B Q: 2 Which messages, periodically sent between an IEEE 1588v2/Precision Time Protocol (PTP) v2 master and slave, serve as hellos to help the slave choose the best available master?

A. Announce B. Announce_grant C. Sync D. Delay_response

Answer: A Q: 3 Which statement best describes adaptive timing techniques?

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A. Adaptive timing calculates the time of day from time stamped packets B. Adaptive timing calculates the time of day from the arriving packet rate C. Adaptive timing only supports frequency synchronization D. Adaptive timing only operates on point-to-point links

Answer: A Q: 4 Which statement describes the operation of the ITU-T Ethernet Synchronization Messaging Channel (ESMC)?

A. The ESMC transports time stamped packets for time of day and phase synchronization B. The ESMC provides the bit stream upon which the slave clocks set their frequency C. The ESMC provides a logical channel through which the slave traces its clock source D. The ESMC describes the slave clock's quality and stratum level

Answer: C Q: 5 Which IEEE 1588v2/Precision Time Prolocol (PTP) v2 message carries the master clock's characteristics for Best Master Clock Algorithm (BMCA) use?

A. Sync B. Sync__grant C. Announce

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D. Delay_Response

Answer: C Q: 6 A 7750 Service Router (SR) receives BITS clocking over a Superframe (SF) framed DS1 circuit. Assume SONET mode operation, which quality level does the router associate with this circuit?


Answer: D Q: 7 As which clock type must an IEEE 1588v2 node operate in order to slave to the Primary Reference Clock (PRC) and serve as a master to downstream nodes?

A. Boundary B. Ordinary Master C. Ordinary Slave D. Peer-to-peer transparent clock E. End-to-end transparent clock

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Answer: A Q: 8 Which statement correctly describes the IEEE 1588v2 two-way synchronization operating mode?

A. The slave nodes send Follow_up messages after each Sync message B. The slave sets its clock offset based on a pair of received Sync messages C. The slave uses two sets oftimestamps to calculate its clock offset D. The slave verifies the Sync messages with associated Follow_up messages

Answer: C Q: 9 Click on the exhibit. Given the configuration shown and the following conditions: . The external reference is offline . Reference 1 receives Quality Level (QL) - EEC2 . Reference 2 receives QL ¨C STU Which quality level will the SAR router advertise to its Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) peers?

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Answer: B Q: 10 Click on the exhibit. Given the configuration shown, and the following condition: . The preferred route to prefix failed and recovered Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,


. Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) is enabled on the interfaces Once the primary path recovers, how long will the router hold down the preferred route to prefix

A. 45 seconds B. 60 seconds C. 35 seconds D. 180 seconds

Answer: B

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