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Cisco 646-578

Advanced Security for Account Managers Version: Demo 4.1

Cisco 646-578 Exam QUESTION NO: 1 During the optimize phase, how can the account manager help the customer reach operational excellence? A. by enabling ongoing improvement of system performance and functionality B. by evaluating the solution against competitor performance C. by making recommendations for integration of the security solution D. by defining project milestones Answer: A Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 2 Why is a risk management strategy needed? A. It would take into consideration theft of data as a major risk B. The network can never be 100 percent secure. C. This will determine the risk/cost value. D. Each risk is equally detrimental to security. Answer: B Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 3 Which two of these describe how security contributes to profitability? (Choose two.) A. by not complying with government regulations B. by enabling businesses to gain the maximum advantage from advanced technologies C. by decreasing downtime and productivity losses D. by providing access to information based on need rather than location E. by providing the company an insurance policy Answer: B,C Explanation:

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Cisco 646-578 Exam The Cisco IronPort S-Series is the first product that provides complete, high-performance web security. What is another feature? A. bundled B. integrated C. backup D. silent Answer: B Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 5 Which government regulation is designed to create a common information security structure that is based on recognized best practices, and is an internationally recognized generic standard? A. Basel II B. BS 7799/ISO 17799 C. AS/NZS 4360 D. SOX Answer: B Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 6 You want to know how soon the customer is likely to make a purchasing decision. What is the best question to ask? A. How dissatisfied are you with your current solution? B. What products are you evaluating this year? C. Do you usually finance your network security purchases? D. When does your contract on your current solution expire? Answer: D Explanation:


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Cisco 646-578 Exam A company believes that buying and installing a firewall can solve their security problems. What reason for insufficient security is this customer illustrating? A. risk analysis B. lack of perceived risk C. quantifying risks D. quickly evolving networks and applications Answer: B Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 8 What is the difference between Cisco Security Manager and Cisco Security MARS? A. Cisco Security Manager focuses on monitoring and analysis. B. Cisco Security MARS provides simplified policy administration. C. Cisco Security MARS focuses on rapid threat identification and mitigation. D. Cisco Security Manager can only manage small networks. Answer: C Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 9 The ScanSafe SearchAhead feature does what? A. attempts to dynamically classify any sites that are not categorized B. works with major search engines, indicating in advance whether each result of a user search will be allowed or blocked if clicked C. applies a default policy to unidentified users D. adds no more than 50 ms to any web requests Answer: B Explanation:

QUESTION NO: 10 What are three benefits of the Cisco SDN that will be recognized by business decision makers? "Ensure Success with Money back Guarantee" -


Cisco 646-578 Exam (Choose three.) A. lowers TCO by using the existing infrastructure B. helps to meet regulatory requirements C. protects against insecure or contaminated devices D. helps to manage IT and operational risk E. effectively enforces security and confidentiality policies company-wide F. provides network availability and reliability Answer: A,B,D Explanation:

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