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000- M62

IBM Lotus Connections Technical Sales Mastery Test v1


Question: 1. What happens when you remove a feature widget from Communities? A. The widget closes but information still remains for a future use B. All the information stored in that feature will be deleted C. You can't remove a feature widget unless you delete the owner community D. Removing will simply hide the widget from UI temporarily. When you come refresh the page, you will see the widget again

Answer: B Question: 2. Which of the following IBM Lotus Connections capabilities can be introduced into other products programmatically (without RST APIs)? A. Blogs and Profiles B. Bookmarks C. Profiles business card, and Community business card D. Bookmarks, Profiles business card, and Community business card

Answer: D Question: 3. What features are available for users of IBM Lotus Connections Plug-in for IBM Lotus Sometime? A. Save chats to activities and view contact information from profiles B. Save chats to activities and save chats to a community forum C. Save chats to activities, open activities from Same time chat window, save chats to a community forum, and view contact information from profiles D. Save chats to activities, blogs, and communities

Answer: C Question: 4. Using IBM Lotus Connections 2.5 portlets, which of the following tasks can be completed?


A. Create an activity, post a comment to a blog, and edit a bookmark B. Create an activity and edit a bookmark C. Create an activity, create a blog entry with an image, and edit a bookmark D. Currently portlets only offer view capabilities

Answer: A Question: 5. If you are currently viewing a community activity, what information is not displayed on the page? A. Activity outline B. Community card C. Activity membership D. Tags

Answer: C Question: 6. When a user is removed and reentered in the LDAP directory, their unique identifier changes. What command should be run to allow this user to successfully log into the Home page? A. No additional step is required B. Use the wsadmin client to run Homepage memberService.sync MemberExtldByLogin("loginName") C. Log in as administrator in to Home page, got to Admin tab, check the "update All members Extld" checkbox, and restart the application server D. Log in as administrator in to Home page, got to Admin tab, type the loginName of the affected user, and click on "update user Extld"

Answer: B Question: 7. Where can you set the access so that a Communities user can have read only access to a Communities wiki page?


A. Go do Wikis and select members and assign read only access B. You cannot set read only access as Communities' user always have edit access C. Edit the Wikis widget shown in Communities and assign read only access D. Go do Wikis and change the global settings to read only

Answer: C Question: 8. Search is supported by which component? A. Home page B. Each feature has its own search component C. Search enterprise application D. Search is supported by underlying WebSphere Application Server

Answer: C Question: 9. When a moderated community is created and a blogs component is added to it, who can post comments to that community blog? A. Only members who join community can post comments B. Any one can post comments but the comments are moderated by default C. Any one can post comments and the comments are not moderated by default D. Only community owners can post comments

Answer: B Question: 10. What are the different facets that can be used to search? A. Keywords, Tags, Person, Title or File Name B. Keywords, Person, File, Tile or Wiki Name C. Keywords, Person, Title or File Name D. Keywords, Tags, Person

Answer: A


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000-M62 IBM Lotus Questions and Answers  
000-M62 IBM Lotus Questions and Answers  

If you are really facing a lot of difficulty in overcoming the hurdle of the IBM Lotus IBM Lotus 000-M62 examination to find the rewards tha...