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1Y0-972 CCEA XP MetaFrame? Password Manager Administration


Question: 1 Which two statements are true about the MetaFrame Password Manager License Administration tool? (Choose Two).

A. This tool is dependent on the console. B. This tool can be used to specify the location of the license repository. C. If multiple consoles exist, this tool is only available on one console. D. Multiple instance of this tool should not be run at the same time.

Answer: BD

Question: 2 What must be done in order to use an Active Directory container as the license repository?

A. The schema must be extended. B. The type of license to be used must be determined. C. License numbers must be added to the License Administration tool. D. Licenses must be activated using the Citrix Activation system.

Answer: A

Question: 3 To ensure that synchronization occurs correctly, when using a shared folder as the central credential store, what is required?

A. SyncManager settings need to be configured and deployed. B. The account used to connect to the share required full control to the shared drive. C. The CTXDOMAINPREP.VBS script should be run to prepare the domain for credential synchronization. D. The administrative account for the system that hosts the console should be used to authenticate to the share.

Answer: A


Question: 4 Which Windows 2000 registry key needs to have its DWORD value set to I in order to allow the administrator to extend the schema?

A. Update Schema B. Allow Update Schema C. Schema Update Allowed D. Allow Schema Extension Update

Answer: C

Question: 5 Which utility would the domain administrator use to provide all users in the domain with the permissions needed to create, modify, and delete their SSO objects?


Answer: B

Question: 6 What are three requirements for using a shared folder as the central credential store? (Choose three)

A. Administrators must have full control permissions to the share. B. All users must have full control permissions to he share. C. The shared folder needs to be a UNC path with Windows NT file support. D. The CTXFILESYNCPREP.EXE utility should be run on the system hosting the share. E. The system hosting the shared folder should be in the same domain as the agents that it will synchronize

Answer: CDE


Question: 7 Which statement about the agent setting SyncInterval is true?

A. SyncInerval can be defined by a user in the agent. B. Synchronizatiion is dependent on a user-generated event. C. SynchInterval only works when used in combination with AggressiveSync. D. SynchInterval sets the interval (in minutes) between automatic re-synchronization

Answer: D

Question: 8 Which agent setting in the console sets the number of domain levels used as the matching criteria?

A. AutoLogin B. DefaultPolicy C. DNLevelsToMatch D. LogonManagerColumns

Answer: C

Question: 9 What are two reasons for using password sharing groups? (Choose two)

A. to simplify password policy delivery B. to avoid the need for using complex policies C. to group applications that share backend authentication D. to group applications regardless of backend authentication

Answer: AC


Question: 10 Which of the following types of characters support an exclusion list?

A. uppercase letters B. lowercase letters C. special characters D. numeric characters

Answer: C


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