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IBM Lotus Sametime Unified Telephone Entry Technical Sales


Question: 1 Which of the following statement is true? A. ST Client uses only CSTA protocol to initiate a call via TAS B. ST Client uses only BCOM protocol to initiate a call via TAS C. ST Client uses BCOM and SIP protocols to initiate a call via TAS D. ST Client uses only SIP protocol to initiate a call via TASWCourier NewArialTimes New RomanZ

Answer: B Question: 2 Which of the following IPs are valid for a server? A. B. C. D. NewArialZ

Answer: A Question: 3 How is speech transferred on call in SUT? A. Between the phone and TCS server via special IP ports B. As part of the signaling messages C. Between both phones directly D. Between the phones and the Media ServerWCourier NewArialZ

Answer: C Question: 4 What SIP message is used to start a call? A. REGISTER B. INVITE C. SESSIONSTART D. SETUPWCourier NewArialZ


Answer: B Question: 5 What message is sent if user accepts a call? A. ANSWER B. SESSIONPROGRESS C. 200OK D. 180RINGINGWCourier NewArialZ

Answer: C Question: 6 Within Sametime Administration Tool, which settings determine which ports the IBM Lotus Sametime server uses to listen for connection from clients? A. Configuration > Connectivity > Networks and Ports tab B. Configuration > Community Services > Community Services tab C. Configuration > Connectivity > Servers tab D. Configuration > Meeting Services > General tabWCourier NewArialZ

Answer: A Question: 7 You have newly installed Sametime and selected LDAP as its Directory during installation. Sametime user John reports that he is not able to authenticate from a Sametime Connect Client using the name he uses with other LDAP enabled applications. You have identified the name John uses to authenticate is his value in samAccountName attribute in LDAP. Where would you go check to see in Sametime Server if samAccountName attribute is an attribute checked when John authenticates? A. DA.nsf B. Names.nsf C. VPUserinfo.nsf D. Stconfig.nsfWCourier NewArialZ

Answer: D


Question: 8 Community Services listens for direct TCP/IP connections from the Community Services of other Sametime servers on this port ______. If you have installed multiple Sametime servers, this port must be open for presence, chat, and other Community Services data to pass between the servers.The Community Services listen for direct TCP/IP connections from the Community Services clients (Such as Sametime Connect and Sametime Meeting Room clients) on this port _____.Choose the port respectively A. 15061533 B. 80811516 C. 44380 D. 15161533WCourier NewArialZ

Answer: D Question: 9 What do LDAP deployments today most commonly tend to use for structuring the topmost levels of the hierarchy? A. Organization names B. Division names C. Domain name system (DNS) names D. Whatever a company wantsWCourier NewArialZ

Answer: C Question: 10 Which LDAP Search String uses valid search syntax? Assume all attributes and values are valid. A. ((uid=jack) || (uid=jill) && (objectclass=inetOrgPerson)) B. (&(|(uid=jack)(uid=jill))(objectclass=inetOrgPerson)) C. (&(|(uid=jack, jill))(objectclass=inetOrgPerson)) D. (AND(OR(uid=jack)(uid=jill))(objectclass=inetOrgPerson))WCourier NewArialZ

Answer: B


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