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Firmware History: testo 340 FW-Date 16.12.2010

Release V1.06

Changes/ New Featutres

Add on: Romania Language version Chinese Version: Calculation of ppm into mg/m続 Add on of the Latin America Language version Update: measuring program doesn`t start Add on: hints about the pitot tube and correction factor separation of the fuels Wood and Coal Add on: Fuel Pellets to the frensh version Corrections of Effency at the USA version correction: CO-calculation at language version belgium add CO2max and O2-ref at measuring programs correction: setting date correction: Sensor calibration data Update: wrong behaviour in case CO/NOlow is plugged next to CO/NO Add on: enable rechargeable battery 0515 0107 absolute pressure compensation O2 Sensor Add on: Hungerian Language version

Testo 340 Flue Gas Analyser: Firmware History  

Firmware Update History for the testo 340 flue gas analyser

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