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The arrival of iOS 5 ma de Apple prod ucts closer to "post-PC er a". iCloud i s no longer the " hub" to synchronize all the devi ces, in fact, iClo ud has beco me the center. You need to login Apple ID when us ing iCloud, and as more peo ple upgrade to iOS 5, user s who had previou sly been sh aring an Apple ID with family and friends will notice some problems.

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iCloud will synchronize the data in many aspects, such as calendar events, if the people add or delete, modify events at the same time, things will be in a mass.

Fortunately, there are several ways to solve this problem, and this will not affect functions of iOS 5 and iCloud.

1. Using One Apple ID as Private iCloud Account 2. Share iTunes and App Store with One Apple ID 3. Using Other Services in Apple ID

For me, the result I want to achieve is only to keep my personal data in iCloud, while share the purchased applications with family. For other services, whether change or not depend on individual needs and different occasions.

FaceTime: If you want to make video calls with your family, you'd better use another account. If you share a FaceTime's Apple ID, you can not talk to other share members, so it is proposed now to set a different account, in order to avoid special cases. Family Share: It depends entirely on your circumstances, for example, whether or how you use this function. It is quite easy to modify the settings to share with the family. Source from:

share apple id with family  
share apple id with family  

Just like tilte.That's all.