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IBM Lotus Forms Technical Sales Mastery Test v2


Question: 1

Which of the following is the function of Forms API? A. Quickly create forms B. Quickly enter form data C. Expose a form as a structured data type D. Enable the Forms Server to run as Java Script code

Answer: C Question: 2

The Webform Server uses a collection of server components to intercept requests for XFDL forms and translates them into which of the following? A. DHTML and Java B. HTML and XML C. HTML and JavaScript D. None of the above

Answer: C Question: 3

How will you code the portlet to integrate with Lotus Form Server - Webform server? A. Extend IBMWorkplaceFormsServerPortlet class B. Implement doViewEX method C. Implement processActionEX method D. All of the above

Answer: D Question: 4

Which of the following Lotus Forms products combines the power of dynamic, intelligent XML forms with workflow and content management? A. Lotus Forms Server ?P8 Integrator B. Lotus Forms Server ?Webform Server C. Lotus Forms Servr ?Forms Services Platform D. Lotus Forms Designer

Answer: A


Question: 5

How will a form be printed if printOutputFormat is not set in Webform server print service? A. pdf B. gif C. png D. pdfa

Answer: C Question: 6

Does webform server support multiple URLs for submissions? A. Submissions will only send data to one URL B. Submissions can send data to multiple URLs C. For Servlets it does support multiple URLs D. None of the Above

Answer: A Question: 7

Which of the following statement is TRUE about XForms? A. XForms is used to create the data layer of XFDL form. B. XForms helps maintains separation of data and presentation. C. XForms has no visual component. XForms cannot be used to define the look of XFDL form. D. All of the above

Answer: D Question: 8

Which iwidgets are shipped with Lotus Forms for use in Lotus Mashups? A. Form iWidget B. List iWidget C. Feed iWedget D. Both A and C

Answer: D


Question: 9

In Lotus Forms Services Platforms there are pipes that are comprised of the following components. Which one does NOT apply? A. Source File B. Activator File C. Manifest File D. XFDL File

Answer: D Question: 10

Which of the following is NOT the capability of XFDL? A. Handle arithmetic and respond to user input B. Compress file attachment into a ZIP file C. Enclose file attachment D. Can be digitally signed

Answer: B


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