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Firmware history – testo 327-1, 327-2 19 December 2011

testo 327-1, 2 firmware file: t327_vx.xx.bin or t327_vx.xx.mot V1.00 - series release V1.01 - Update V1.00 V1.02 - Update display test, test prints via IrDA interface (infrared) Release of testo 327-2 V1.03 - Update V1.02, Release t327-2 V1.04 - new country versions: Italy, Sweden, France, Belgium, Austria, Russia V1.05 - New feature in french country version: DiagImmo measuring (only testo 327-1 with CO cell and testo 327 CO) - Country version Polish - Czech: Codepage for printout changed, printer testo 545 can now print czech text - New unit for CO: mg/kWh added - New fuel for Indian version (Bagas). Fuel wood has been removed in this version. V1.06 - t327-2 Diag. Immo version France: menu CO exhaust shouldn’t be printed out, if it isn’t measured. - New country versions: TR, FIN, PL - Complaint of Belgium: display “Eta“ instead of “Eff“. - Japan: "Eta" and "qA" instead of "Effn" and "Effg" V1.07 - Update: CO values about 4000 ppm are no displayed with LCO5 sensor and values about 3000 ppm with TCH sensor also not. In LCD shows lines. - Transmission of sooth nubers from testo 308 via IrDA interface - country version GB: new fuel cerosine, „Let by“ measuring added „Tightness“ measuring changed (now dP = pStart – pFinish) / run of CO ambient measuring for GB changed - country version serbo-croatian - new device t327-2LL V1.08 - t308 via Bluetooth - Supports new IrDA printer 0554.0544 with new IrDA Controller

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Firmware history – testo 327-1, 327-2 Stand: 19.12.2011

V1.09 - Change in driver configuration for new display, backward compatibility is given - Supports new Bluetooth module BlueNiceCom IV, backward compatibility is also given - t327-1: Error memory for O2 added (solution for the request from Great Britain) - Correction of let-by test (for Great Britain) - New calculation exchaust loss for Italy V1.10 - Update: O2 expired error message (solution for the request from Great Britain) V1.11 - Update: in testo 327-1 menu "Sensors-> CO" can not be selecte (that means an input of the cell configuration for CO was not possible with version V1.10) V1.12 SW-Date: 21.04.2009 - Update Italien Version: printed mean values deviate from folded values V1.13 SW-Date: 24.08.2009 - Version USA: The fuel heating value is now effecting the Efficiency calculation V1.14 - using printer 0554.0543 is possible - printer 0554.0549 can be selected (is the default setting) - Version Belgien: integration of fuel G20, G25, G30 - Version GB: integration of fuel Pellets - COH2-Sensor: At t327-2 the default switch-off limit is changed to 8000ppm. V1.16 - testo 327-1: switch-off limit is set to 4000ppmCO. - testo 327-2: switch-off limit for COH2: 8000ppm / CO. Without H2 it is 4000ppmCO testo 327-1: Update: defect overload counter reset function - t327-2: Additional BiSchV-Menu for Germany ATTENTION: DXT file needs to be actualisated.

V1.17 - country version Italy: new Eff.calculation with ET value V1.18 - Update #4135: different measure values in prontout and display. Update version GB: correction of CO Ambient Timer. - Update version GB: Timer now show values below <24min..

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Testo 327 Flue Gas Analyser Firmware History  

Firmware update history for the testo 327 flue gas analyser