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Test Machines

TestResources, Inc. is led by experienced engineers, focused on helping customers solve their mechanical testing problems for almost 20 years. With a reputation as creative problem solvers, we have already delivered innovative solutions to almost 2000 customers located in over 25 countries including some of the largest companies (link to customer page) in the world. Our diverse customer base consists of everyone from big-names to start-ups.

Electromechanical Universal Test Machine Universal electromechanical test machines are well known for their ability to perform a wide range of quasi-static tension and compression tests at test speeds up to 40 ipm (1000 mm/min). The modular 100 series low force universal test machines are configurable with multiple frame types at forces to 2250 lb (10 kN). The 200 series single column frames are available in extended travels at loads up to 1125 lb (5 kN). The 300 Series machines all feature dual column frame design with load ratings up to 600 kn (135 kip).

Environmental Chambers C2700 Materials Testing Environmental Chambers provides the ability to test materials at nonambient high and low temperatures. They can be configured to match most dual column test machines and can be equipped with compatible grips, fixtures, and extensometers. They are used to simulate end use and to evaluate material properties. Common test types include tensile, compression, flexural, fatigue, fracture, peel and adhesion and tear tests. Each configuration is made to match customer requirements. Common materials include metal, adhesives, plastics, rubber and elastomers, paper, textile and composites.

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Test machines