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Virtualization Technical Support for AIX and Linux


Question: 1 Which of the following is a true statement when promiscuous mode is enabled on an Integrated Virtual Ethernet? A. The physical port can be used as part of a Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA). B. All physical ports on the Host Ethernet Adapter (HEA) default to promiscuous mode. C. Multiple logical ports can be assigned to a physical port if that logical port is in promiscuous mode. D. All physical ports that belong to the same port group will be set to promiscuous mode on the Host Ethernet Adapter (HEA).

Answer: A

Question: 2 An administrator is trying to diagnose as to why a new VIO client (vio_client1) cannot see an allocated disk (hdisk4) from a VIO server (VIOS-A). The client virtual SCSI adapter has a slot ID of 5 and the corresponding VIO server virtual SCSI adapter has a slot ID of 3. The administrator checks the virtual SCSI configuration from the HMC using the following lshwres command. lshwres –r virtualio --rsubtype scsi -m 9117-570*65ABCDE --level lpar F \ lpar_name,slot_num,remote_lpar_name,remote_slot_num,backing_device VIOS A,5,vio_client2,2,hdisk3 VIOS-A,4,vio_client1,4,hdisk4 VIOS-A,3,vio_client1,6,hdisk5 VIOSA,2,vio_client3,2,hdisk6 vio_client2,2,VIOS-A,5,hdisk0 vio_client1,4,VIOSA,4,hdisk0 vio_client1,5,VIOS-A,3,null vio_client3,2,VIOS-A,2,hdisk0 From the output above, what is the most likely reason why the client cannot see the mapped storage? A. The hard disk has been inccorectly mapped on the VIO server. B. The hard disk has been incorrectly addressed on the VIO client. C. The client SCSI adapter has been mapped to the incorrect server SCSI adapter. D. The server SCSI adapter has been mapped to the incorrect client server adapter.

Answer: D

Question: 3 An administrator wants to record details of all logical volumes mapped as virtual disks on a VIO server partition and the associated virtual target devices and mappings. Which IOS command can the administrator use to achieve this?


A. lssp -detail B. lsvdev -s vtd -c lv C. lsmap -type lv -all D. lsdev -Cs virtual -t lv

Answer: C

Question: 4 A customer has an entry level Power System that is currently partitioned and managed by a Hardware Management Console (HMC). For operational reasons, it must be disconnected from the HMC and configured as a new development system. How should the customer proceed to implement PowerVM Express and Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM) on this Power System? A. Install a VIO server as an additional partition and DLPAR the resources from the existing partition to the VIO server. B. Create a service partition and install a VIO server. This will automatically move resources to the VIO server on reboot of the managed system. C. Delete all the existing LPARs, create a new LPAR and assign all the system resources to this LPAR and then install the VIO server on this LPAR. D. Reset the machine to Manufacturing Default Configuration and install the VIO server on the resulting partition created, which will own all system resources.

Answer: D

Question: 5 An administrator has a requirement to mirror the operating system on a VIO server. Which of the following IOS commands will achieve this? A. mirrorvg B. iosmirror C. mirrorios D. mkiosmirror

Answer: C


Question: 6

A customer has 5 older POWER5 systems and they want to consolidate them onto a POWER6 system. What information is important to analyze when deciding how to design the new machine using the System Planning Tool? A. vmstat and iostat data from the older machines B. The number of CPUs that were installed in the original machines C. Data from Workload Estimator (WLE) and IBM Performance Management (PM) D. Performance data that is collected from the new system after it has been put into production

Answer: C

Question: 7 A customer has a key application running in a logical partition on a POWER5 system. The customer wants the ability to run the application with minimal down time using Live Partition Mobility. Which of the following is the minimum PowerVM edition and hardware configuration that will support the customer requirement? A. PowerVM Standard Edition on POWER6 hardware B. PowerVM Standard Edition with POWER5 hardware C. PowerVM Enterprise Edition with POWER6 hardware D. PowerVM Enterprise Edition with POWER5 hardware

Answer: C

Question: 8 On a Hardware Management Console (HMC) at version 7, an administrator has an LPAR defined with a minimum of 0.1 processors and a maximum of 4 processors. The administrator wants to go from 1 processing unit to 3 processing units for this partition. In order to make the change, what value should the administrator enter into the add processor resources window?


A. 2 B. 3 C. 1.0 D. 2.9

Answer: A

Question: 9 An administrator is interested in implementing multiple shared processor pools on a new Power 595. How many user-customizable multiple shared processor pools are available? A. 63 B. 64 C. 254 D. 255

Answer: A

Question: 10 An administrator has decided to use a Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA) as part of a virtualized environment. Due to the expected traffic across the SEA, the administrator has decided to use an aggregation of two physical Ethernet adapters, ent0 and ent1 as the backing device in the VIO server to increase the available network bandwidth. Which of the following commands would successfully create an aggregation device within a VIO server? A. mkvdev -lnagg ent0,ent1 B. mkdev -lnagg -d ent0,ent1 C. mkvdev -t etherchannel -a ent0,ent1 D. mkdev -c adapter -s pseudo -t etherchannel ent0,ent1

Answer: A


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