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CA Clarity PPM v12 Business Analyst Exam ↘

Question: 1 The Financial Status determines how transactions entered against a project are handled. If you set the status to Hold, then: A. The project is no longer open for financial processing. B. Transactions can be fully processed within the system. C. New transactions cannot accumulate and credit memos cannot be issued against a project. D. New transactions cannot accumulate but existing transactions can be processed against the project.

Answer: D

Question: 2 CA Clarity PPM and the supported scheduling tools enable you to plan detailed schedules by adjusting variables that affect how work is scheduled. Which variable determines the distribution of work over a period? A. Task Type B. Start - Finish C. Loading Pattern D. Resource Max Load Percentage

Answer: C

Question: 3 What are the three classifications of Chargeback rules? (Choose three) A. Recovery rules B. Overhead rules C. Time-based rules D. Standard Debit rules E. Investment-specific Debit rules

Answer: BDE


Question: 4 What is a valid reason to use the Transaction Entry functionality? A. Modify existing transactions B. View the pro forma invoice for a customer C. Enter additional transactions to the system that were not entered through timesheets D. View the data from timesheets that have been posted through the Post to Financials job option

Answer: C

Question: 5 There are two fields on the Resource Profile that must be set appropriately to help ensure a resource can enter time through the CA Clarity timesheets. What are the two fields? A. Category and Active B. Track Mode and Category C. Track Mode and Open for Time Entry D. Open for Time Entry and Employee Type

Answer: C

Question: 6 When you build a portfolio scenario, what does the Efficient Frontier represent? A. The scenario Investments categorized by the life-cycle stage B. The relative alignment of Investments to organizational goals C. The risk of a portfolio Investment at a specific planned net present value (NPV) D. The set of optimal scenarios for a given set of Investments such that no other scenarios exist with less cost and more benefit

Answer: D


Question: 7 Which statement about CA Clarity Ideas is TRUE? A. Effort for Ideas can be recorded using timesheets B. Ideas must be exported using XML Open Gateway (XOG) before they can be converted C. Before you can save an Idea, you need to populate the OBS associations and Manager fields D. After an Idea is converted, the Gate Keeper is the resource who will receive an action item identifying them as the new Investment's project manager

Answer: A

Question: 8 You can monitor a releases performance on the Release Dashboard page. Which portlets are found on the Release Dashboard page? (Choose three) A. Scorecard B. Related Releases C. Related Release Plans D. Requirements by Theme E. Requirements by Priority

Answer: ADE

Question: 9 Which statements about resource requisitions are TRUE? (Choose three) A. Each requisition, whether it contains a request for one resource or several, can serve multiple projects at a time. B. Both resource requestors and suppliers can manage requisitions from both the Personal and Resource Requisitions pages. C. Requisitions are non project-specific, which means that you can create a requisition that staffs multiple projects at the same time. D. Requisition-specific Discussion pages allow requestors and suppliers to exchange messages and information about requisitions for collaborative purposes. E. Resource Requisitions allow a resource requestor to send detailed staffing requirements to resource suppliers who then manage, evaluate, and respond to the incoming Requisitions.


Answer: BDE

Question: 10 Although Non-Project Investment Objects (NPIOs) have many of the same features as a project, what are their limitations? (Choose three) A. There are no requisitions. B. There are no participants. C. Incidents cannot be associated. D. There is no estimate from allocations functionality. E. Work cannot be displayed in portlets and aggregated for display.

Answer: ABD


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