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Question: 1 Command from the Center significantly increases network capabilities and decreases the workload of which of the following? A. network administrator B. core router C. end user D. edge switch

Answer: B Question: 2 Which ProCurve Networking product is positioned to migrate an enterprise-sized customer’s core into a fully optimized network design? A. 5400zl B. 4200vl C. 9300m D. 8100fl

Answer: A Question: 3 What is a compelling reason for a customer to migrate from the traditional network design to a hybrid design? A. to retain their investment in core devices B. to retain their investment in edge devices C. for a less complex, high performance core D. to immediately move all intelligence to the edge

Answer: A Question: 4 Which combination represents the design of an optimized Adaptive EDGE Architecture (AEA)?


A. intelligent core and an intelligent edge B. traditional core and an intelligent edge C. interconnect fabric and a traditional edge D. interconnect fabric and an intelligent edge

Answer: D Question: 5 What benefit will a small business customer, that does not have a core switch, gain by migrating from a traditional networking environment to a hybrid environment? A. multi-protocol routing B. easily scalable capabilities C. completely granular security D. high availability and redundancy

Answer: B Question: 6 The movement of intelligent to the edge of the network could historically be compared to which one of the following? A. from a desktop to a laptop B. to VPN access for remote users C. from central to distributed computing D. to IP telephony on a converged network

Answer: C Question: 7 What is an example of a typical customer type that may transition from a traditional to a hybrid network design? A. a midsize customer that is downsizing B. a customer that has aging Layer 2 switches within their network C. a large enterprise customer that wants to eliminate their legacy applications D. a customer that wants to replace their core switch


Answer: B Question: 8 Which statement describes an attribute of an intelligent edge network? A. It adds key decision making capabilities to the core devices B. It reduces the load on the core, making it a high speed interconnect C. It supports the traditional network design in current network environments D. It adds decision making to the edge, which adds decision making to the core

Answer: B Question: 9 What is the major reason that the core of a traditionally designed network is overworked? A. because every intelligent switch added to the edge increases the workload of the core switch B. the core switch acts as the midpoint that simply forwards traffic to every intelligent edge device C. because with every non-intelligent switch added to the edge, the workload of the core switch is increased D. because the quantity of applications within a traditional network is too great for the core to adequately handle

Answer: C Question: 10 What is an example of a customer business need that is driving the shift away from traditional network design? A. The trend for companies to downsize B. The need to maximize future network functionality C. The desire to stay with network design that has worked in the past D. The need to support legacy systems

Answer: B


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