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How to Approach Difficult Situations When Caring for the Elderly As Elderly and Senior individuals get older, diminishing health or drastic life events such as the loss of friends or a significant other can take a painful and long-term toll on emotional well-being and personality. These negative feelings of anger, frustration, or sadness are oftentimes vented onto the people who try so hard to be there for them to provide companionship and care. Temper Tantrums Loved ones who were once calm and collected may have started to swear without a second thought. Verbal abuse towards the caregiver over little things can cause an equal amount of frustration and negative feelings for the caregiver. It's easy to assume that your loved one may be directly angry at you, but the cause is usually something much deeper and they lash out on you because they feel comfortable around you. 

Don't take it personally. Frustration and anger over loss of independence can be undignifying and hard to get used to. Grief over the loss of lifelong friends or a spouse can cause immense sadness that turns into anger. Health conditions such as Alzheimer's, Incontinence, Diabetes, or Arthritis can make daily living burdensome. It's important to try different methods of approach. Sometimes using conversation as a means of distraction can help your loved one calm down. If conversation doesn't work, it may be best to just let the tantrum blow over by giving your loved one some space in addition to providing yourself with some space and time alone to recollect. Verbal abuse can be incrediby frustrating for a caregiver. Let your loved one know about how their harsh attitude makes you feel. Hiring an inhome caregiver could be another option that may make your loved one behave better, if you have the finanial means necessary to hire a professional from a local agency.

Daily Meals Elderly obesity, undernourishment, and pickiness can make meal time a nightmare for caregivers. Nutriton plays a large role in the well-being and health of Elderly and Senior individuals. Good nutrition has health benefits for certain chronic illnesses, retaining bone mass, and enabling medications to do their work in the body. 

For Elders with chewing or swallowing problems, provide your loved one with soft foods such as eggs, cooked vegetables, shredded meat, tuna fish, and smoothies.

How to approach difficult situations when caring for the elderly  

In order to maintain health long term it is important to include a high percentage of fresh raw foods in particular fruit and vegetables whi...

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