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HP3-024 HP Color LaserJet 4700 series


Question: 1 The HP Color LaserJet 4700 automatically calibrates and cleans at certain times to maintain optimum print quality. Which of the following conditions cause the device to perform a color-plane registration (CPR)? Select THREE. A. one or more print cartridges are installed that have not previously been installed in the printing device B. 10,000 pages have printed since the last calibration C. 'Full Calibrate Now' is requested through the control panel D. the ETB is replaced

Answer: A, C, D Question: 2 Before performing an engine test on the HP Color LaserJet 4700ph+,________. A. the printing device must be powered off B. the printing device must be power-cycled C. the output device connection cable must be detached from the printing device D. the output device and output accessory bridge must be removed

Answer: B Question: 3 Automatic calibration occurs for which events? Select THREE. A. whenever the device comes out of power save mode B. when the printer is powered on after having been powered down for longer than 20 seconds C. whenever a brand new print cartridge is installed in the printer D. when 1,000 pages have printed since the last calibration

Answer: B, C, D Question: 4 For what reason should you disassemble and then replace the paper feed assembly? A. if repeated paper jams occur due to excessive paper skew B. if replacing feed rollers and adjusting paper skew sensors do not solve repeated jam errors C. if the media sensor value no longer matches the value on the label located on the paper feed assembly D. the paper feed assembly can be replaced as a full unit but should never be disassembled


Answer: D Question: 5 The HP Color LaserJet 4700 printer series uses the SCIP packaging approach. What does SCIP stand for? A. ship Cartridges Inside Printer B. Standard Copier Internal Packaging C. Secure Color Internal Parcel D. Setup Cartridge for Initial Placement

Answer: A Question: 6 According to the Service Manual, after the main drive assembly gears are aligned, how should the cartridge interlock rod be positioned? A. up B. down C. center D. positioning does not matter

Answer: A Question: 7 Where should the metal support bracket be placed while removing the laser scanner assembly? A. the metal support bracket should not be removed from its original position B. at the bottom of the printing device so the device frame does not become twisted C. at the top of the printing device to help secure the laser scanner assembly as the screws are being removed D. at the base of the laser scanner holder so the laser scanner assembly can slide out of the printing device smoothly

Answer: B Question: 8 What must you do before performing an engine test on the HP Color LaserJet 4700ph+?


A. Tray 1 must be loaded with paper. B. The duplexer must be removed. C. The output device connection cable must be detached from the printing device. D. The stapler/stacker accessory must be removed.

Answer: D Question: 9 Which is the correct first troubleshooting action to take to solve a partial missing color plane print defect? A. correct the image transfer kit timing application B. correct the timing of the intermediate transfer belt (ITB) alienation system C. reinstall the main drive assembly D. correct the timing of the developer alienation system

Answer: D Question: 10 You have replaced the formatter and transferred the compact flash firmware card from the old formatter to the newly installed formatter. Then, you power on the printing device. What do you do after powering up the printing device to a "Ready" prompt? A. Wait for all three lights below the control panel to flash 5 times. B. Wait five minutes before using the printing device so the printer configuration information can be restored from the compact flash memory to the NVRAM. C. Immediately power cycle the printing device again to make sure the printer configuration was restored from the compact flash memory to the NVRAM. D. Immediately print Diagnostics Page, check the media sensor calibration values and reenter through the control panel Service menu, if necessary.

Answer: B


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HP3-024 HP3-024 Questions  

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