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HP HP0-J48

Designing HP StorageWorks Solutions (2011) Version: Demo 14.20

HP HP0-J48 Exam QUESTION NO: 1 A consultant speaks to the CIO of an automotive manufacturing company. The CIO reveals the company's plan to open a new data center to handle an expected increase in sales in the coming year. The CIO also mentions that TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is important to the CEO, and the CIO does not want to replace components when expanding the data center.Which resource is available to analyze the expected cost of the storage for the new data center and provide financial justification? A. Business Value Tool B. StorageWorks TCO Calculator C. SalesBuilder for Windows D. Alinean ROI Tool Answer: D Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 2 Which SAN-based device, separate from the core Fibre Channel switching infrastructure, provides storage virtualization services across heterogeneous hosts, storage, and SAN fabrics? A. Gigabit Interface Converter B. Data Path Module C. Converged Infrastructure Adapter D. Multi-Protocol Router Answer: B Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 3 Your customer requires a low-cost storage solution for presentation to a Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server. The customer requires 10TB of high-available primary storage and the ability to create hourly controller-based replications, which can be backed up online. What is the most appropriate storage solution for this customer? A. Enterprise Virtual Array 4400 B. X1600 Network Storage System C. P4500 G2 Virtualization SAN Solution D. P2000 G3 Smart Array System "Ensure Success with Money back Guarantee" -


HP HP0-J48 Exam Answer: D Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 4 Which product provides target-based management for storage and RAID management, setup, configuration, and troubleshooting? A. HP SAN Virtualization Services Platform (SVSP) B. HP P4000 G2 Multi-Site SAN C. HP StorageWorks P2000 G3 Modular Smart Array D. HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array Cluster Answer: C Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 5 Scenario: The customer is a university with 20,000 students and 3,500 staff. They have been directed to reduce their overall IT spending for the next 3 years by 30%. A major issue is that most of the university's server and storage infrastructure is now over 3 years old and they need to show substantial return on investment before new hardware can be purchased. Their environment consists of HP BladeSystems c7000, with sixteen BL6S5c servers, a mixture of twelve Gl and four G5 servers. The G5 servers are the newest (less than a year old) while the Gl servers are now more than three years old. Most equipment was installed three years earlier, The interconnect modules in the C7000 Blade Enclosure for both the Ethernet and fibre connections are Pass Thru Modules. The storage is an EVA8000 with 50TB of disk, 30TB of Fibre Channel disk and 20TB of FATA disk. This too is over 3 years old. Connecting all the fibre components are two HP MDS9216i SAN Switches,Their entire server base is virtualized using ESX 3.5 utilizing VMware High Availability (HA) and DRS. All of the university's critical systems run on the BL685c Gl servers. The university requires a 24 x 7 uptime on all e-Learning systems including email. The university does not utilize any additional software tools to manage their systems other than VMware vCentre and HP CommandView. What are the most appropriate solutions for maximizing an opportunity for software management in this environment? (Select two.)

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HP HP0-J48 Exam A. HP Insight Control B. HP Insight Manager C. HP Insight Dynamics D. HP Storage Essentials SRM E. HP Data Center Grid Answer: A,B Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 6 What is a disaster recovery concept that defines what an organization considers as an acceptable amount of data loss? A. Backup Window Time (BWT) B. Recovery Time Objective (RTO) C. Time to Restore (TTR) D. Recovery Point Objective (RPO) Answer: D Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 7 When talking to a CEO about service availability, which feature of HP Storage Essentials SRM should be positioned by the consultant? A. SRM solutions are designed on the SMI-S industry standard for storage network management. B. Big-picture view monitors and reports on a variety of business applications. C. Big-picture visualization automatically discovers and maps the storage network. D. SRM monitors utilization of the host, switch, and array. Answer: B Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 8 Which SAN availability level is described as being a single resilient fabric with multiple device paths? "Ensure Success with Money back Guarantee" -


HP HP0-J48 Exam A. Level 1 B. Level 2 C. Level 3 D. Level 4 Answer: C Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 9 A customer wants to align their IT infrastructure to their rapidly growing business processes and needs support in designing a long term strategy. In a first meeting, a consultant presents a roadmap to migrate the existing traditional environment into a virtualized infrastructure. Which benefit should the consultant emphasize when presenting adaptive resource pools? A. Adaptive resource pools simplify hierarchical, complex and inflexible networking. B. Adaptive resource pools drive maximum energy-efficiency within a virtualized infrastructure. C. Adaptive resource pools meet business application demand more quickly and efficiently, D. Adaptive resource pools provision and adapt application environments on-the-fly." Answer: C Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 10 A customer has Microsoft clusters presenting multiple TB of data as file services. The customer is looking for a technology approach to simplify the data lifecycle management of this large amount of data. Which HP Storage Essentials SRM tool would help the customer to quickly identify disk space that can be recycled, pinpoint critical files that should be replicated, and more accurately implement Information Management initiatives? A. NAS Manager B. File System Viewer C. Backup Manager D. Provisioning Manager Answer: B Explanation:

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HP HP0-J48 Exam

"Ensure Success with Money back Guarantee" -


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