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HP2-T14 Servicing HP ProLiant ML/DL Servers Rev 8.31


Question: 1 Which ProLiant Essential add-on pack can perform an unattended install of VMWare ESX 3.0? A. Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP) B. Remote Deployment Utility (RDU) C. Server Migration Pack (SMP) D. Virtual Machine Management Pack (VMM)

Answer: A Question: 2 For which ProLiant server series does IPMI serve as the management interface? A. DL100 B. DL300 C. DL500 D. DL700

Answer: A Question: 3 What is a characteristic of the shared-nothing cluster model, like the one used for the Windows 2003 failover cluster? A. shared-cache B. shared-memory C. shared-disk D. shared-everything

Answer: C Question: 4 After resolving a problem at a customer site, you plan to provide a report to the customer. Your report will include details about the root cause of the problem and what the documented fix or fixes were. What else should you provide as part of the HP Troubleshooting Methodology? (Select two.)


A. recommendations of preventive measures to take B. the root cause of the problem and the person or group that should be held responsible for causing it "Pass Any Exam. Any Time." C. recommendations of upgrades that would increase system performance D. a current copy of SmartStart

Answer: A,C Question: 5 You want to determine if the battery on the array accelerator board has failed. Which offline tool run from the SmartStart CD shows if the battery is in an error state? A. RBSU B. ORCA C. OARS D. ADU

Answer: D Question: 6 What does the HP Subscriber's Choice service provide? A. an optional driver delivery site for a single server, much like Windows Update B. proactive notification of critical updates and product changes for ProLiant servers C. New Product Introduction (NPI) and notification services D. a host site for the Version Control Repository Manager (VCRM) from which to acquire drivers and ProLiant Support Packs (PSPs)

Answer: C Question: 7 Where is Selective Storage Presentation configured for MSA iSCSI and fiber storage arrays? A. RBSU B. ACU C. ORCA D. SmartStart


Answer: B Question: 8 The blue light on an HP ProLiant server is flashing. What does this indicate? A. The server is being remotely managed through iLO. B. The server has sustained a failure in a redundant component C. The server has recently sustained a thermal shutdown. D. The server is in an ASR state.

Answer: A Question: 9 Which filesystem does VMWare ESX Server use to contain its virtual machines? A. NTFS B. VMFS C. VMS D. VMDK

Answer: B Question: 10 What is the primary value proposition of the HP ProLiant ML Server family? A. most supported processor sockets B. faster adoption of newer technologies as they become available C. extra redundancy usually found in Integrity class servers D. largest internal storage option

Answer: D


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