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Question: 1 Sam works in an office and he is assigned with the task of preparing a document. He wants to save the document. He clicks on the save icon on the Quick Access Toolbar. What will be the extension of the saved document? A. .docx B. .docm C. .dotx D. .dotm

Answer: A Explanation: It is the extension of the standard Word document with no macros or code. Answer: C is incorrect. It is the extension of the Word template with no macros or code. Answer: B is incorrect. It is the extension of the Word document that contains macros or code. Answer: D is incorrect. It is the extension of the Word template that contains macros or code.

Question: 2 John works as an Office Assistant for HappyTech Inc. He is assigned with the task of creating invitation cards for his colleagues. There are about 200 employees in the company. What should he do to ease the creation of cards? A. Create a theme. B. Create individual invitation cards. C. Create a Quick Style. D. Create a template.

Answer: D Explanation: A template is a tool that is used to create a standard layout and the look and feel across multiple pages. A user creates a template when he wants to apply the same layout to multiple pages in a document. When he makes a change in the template, all the pages associated with it are affected and the corresponding change is reflected in all the pages. Answer: A is incorrect. A theme is used to create a professional and well-designed document. It is a set of formatting choices such as a set of theme colors, theme fonts, and theme effects. When a theme is applied to a document, the following are customized: hyperlink colors, body and heading styles, lists, table border colors, and background colors. Answer: B is incorrect. Creating individual invitation cards will be extremely time consuming.


Answer: C is incorrect. Quick Style is a set of stored formats that are applied all at once anywhere in the document. Rather than choosing different types of formats every time and applying them, a user can create a Quick Style and apply it at other places in the same document or in other documents.

Question: 3 Which of the following shortcut keys will you use to copy the selected text? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two. A. Shift+Insert B. Shift+Delete C. Ctrl+Insert D. Ctrl+C

Answer: D and C Explanation: You will use Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert shortcut keys to copy the selected text. Answer: B is incorrect. The Shift+Delete shortcut key is used to cut the selected text. Answer: A is incorrect. The Shift+Insert shortcut key is used to paste the currently cut or copied text.

Question: 4 You work as an Office Assistant for Media Perfect Inc. You are creating a report in Excel. The report worksheet will include the sales made by all the sales managers in the month of January.

In the worksheet, you are required to place a pictorial representation displaying the percentage of total sales made by each sales manager in January. Which of the following charts will you use to accomplish the task?


A. Bar B. Line C. Pie D. Column

Answer: C

Explanation: In order to accomplish the task, you will have to insert a pie chart in the worksheet. Excel provides a pie chart facility to display data that is arranged in one column or row on a worksheet. Pie charts display the size of items in one data series, proportional to the sum of the items.

The items in the pie chart are displayed as a percentage of the whole pie. Answer: D is incorrect. Excel provides column chart facility to display data that is arranged in columns or rows on a worksheet. In column charts, categories are organized along the horizontal axis and values along the vertical axis.

Column charts are used for showing data changes over a period of time or for illustrating comparisons among items. Answer: B is incorrect. Excel provides a column chart facility to display data that is arranged in columns or rows on a worksheet. Line charts are used to display continuous data over time, set against a common scale. In a line chart, category data is distributed along the horizontal axis, and all value data is distributed along the vertical axis. Line charts are ideal for showing trends in data at equal intervals.


A line chart should be used where category labels are text, and are representing evenly spaced values such as months, quarters, or years. Answer: A is incorrect. A bar chart is a feature provided in excel to graphically display data that is arranged in columns or rows on a worksheet. Bar charts are used for illustrating comparisons among individual items.

Bar charts are useful where axis labels are long.

Question: 5 Sam types a document and he wants the selected text to be in subscript. Which of the following icons should he choose to accomplish the task?


A. B B. D C. C D. A

Answer: D Explanation:

Question: 6 Jasmine is creating a presentation. She wants to know the features that are not supported by the previous versions of PowerPoint. Which of the following will she use to accomplish the task? A. Compatibility Checker B. Markup C. Image compression D. Lock Aspect Ratio

Answer: A Explanation: Compatibility Checker is a powerful feature of Microsoft PowerPoint2007. It is used to detect the features that cannot be supported by previous versions of PowerPoint. Answer: C is incorrect. Image compression is the process of reducing the size of an image (in bytes) without compromising its quality. This reduces the time required to run the image over the Internet and frees up disk space for storing images. Answer: B is incorrect. MarkUp is a tool in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. It enables a user to show/hide annotations or comments on a slide of a resentation. For using the Markup tool, click the Show Markup option in the Comments group of the Review tab.


Answer: D is incorrect. The lock aspect ratio of a table is used to maintain the same ratio between the height and width of the table while resizing it. To maintain the aspect ratio, select the Lock Aspect Ratio check box that is located in the Table Size group on the Layout tab as shown in the image given below:

Question: 7 You have created a report in Excel 2007. You notice that some cells have "###" as their value. What could be the most likely cause? A. The formula contained in the cells has generated an error. B. The cells are too narrow. C. The cells do not contain any value. D. The cells have incompatible values.

Answer: B Explanation: If the cells are too narrow to display their contents, "###" is displayed in each cell. Answer: C, D, and A are incorrect. "###" is displayed only if the cells are too narrow to display their contents.


Question: 8 You work as an Office Assistant for BlueSoft Inc. All computers in the company have Microsoft Office 2007 installed. You are in the process of creating a presentation in PowerPoint 2007. You need to change the layout of a slide. Mark the tab that contains the option to accomplish the task.


Question: 9 You have created the following report in Excel 2007:


You need to calculate the total of Sales in cell B14 using a tool that will calculate the sum of all the cells above B14. You select cell B14. Mark the tool on the Home tab on which you will click to accomplish the task.



Question: 10 Jasmine is reviewing a presentation. She wants to rearrange slides of the presentation. Which of the following views is used to accomplish the task?


A. Handout Master B. Slide Sorter C. Slide Show D. Notes Page

Answer: B Explanation: In the Slide Sorter view, a user can drag and drop the slides to different locations. It displays all slides of a presentation. It is useful for copying and moving slides. Answer: C is incorrect. The Slide Show view is used to start a slide show. Answer: D is incorrect. The Notes Page view is used to edit the speaker notes when a user prints them. Answer: A is incorrect. The Handout Master view is used to change the design layout of master slides.


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