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Assistive Technology ZoomText Magnification and Screen Reading Software

WINDOW-EYES™ Professional Screen Reading Software

A complete low vision solution for surfing the web, reading documents, and writing email

ZoomText is the world’s leading magnification and screen reading software. Packed with features and easy to use, ZoomText helps someone with low vision use the computer more effectively. ZoomText magnifies and enhances everything in the screen, and the optional screen reading version (a great help for people requiring magnification greater than 5x) reads back all the text. With new “xFont” and NeoSpeech technology, the ZoomText Magnifier/Reader allows you to see and hear your computer with perfect clarity. Key Features:

• 1x to 36x magnification • Flexible magnification • Color enhancement to change contrast • Pointer and cursor enhancements • Web finder • Desktop finder

Rock solid, easy to use, and great value make this the best screen reader

Window-Eyes Professional is the most stable screen reader available on the market today. Featuring Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 compatibility, Window-Eyes puts you in the hands of the most powerful screen reading software ever created, giving you total control over what you hear and how you hear it. Window-Eyes provides excellent compatibility, meaning that most applications work right out of the box with no need for tinkering in order to get them to function properly. Key Features:

• Rock solid stability • 100% compatibility with MS Word • Powerful Internet support • Remote access support for Citrix and Terminal Server • 47 synthesizers supported • 39 Braille displays supported

ZoomText 9.0 System Requirements:

• Windows XP, ME, 2000, or 98 • Minimum 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended) • Sound card and speakers (for screen reader)

601050 Magnifier 601051 SMA for Magnifier 601052 Magnifier/Reader 601053 SMA for Magnifier/Reader

$395.00 $149.00 $595.00 $199.00

Schools please inquire about site and district licenses.

Window-Eyes Professional System Requirements:

• Pentium 400MHz or higher • Windows Vista, XP, or 2000 • Minimum 128 MB RAM • Sound card and speakers Window-Eyes Professional

ZoomText Large Print Keyboard

8210-069 8210-SMA

Maximize the effectiveness of ZoomText with this large print keyboard with one touch access to 16 essential ZoomText features. One touch keys include Start, zoom in and out, speech on and off, and toolbar display.

Duxbury Braille Translator

With WebEyes software you can adjust any web page on Internet Explorer up to 144 point font, making your internet browsing experience customizable and more comfortable. Even forms and boxes are increased in size. Use the “Read Like a Book” icon to “turn pages” instead of scrolling through the web page. Easy to install.

Produces Braille from print, or vice versa. Features • The recognized standard of translation • Textbook layout (according to Library of Congress standards) • Print-to-Braille and Braille-to-print production • American or British style, with several embedded grade-1 foreign languages • American Computer Braille Code • Compatible with Word, HTML and other formats • Flexible input capabilities such as electronic mail and optical character recognition (OCR) • Compatible with all commercial embossers.





New WebEyes Internet Magnification Software


$895.00 $299.00



$595.00 LS&S, LLC

Reading Machines

Plustek Scanner and Reader

Patriot Scanning and Reading Machine Enjoy reading books, newspapers, and typewritten mail with the Patriot, a high performance, easy to use scanner/reader. This unit has great stereo sound, easy to use controls, memory for 200,000 pages, and quick access for all documents. Small footprint allows the unit to be placed anywhere in the home, office, school, or resource room. The Patriot also comes bundled with a free copy of Project Gutenberg, nearly 10,000 novels and related works, to satisfy the most eager of bookworms. A bonus feature is the AudioIdent barcode scanner which allows you to organize household items or documents, using special optic-marker stickers (included.). Multiple languages are available. One year warranty. 601002 $3,295.00 Plus $20.00 Special Freight Charge

The Plustek Book Reader is a unique combination of a scanner, text to speech program, and text magnification software. Using the included scanner, at the touch of one button, your book is scanned using highly accurate software, and then read back to you through your own computer. The text to speech software provides highly lifelike speech output to make your listening experience more enjoyable. Reading speed can be controlled using simple hot keys. Once the scanned material is on your computer, you can use the text management tools to magnify the text or provide color contrast for improved reading directly on your computer. Multiple pages can be scanned at one time and saved as one document. Scanned documents can be stored as text or Word documents, or even as MP3 or WAV files that you can transfer to a portable listener and take with you. One year warranty. 601064


Plus $20.00 Special Freight Charge


Simon Scanning and Reading Machine VictorReader Stream As the world moves towards digital books, the VictorReader Stream will be a great investment. It’s a DAISY-MP3 and NISO player that let’s you read and navigate through complex books and manuals. It will also work with Bookshare texts using its built in text-to-speech function, and it will play the National Library Service downloads or cartridges. It also features a removable SD card, so that you can store extended amounts of books, text, music files, and more. It has a built-in microphone for recording your own notes. And at 6 ounces and 4.6" x 2.6", you can truly take it anywhere. Visit our web site for more info! 521031 LS&S, LLC


The Simon is a simple, all-in-one scanning and reading machine. Its ease of use, and straightforward functionality make it very appealing to many users. As easy to use as a photocopier, the Simon can read back up to 3 pages per minute. Simon needs only two main commands: start and stop. Simon’s high quality voice uses only three controls: volume, speed and pitch. The extra large scanning area of 8.5" x 14.5" makes it possible to scan 2 pages of a large book at the same time. At less than 9 lbs., the Simon is also easy to move, making it great for the home, school, and office. Available in English, Spanish, French, or German. Uses a 3.5mm audio jack for output to speakers or headphones. One year warranty. 601004


Plus $20.00 Special Freight Charge

601011 External Speakers (2)




LCD Monitor Magnifier 1.5X fresnel magnifier fits over most 17" flat panel LCD monitors for desktop computers. Helps reduce glare, reflection, and UV rays, overall reducing eyestrain and fatigue. Measures 13.3"H x 15.35"W. Also available for widescreen 17" monitors with a 16:9 aspect ratio.


Children’s Large Button Keyboard

221033 Standard 17" 601072 Widescreen 17"

$44.95 $44.95

Widescreen Laptop Magnifiers


1.5X fresnel magnifiers are designed to work with widescreen laptop monitors with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Magnifiers help reduce glare, reflection, and UV rays, overall reducing eyestrain and fatigue. 601070 Fits 15.4" Widescreen Monitor 601071 Fits 14.1" Widescreen Monitor


The VisionBoard keyboard is very helpful for anyone with low vision issues. Its over-sized keys, measuring 1/2" x 1/2" on top, provide ample spacing between the keys and easy viewing for the eyes. It features large-print letters and numbers and high contrast lettering to help reduce eye-strain and ease typing. Uses a USB connection.

Screen enlarger fits monitors 17" to 19", and fits most CRT style monitors. Screen magnifies 1.5X, reduces glare, and blocks UV rays. Easy to install and clean. One year warranty.

601044 $49.95

Same as above except fits on 14" to 15" monitors:



Large $39.95 Button $39.95 Keyboard

CRT Monitor Magnifiers


MyBoard keyboard for children makes it easy for a child to learn their way around a keyboard. It combines kid-sized ergonomics with educational enhancements and utilizes a color-based mnemonic system to teach and reinforce language and reading skills. Large, over-sized keys makes it very easy to read. Uses a USB connection.





For a keyboard designed specifically to work with ZoomText, see page 84.

Tactile Image Enhancer Junior

(Not Shown)

This smaller version of the Image Enhancer is perfect for students or the traveling teacher or trainer. Weighs three lbs. Runs at 50% speed of larger unit. Uses 8"x10" flexi-paper. RTI-JR


Plus $15.00 Special Freight Charge

Thermo-Pen Tactile Image Enhancer Creates Raised Print Documents

Takes a blank piece of paper and creates a sensory image. Easily create a tactile image from any printed sheet or hand drawing. Once imaged, simply insert into unit and the tactile document is formed. Use for graphs and charts, maps, calendars, etc. Measures 8" x 5" x 20". Weighs just 15 pounds. 90 day warranty. RTI-TIE


Plus $25.00 Special Freight Charge



Ideal companion to the Tactile Image Enhancer. Use with Flexi-Paper to create tactile documents. Write messages, keep notes or add to tactile documents created other ways on Flexi-Paper. Simply hold electric pen in vertical position and move slowly across paper. One year warranty. RTI-THERMO


Genuine “Flexi-Paper” Specifically Designed for the Tactile Image Enhancer

RTI-TP (8 1/2 x 11) – 100 Sheets RTI-TP11 (11 x 11-1/2) – 100 Sheets RTI-TP17 (11 x 17) – 100 Sheets

$95.00 $149.95 $195.00 LS&S, LLC

BigKeys LX These large, high contrast keys can make typing much easier for the low vision user. Keys are 1-inch squares. 97-character set / 60 keys. Includes all special character keys on a regular keyboard with the exception of the numeric pad. Plug in place of standard keyboard. Now available with high contrast yellow keys. PS2 plug with USB adapter. Five year manufacturer warranty. White Keys / Black Letters:



Yellow Keys / Black Letters: BKLX-YEL New

Stick-On Keytop Enlargers Set of 101 keytop enlargers assists visually impaired by enlarging the keytop legend of the alpha keys on PC, Apple and compatibles. Increases standard 18 point size type to 38 point size—more than doubles the size. The 14 point numeric symbols are enlarged to 32 point type and the 14 point symbols on the numeric keys are enlarged to 18 point type.





Yellow Keys on Black Keyboard:





Black Print on Ivory Keyboard:

Black Keys / Off White Letters:


These keyboards have been specifically designed for people with low vision. They offer the largest print available on keycaps and one touch internet and email buttons for easy access to those important functions. Keyboards have a USB connection, but also come with a PS2 adapter. Also available in a Spanish language version.

White Print on Black Keyboard:

Off White Keys / Black Letters:

Black Keys / White Letters:


Keys-U-See Large Print Keyboards




Yellow Keys on Black Keyboard, SPANISH: 601074 New $34.95

New Key Top Labels Yellow on black labels create a great contrast for high visibility. Pack contains two identical sheets of 110 stickers. Good for PC compatibles or Macintosh. Black Keys/Yellow Letters:



White Keys/Black Letters:



Keys-U-See With Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Braille/Large Print Keyboard Labels


Are you tired of getting tripped up by all the computer cables on your desktop? With this wireless keyboard and mouse, you get all the benefits of the Key-U-See Large Print black keyboard with yellow keys, plus the added convenience of wireless connectivity. Make your computing easier!



Durable, adhesive labels allow visually impaired users to customize their computer keyboard. Labels have both raised Braille characters and highvisibility, large print keyfaces. Black Keys / White Letters:

223-312-0555 Off White Keys / Black Letters:

Braille Keytops


Full 101 Keytop Set

Aids visually impaired by providing raised tactile bumps in the configuration of the standard Braille alphabet. Original key legend is printed below braille for sighted installation and use. Transparent keytops allow original key legend to show. Not for MacIntosh. 223-312-0610 LS&S, LLC



Zoom Caps Keytop Enlargers Enlarges the keytop legend to fill the entire top surface of the key. Stick on design enlarges to approximately double the size. Each set contains a full set of keytops that works for both Windows and Apple keyboards. ZC-W Black Keys / White Letters ZC-B Off-White Keys / Black Letters


$14.95 $14.95 KEYBOARDS / KEY TOPS


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