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IBM Unica NetInsight Technical Sales Mastery Test v1 ↘

Question: 1 If a report has more than one dimension, you can change the order that the dimensions display in the data area by doing which of the following? A. Change the dimension to a metric. B. Click and drag the dimension column header to a new position. C. Delete the dimension and redefine it. D. The display order cannot be changed.

Answer: B

Question: 2 Auto-updating means which of the following? A. A report is updated every time a profile is updated. B. IBM Unica NetInsight software is updated automatically. C. A process that applies only to standard reports, not custom reports. D. Profile data is removed and replaced with updated data.

Answer: A

Question: 3 If you want to know how recently and frequently visitors have triggered events on your site, you would use which type of report? A. Event Analysis report B. Page Visit report C. Trend report D. Trigger report

Answer: A


Question: 4 An IBM Unica NetInsight report in the data area has the title "Referring Page" in the first column and the title "Visits" in the second column. In this example, what do these titles signify? A. "Referring Page" is a page tag and "Visits" is a filter B. "Referring Page" is a dimension and "Visits" is a unique visit. C. "Referring Page" is a metric and "Visits" is a filter. D. "Referring Page" is a dimension and "Visits" is a metric

Answer: D

Question: 5 What purpose does the Entry Keyword Summary serve? A. It lists keywords that users should use to find your site. B. It analyzes keywords that users enter into search engines to find your site. C. It changes keywords. D. It rates search engines.

Answer: B

Question: 6 In IBM Unica NetInsight, what is a visitor profile? A. An IBM Unica NetInsight report. B. A cookie with Web visitor identifying information. C. A set of reports and filters. D. A group of visitors that you have defined in IBM Unica NetInsight.

Answer: D


Question: 7 What type of report enables you to see how many visitors are performing each step in a series of actions on your website that you (or the report designer) define? A. A/B Testing report B. Trend report C. Cookie report D. Scenario or Funnel reports

Answer: D

Question: 8 If you want your IBM NetInsight report to display data for the week of January 17, 2011, which feature of the reporting interface would you use? A. Filter B. Calendar C. Profile D. Date report

Answer: B

Question: 9 The question "Where in the world do my Web site's visitors come from?" can be answered in which type of report? A. Geography report B. Path Summary report C. Scenario report D. Event report


Answer: A

Question: 10 Configuring a group of parameters in IBM Unica NetInsight to collect and evaluate data about URLs of entry pages, parameters that are passed in URLs, channels and channel types, and segments (among others) is related to ___________________. A. organizing marketing teams B. analyzing marketing campaigns C. determining where your Web traffic is coming from D. web analytics

Answer: B


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