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TestKing Cisco 642-982 Exam Questions & Answers

642-982 Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist (DCUCD) Exam number/code: 642-982 Exam name: Cisco Data Center Unified Computing Design Specialist (DCUCD) Questions & Answers: 55 Q&A Related Certifications: Specialist Hundreds of people each day pass their IT certification exams with Testking guaranteed certification resources and training kits. Use the Cisco 642-982 questions and answers to practice for your next Cisco certification exam. If you don't pass – you don't pay! Testking has the first and only 100% product satisfaction and exam passing guarantee. Advanced practice questions and answers help drive the information into your routine thinking and surpass 642-982 brain dumps in retention and skill building. Cisco 642-982 exam answers and practice questions can be used at home or office, installable on up to two PCs, or print the questions and answers to take with you and train on-the-go! Cisco 642-982 preparation tools are the perfect fit for any Cisco certification candidate with 642-982 training materials for every level of entry. Exam Engine Features Control your IT training process by customizing your practice certification questions and answers. The fastest and best way to train. * * * * * *

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TestKing Cisco 642-982 Exam Questions & Answers

Exam: 642-982 Certification Questions & Answers

Question 1: When a Unified fabric is depIoyed, what will be reduced? A. cable overhead B. computing utilization C. provisioning complexity D. seamless service deployment Answer: C

Question 2: Which four products are in the Cisco Datacenter 3.0 ponfolio?(Choose 4) A. Nexus 1000v B. MDS 9500 C. UCS Manager D. UCS 6100 Fabric Interconnect E. ASA 5500 F. Catalyst 3560 Answer: A,B,C,D

Question 3: Which adverse condition occurs when virtualized servers increase server density? A. increased power costs B. increased cabling costs C. decreased power efficiency D. decreased Cabling costs Answer: A

Question 4: Data center anaIysis tools are most useful for which two purposes?(Choose two.) A. network device discovery B. network performance management C. determine server utilization and workload assessment D. capacity plan optimization E. determine server adapter choice(NIC,HBA or CNA) Answer: B,C

Question 5: Which two methods are most Iikely used to address events such as SARS, evolving regulatory

TestKing Cisco 642-982 Exam Questions & Answers requirements and privacy Iaws? (Choose two.) A. more efficient business cycles B. maximizing existing network infrastructures C. business continuity plans D. risk management strategies E. new wavs to calculate total cost of ownershio Answer: C,D

Question 6: Which cost factor is most likeIy to show the greatest increase when a data center is operating at less than maximum hardware efficiency? A. human resource costs B. capital expenditures C. facilities costs Answer: C

Question 7: What is the purpose of using a VSAN in Cisco Datacenter networking? A. Allows the use of a single physical storage infrastructure while maintaining Iogical separation end-to-end B. Prevents FSPF Loops C. Provides a method to prioritize traffic within the Cisco UCs D. Creates redundant connections from UCS Fabric Interconnects to Fabric Extenders Answer: A

Question 8: Which two design considerations are most often used when depIoying Vinual Machines on the Cisco Systems Nexus 1000V? (Choose two.) A. uplink port profile B. management VLANs C. data VSANs D. port profile policy Answer: B,D

Question 9: Which of the following would be considered an environmental design criteria? A. Lessen management effort B. Simplify system cabling C. Simplify the Data Center architecture

TestKing Cisco 642-982 Exam Questions & Answers Answer: B

Question 10: What are two types of Network Virtualization Mechanisms?(Choose two) A. Many-to-many B. One-to-many C. One-to-one D. Many-to-one Answer: B,D

Question 11: What is the purpose of NPIV? A. Allows multiple servers to access the same virtualized LUN B. Allows muItiple virtual servers to share a single switch port while maintaining their identity C. Provides method to create virtual interfaces within a Cisco MDS switch D. Allows the virtual machines to bypass the hypervisor and access a LUN directly Answer: B

Question 12: High availability in Cisco Datacenter Networking is implemented using which two techniques?(Choose two.) A. Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol B. High availability module of the NX-operating system C. Extended Spanning Tree Protocol D. Cisco Datacenter Redundancy Protocol Answer: A,C

Question 13: What type of cable must be used when connecting the UCS 6100 to the Nexus 7000? A. 10BASE-CX4 pre-terminated on SFP+ copper transceivers B. Category 5 shielded twisted pair C. Category 6 shielded twisted pair D. 50/125 multi-mode Fiber optic cabling with SFP+ optical transceivers Answer: D

Question 14: Which component is part of the Cisco Unified Computing System? A. UCS Fabric Manager

TestKing Cisco 642-982 Exam Questions & Answers B. UCS A-series Blade Server C. UCS Local Management Server D. UCS 2104 Fabric Extender Answer: D

Question 15: Which is a characteristic of the End H0st Virtualizer? A. requires border Iinks to be single Iinks only B. UCS appears to the external LAN as an end station with many adapters C. provides the ability to support remote control of virtual machines D. creates virtualized desktops Answer: B

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