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1Y0-306 Citrix Access Gateway 4.2 with Advanced Access Control:Admin


Question: 1 Scenario: Ken configured an Exchange Server and Outlook clients for email synchronization. Client devices are using Microsoft Outlook 2000 and running on Windows XP operating systems. The Secure Access Client is installed on all client devices. What are two requirements to perform the configurations required for this scenario? (Choose two.)

A. The administrator must create and configure a policy. B. The administrator grants the Download Email Attachment privilege for all users. C. The administrator verifies that the client devices have Internet Explorer 5 or 6 with all critical updates installed. D. The administrator verifies connectivity from the Access Gateway to the Exchange Server on all the ports to which the Exchange Server listens.

Answer: A,D

Question: 2 Scenario: An administrator wants to provide access intranet site from the access server farm. The home page for the intranet site includes several links to external web pages. The administrator wants to ensure that all links can be accessed through this resource. How can this be configured?

A. Create a filter that allows access to all the websites lnked from the home page. B. Enable URL rewriting to provide users access to the pages linked on the website. C. Include all the web pages linked from the home page using a URL that contains a wildcard. D. Within the New Web Resource Wizard add URLs for the home page and each page linked from the home page.

Answer: D

Question: 3 Whenever a RADIUS or LDAP profile is associated with a logon point, the administrator must ______. (Fill in the blank with a listed option.)

A. use a Sample Logon Point B. deploy the Secure Access Client on every client device C. provide a decentralized database to store users' profiles D. provide the associated credential during the deployment of the logon point

Answer: D


Question: 4 Scenario: An administrator of an enterprise, where users' actions are restricted in terms of downloading, installing, and running programs on their computers, receives a service ticket from a user who is complaining of not being able to install the Endpoint Analysis Client software. What could be the cause?

A. The user account being used is not a member of the users group. B. The user account being used is a member of the administrator group. C. The user account being used is not a member of the power users group. D. The user account being used is a member of a domain user account, which is a member of the local administrator group.

Answer: C

Question: 5 Scenario: An administrator is required to configure the setting that determines whether users can reconnect to both active and disconnected sessions or only to disconnected sessions while creating a logon point. Which option should the administrator enable?

A. Window B. Session Time-out C. Domain Prompting D. Workspace Control

Answer: D

Question: 6 Along with Active Directory, which other two authentications could be implemented in order to provide Advanced Authentication? (Choose two.)

A. Smart Cards B. LDAP authentication C. RSA Security SecurID D. Secure Computing SafeWord PremierAccess

Answer: C,D


Question: 7 A client device is scanned but the user receives a message that he is denied access to the network. Which two actions can help the administrator determine which endpoint analysis scans failed? (Choose two.)

A. Examine the "Endpoint Analysis Scan Results" snap-in B. Modify the Disallowed.ascx page to show the scan results C. View the event log on the Advanced Access Control server D. Export the results to a comma-separated list using an endpoint analysis command-line tool

Answer: B,C

Question: 8 In an environment that restricts client device access to resources based upon the presence of a specific version of an antivirus software, which step must be completed for a continuous process scan?

A. Clear the MD5 field. B. Browse to the client version of the antivirus executable. C. Provide the registry path and values for the antivirus software. D. Type the earliest date stamp that is acceptable for the process.

Answer: B

Question: 9 Scenario: You are in the process of deploying Advanced Access Control in your company's IT environment. The corporate IT policy requires that all users have access to the company's employee portal website, but only the sales team has access to their web-based CRM application. Which configurations best meet the requirements of the described environment?

A. Create a single web resource and add the URL for both the employee portal and the CRM application. Create a single access policy and grant only the sale team access to the CRM application. B. Create two separate web resources; one for the employee portal and one for the CRM application. Create a single access policy and deny all non-sales team employees access to the CRM application. C. Create two separate web resources; one for the employee portal and one for the CRM application. Create two separate policies; include the employee portal in one and include the CRM application in the second. Add a filter to the CRM policy that denies all non-sales team employees access. D. Create two separate web resources; once for the employee portal and one for the CRM application. Create two separate policies; include the employee portal in one and include the CRM application in the second. Grant everyone access to the employee portal policy and only the sales team access to the CRM application policy.

Answer: D


Question: 10 After providing the configuration database server and the access server farm name, which additional step must an administrator perform to change the farm membership of server?

A. Run discovery in the Access Suite Console B. Restart the server for which the farm membership was changed C. Provide the credentials used to access the configuration database server D. Restart the license server for the access server farm where the server was added

Answer: C


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1Y0-306 PDF Answers  
1Y0-306 PDF Answers  

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