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Build Forge Technical Sales Mastery Date


Question: 1. What are the main business values that Build Forge brings to an organization?, centralized role based console, developer self-service, accelerated build times B.reduced cost of delivery, increased product quality, decreased time to market, and management decision and support C.Intelligent Bill of Materials, parallel processing through threading, and dynamic server management D.dependency management, makefile acceleration, and reduced delivery costWArialTimes New RomanZX

Answer: B Question: 2. How does Build Forge improve a customer’s software build-and-release process? facilitating centralized collaboration providing up-to-date compilers and debuggers dynamically producing product documentation facilitating scripted unit testingWArialTimes New RomanZ

Answer: A Question: 3. A software development company has a major customer that requires a previous release of their software to be modified to run on Windows Vista. Which software build-and-release best practice addresses this issue? A.building early and often reproducibility C.automation and integration to deployment environmentsWArialTimes New RomanZ

Answer: B


Question: 4. Which stage of the typical application development process is NOT automated in Build Forge? A.Unit Testing B.Requirements C.Release D.PackagingWArialTimes New RomanZ

Answer: B Question: 5. Which component of the Build Forge functional architecture provides a pre-flight build capability that allows you to selectively choose local file changes and preview the build results before committing the file changes to source code control? A.IDE plug-in B.MMC plug-in C.Staging Tool D.Build Forge AgentWArialTimes New RomanZ

Answer: A Question: 6. Which function within the Build Forge architecture does the Build Forge Agent perform? A.performs remotely staged builds B.executes tasks dictated by the Build Forge Server C.provides reports and analysis D.orchestrates build and release processesWArialTimes New RomanZ

Answer: B


Question: 7. What are the basic components of a Build Forge System? A.Command Line Interface, Database, Agents B.Database, Agents, Adaptors C.Management Console, Database, API D.Management Console, Database, AgentsWArialTimes New RomanZX

Answer: D Question: 8. Which Build Forge component coordinates the entire system, and schedules builds and interfaces with the user? A.MMC plug-ins B.Build Forge Agent C.Management Console D.Build Forge OrchestratorWArialTimes New RomanZ

Answer: C Question: 9. What is the component in Build Forge that communicates with the Management Console through the Build Forge Engine to execute commands on a server? A.Web Server B.IDE plug-in C.API D.Build Forge AgentWArialTimes New RomanZ

Answer: D


Question: 10. Which component of a Build Forge Project contains one or more commands that can be executed on a server? A.Step B.Collector C.Selector D.AgentWArialTimes New RomanZ

Answer: A


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