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TestKing IBM 000-974 Exam Questions & Answers

000-974 Power Systems Technical Support for i Exam number/code: 000-974 Exam name: Power Systems Technical Support for i Questions & Answers: 191 Q&A Related Certifications: Certified Specialist, Solutions Expert

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TestKing IBM 000-974 Exam Questions & Answers

Exam: 000-974 Certification Questions & Answers

Question 1: Which of the following hardware and IBM I combinations can use shared processor pool groups to help limit required software licenses? A. POWER6 with V5R4 B. POWER5+ with V6R1 C. POWER5 with V6R1 D. POWER5+ with V5R4 Answer: A

Question 2: Which Suse Linux Enterprise Server Version is required for Power 5 servers? A. SLES 8 B. SLES 9 C. SLES 10 D. SLES 11 Answer: B

Question 3: has recently doubled their quantity of disk drives. Which of the following ASP Balancing methods is the fastest way to equalize the disk percent used? A. Usage balancing B. Capacity Balancing C. Trace ASP balancing D. Hierarchical Storage Management Balancing (HSM) Answer: B

Question 4: A Customer has a Power 5+ 550 with two cores activated and two IBM software licenses. They currently have one core activated for 5250 and use 3000 CPW of Interactive )5250) processing power. They plan to add a new interactive (5250) application that requires an additional 2000 CPW. Which of the following is required to support the additional workload? A. enterprise Enablement for 2nd Core B. Power6 5250 enablement for 2nd Core C. Enterprise Collaboration for 2nd Core D. 5250 Support Services for the 2nd Core Answer: B

Question 5:

TestKing IBM 000-974 Exam Questions & Answers Which of the following components will migrate to the FC #5796 expansion unit? A. FC#2757 RAID adapter, FC #5736 tape adapter, FC # 5706 dual port Ethernet Adapter B. FC#2844 IOP, FC # 5736 tape adapter, FC #4746Twinax adapter C. FC #5775 tape adapter, FC#5706 dual portEThernet adapter, FC #5776 RAID controller D. FC #4327 15K RPM disk drives, FC #2849EThernet adapter, FC #5990 RAID adapter with auxiliary cache Answer: C

Question 6: What is the minimum i5/OS level that supports fibre-attached TS3100 LTO-4? A. V5R2 B. V5R1 C. V5R3 D. V5R4 Answer: C

Question 7: A customer's nightly processing window must shrink from 4 hours to 2 hours. Which of the following methods will provide information needed to help address this requirement? A. Set up a performance monitor through Management Central and evaluate the resulting performance collections B. Turn on Collection Services. Evaluate system changes using this data C. UseiDoctor heap analysis to evaluate batch job memory usage D. Run work with active Jobs (WRKACTJOB) with automatic refresh interval. Evaluate I/O performance during the nightly window Answer: B

Question 8: Power Trending, Power Saver Mode, Power Capping and Nap Mode are part of which of the following? A. IBM Service Agent B. IBM Energy Star Rating C. IBM Performance Toolbox D. IBMEnergyScale Technology Answer: D

Question 9: A customer has a one-core Power 520 with an extremely limited window for back-ups. Which of the following will provide the smallest back-up window? A. UseVirutal tape B. UseIBMiCluster SMB and a second system C. UseIBMi Managed compression D. UseFlashcopy and then save the second copy to tape.

TestKing IBM 000-974 Exam Questions & Answers Answer: A

Question 10: A POWER 520 M15 customer, with 5 disk in the system unit which are 75% full, needs more resilient disk protection than RAID 5 but has limited budget capability. Which of the following addresses the customer requirement at lowest cost? A. RAID 10 B. RAID 6 C. RAID 7 D. RAID 6 with Hot Spare Answer: B Explanation: If I have a Raid 5 with 5 disks, then there are approximately 4 usable disks. If these 4 usable disks are 75% full I can't change the raid level if I do not add an additional disk. The proposed correct answer B=RAID6 would be correct, if I add an additional disk. If I do not add an additional disk, the RAID6 will give me approximately 3 usable disks (of 5). Those disks would be 100% full (75% of 4 disks are 3 disks), which will bring the machine in an unusable state.Even if the question implies that the customer might want to buy another disk you should clarify the answer in the Q&A script.

Question 11: Which of the following is required to implement Standby Journaling? A. Enhanced Journaling, IBM I Option 60 B. A HA solutions such asiCluster C. HA Journal Performance, IBMi Option 42 D. V6R1 and POWER6 Answer: C

Question 12: A Customer wants to implement DB2 Web Query with Named User Licensing. What must be done for each user? A. Change with the WRKUSRPRF command the WEBQRY parameter to *ENABLED in each user profile. B. Add each user to the list displayed with the WRKLICINF PRDID(5733QU2) command C. Run the WEBQRY ADM command and add the user profiles in the user names list D. For each user run CALL QWEBQRY76/WQADDLIC 'usrpf' Answer: D

Question 13: A corporation is running a Model 810 with a V5R2 OS and plans to upgrade to V6R1. Which of the following is a Supported Upgrade path? A. V5R2 to V6R1 using the Automatic Installation process B. V5R2 to V5R4M5 followed by V5R4M5 to V6R1 using the Two-Step Upgrade process C. V5R2 to V6R1 using the skipped release method

TestKing IBM 000-974 Exam Questions & Answers D. V5R2 to V6R1 using the IBM director Upgrade Manager Answer: B

Question 14: A customer is considering migrating to a new Power server. Which of the following is required to accurately estimate the server capacity requirements? A. User growth rate, processor speed, cache hits B. User and data growth rate, current utilization C. Current utilization, read/write ratio, I/O wait latency D. Data growth rate, network bandwidth capacity, storage capacity Answer: B

Question 15: has a small application library which requires encryption. Management requires the solution to have minimal impact. Which of the following addresses the customer's requirements? A. V6R1 Encrypted ASP feature B. LTO-4 Tape drives using Application Mode Encryption and BRMS C. LTO-4 tape drives using Library Mode Encryption using EKM on IBMi D. V6R1 Backup Encryption Feature with BRMS Advanced Feature Answer: D Explanation: The question is not decidable and needs an explanation. A small library which requires encryption does not necessarily mean that it requires only encrypted tape saves. If itwas an'always encrypted'requirement then the V6R1 feature of encrypted ASPs would be the correct answer.

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