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White Paper: Live SEO Challenge Hi and thanks for downloading this free white paper on the Live SEO Challenge. In this special report we’re going to go over a brief introduction of the Live SEO Challenge and I’ll try and educate you on what the Live SEO Challenge is without “selling” it to you. Now just a disclaimer…At first this report was created by my copywriter and was a massive 20 page monster to “sell” you on the Live SEO Challenge. It flowed really well, but it kind of defeated the purpose of a white paper which is to educate. So instead I took the original report and edited down all the “fluff” and sales pitching to this current bare bones purely (or 90%) educational report. Thing is, that means I took out huge chunks of text and paragraphs so it doesn’t flow that well anymore so bear with me OK? Seriously though, this is probably going to take you all of 2 minutes to consume since there isn’t a lot of actual text. That being said, please read through the whole thing.

What is it? Alright so first of all, what is the Live SEO Challenge?


White Paper

The Live SEO Challenge is a one month challenge where I have to create a site, rank it, and end up with at least $200 in recurring revenue. I’m going to post a video each Monday through Friday as I go through the program and I’ll show you exactly what was done each day. Since I’m going through the entire process of strating from scratch (meaning no website, no links…nada) there’s going to be a lot of videos. Here are a couple of things we’ll be covering:

The foolproof 2 step process I use to identify juicy, untapped niches,

How to set up a site to get on AVERAGE a 20% conversion,

The “ninja” technique I use to take my competitors and turn their links against them,

My “magic formula” campaign I use to dominate ANY niche no matter what the competition (yeah, even something like weight loss)

Who am I? OK, ok, hold on a sec. I know that a bunch you out there who don’t know who I am are probably thinking: “Who’s this guy to make such nonsense claims, right?” And like any good marketer I’m not going to try and sell my credibility to you by myself.

Live SEO Challenge – The Live SEO Challenge is a one month challenge where I go through the complete process of keyword selection, site set-up and creation, link building, and competition research to end up with an income of at least $200 recurring.

White Paper

To do that, I’ve brought along a couple of my friends. ☺ So, here are a couple of testimonials that I’ve gotten for a couple of my most recent SEO products. Daniel Tan. This first one’s from Daniel Tan who is a good, personal friend of mine. Now, I’m really not going to try and sell you on Daniel’s level of expertise. I mean heck, he has like a gazillion products on WF and a gazillion more people on his list. Here’s a testimonial I got from him: George, you know I am a SEO guy. When I see SEO, I am the first to get interested! This is a killer product. Good for both beginner and expert. It is comprehensive and covers almost all aspect of SEO, from on-page to off-page. Best part, it reveals many link building techniques, some of them are rarely used, so the information is golden. Some of the things I especially like is the footprints, where you show how to find high PR links using various footprints. The other module I like is the linkbuilding module, where you actually show the various sources we can use for link building, I think this is very valuable. Oh yeah, the competition assessment module is golden as well. Many people don't know how to assess the competition in SEO, most have wrong concepts over competition. You made it clear, good job. There are a total of 5 modules. Each module comes with a Video, Manual, Workbook and MP3 recording. Great product, you can do a ClickBank launch with this. It is a mega product. 5 videos, 5 manuals, 5

Testimonial 1. This one’s from my good friend Daniel Tan.

White Paper

workbooks, 5 mp3s, might command a price $697. Daniel

Here’s another one Ron, who’s just a cool dude who’s purchased every single one of my products! :o Hello George, Thanks for sharing this Valuable SEO information with us This is a just like hitting Grand Slam Homer and winning the World Series 7th game or scoring the Winning TD in the Super Bowl. I am more than impressed Having available Videos, MP3 Audios, PDF Manuals and PDF Workbooks was brilliant. Watch the videos, read the manual, start the workbook and listen to the MP3 audios as you are working … it is all available.

If there is someone sitting on the fence trying to decide … Should I purchase this SEO information? Jump in now and you will never regret the decision. Folks, there is a lifetime guarantee that comes with your purchase … Making it a real no-brainer. For a very reasonable investment (could be $997) you will receive the five modules complete. The bonuses are worth much more than this small investment all by themselves.

Testimonial 2. This one’s from Ron, a WF member.

White Paper

You are letting us look over your shoulder as you apply your successful experience in ranking websites for any keyword to a top-10 position on Google … this is Priceless.

Testimonial 3. This one’s by Mike Lantz, owner of WSO of the Day.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie of seasoned veteran … there is plenty here for you to learn. George … I am smiling big time all day and that is not very often … Thank You All the Best ... Ron

And this one’s from my buddy Mike Lantz. You know, the guy behind WSO of the Day and the whole WSO Pro deal? That’s him. Hey George, Just wanted to leave a quick note letting you know I enjoyed your report and blueprint. I think it is awesome how easy you make it for anyone to follow the actions you take to implement this system with the "worksheet" you provided. It would be great if everyone did something like that for the products they are selling. Some of the strategies that you discuss here are the exact strategies that I personally use in my businesses, and I can assure anyone that they work, and work well. This really is a no-brainer at this price, and I hope everyone can see that and grab their copy before the price goes up to where it should be. Thanks, George. I look forward to seeing more from

Testimonial 3. This one’s from my buddy Mike. He’s the guy in charge of WSO of the Day.

White Paper

you in the future. Mike PS: I also really love your "SERP Blueprint" product and can't believe that I missed it before. Don't let me miss your next offer, OK? ☺

How we’re different Ok, so just how is the Live SEO Challenge different from the other training programs? We’re doing it live. First of all, obviously, the Live SEO Challenge is live. While you are taking the challenge so am I—while you’re creating your website I’m doing so too in realtime—everything is completely transparent. That way there will be no confusion. As long as you do everything that I do, you’ll succeed. We’re actually legit. I’m making this a live challenge to prove to you the effectiveness of the Live SEO Challenge. For the last 6 months, a large chunk of my business has been based on the exact system that I show you in the Live SEO Challenge and we’ve made a considerable amount off of that so yeah…we’re the real deal not some $2 an hour ghost writer. We guarantee it. The Live SEO Challenge is based off of a real, working business model. I am so sure that this is going to

White Paper

work for you that if you fail you’re backed up by our 300% money back guarantee.

Why you should get it. So, why should you get the Live SEO Challenge? … … … … … Ok, just kidding. I promised that this was going to be strictly an educational report so it’ll stay that way. So yup…I deleted this whole section just for you :D But, if you are interested in this program:

The Live SEO Challenge opens this Wednesday August 11th at 9 am EST. It will NOT be open for long so mark your calendars guys!

Yep, you’re backed up by a 300% money back guarantee. What better way of risk-reversal than that?


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