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Interect Inc Mr. Hermann Pfaller 510 Coronation Drive, Unit 17 M1E 4X6 Toronto Canada

Brussels 05 July 2012, Dear Hermann We confirm having received a Membership Application Form from you. To this concern, we would like to inform you that your application has been accepted. By means of this letter, we would like to warmly welcome Interect Inc as a full member of the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE). The rights and privileges conferred to Interect Inc as a full member will become immediately effective upon payment of the membership fee (a note of payment is enclosed to this letter). Please note that membership in the Association entails automatic adhesion to the articles of association and to the decisions of the General Assembly and other governing bodies of the Association. A copy of the articles of association is enclosed to this letter for your convenience. We are looking forward to work together to ensure that your company extracts maximum benefit from its membership.

With kind regards, __________________________ Simon Rolland Secretary General ___________ Enclosures: - Note of payment membership 2012 - Articles of association (pdf)

________________________________________________________________________ Alliance for Rural Electrification Rue d’ Arlon 63-65 � B-1040 Brussels


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