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After hearing his tragic story I knew I needed to do whatever I could do to support This Pastor and his family..

Saving Pastor Saaed I refuse to stand and do ” Montana By:nothing. Krystal

It’s hard to believe that’s it’s been a year since Pastor Saeed set out on one of the longest journeys of his life. For those of you that don’t know, Saeed Abedini is an American pastor, who has been imprisoned in Iran, for his faith in Jesus Christ. He’s been taken from his wife and 2 small children, beaten, tortured, sufSaving fers from internal bleeding,Saeed kidney failure, spent weeks in solitary confinement (a hole in the ground) and yet still proclaims the sovereignty, justice and love of Jesus Christ. With faith, we see how absolutely devastating the Church is to anything that comes against the knowledge of Christ!? He’s broken and yet his faith is unshakable!! Lord, help us be faithful, like Abraham, not lacking courage or trust to do your will. His wife Naghmeh has faith as well and is still crying out to anyone who will listen, for Saeed’s freedom. His children cry for him as well, it is my sincere hope that the body of Christ will cry out, to a Father that hears. Saeed’s prayer requests are for More people to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and for strength to endure. Pray for these things •persecuted church, worldwide •more people to hear the gospel and be saved •strength for Saeed and the Abedini family to endure Now that you got your “pray” on, I’m going to share with you, some things that I’m doing to help out the

Abedini Family. Years ago, I wrote a song out of Psalms 139. (look it up) Psalms 139 is a pretty happy Psalm but when the Lord gave it to me, I was not very happy. I was in the midst of one of the most trying times in my life, thus the opening line, “darkness will surely find me.” I’m a whole lot like David as far as moods go, haha! I can be in the depths of despair one minute and the next, soaring on hope cause my God can see in the dark! The song reflects my hope in God. I know His love for me will always rescue me, when I can’t seem to find a way out. Recently, Kimbalaya Flowers recorded me singing my Psalms 139 song, just for fun. The song got such positive reviews and people even asked when I was going to make a cd! Crazy right?? I’ll answer for you, yes!!! The song was stuck in my head for days! In the A.M. on one of those days, I was praying for Saeed, and brushing my teeth and the song popped into my head. I was flabbergasted!! (that’s a funny word, had to use it) With my toothbrush hanging out of the side of my mouth, I looked myself in the eyes in my

bathroom mirror and said, “it’s so perfect, it’s as if it was written just for him.” I knew then what I had to do. I got in contact with Naghmeh, Saeed’s wife. I told her the story and that i was going to record the song, give her 90% and take 10% for the God who gave it to me. She was so touched. She thanked me and agreed to promote it in one of her videos! I’m now in the process of recording with my brother, John. He’s been such a big help and I know I could not have gotten it done as masterfully without him. I never imagined a song, written in the dead of night, by a girl who was struggling with her faith, could actually become an act that counts in eternity. Now you know a piece of my little story. I think a good question to take from this read is “What do I have to give?” Even if you think you have nothing, If you’ll allow God, He can change your “nothing” into absolute amazingness.

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Jesse James Anguiano San Antonio Boxer Using His Talent For The Kingdom

“I got out of the ring and dad asked me...

“Still wanna fight” and with a bloody nose… I said... “YES” ,Growing up I always wondered what we would become as adults. Are we where we thought we would be at the age we are today? Some would say no, some would say almost, some would say I’m back on track. We so often get sidetracked as young adults, and loose focus of what our goals are. I recently had the privilege of interviewing the oh so amazing Jesse James Anguiano, who’s life included getting sidetracked, loosing focus but also allowed the truth to literally set him free. V: so what do you have planned today? J: as of right now I’m resting and recuperating, then I might work later if they call me and of course train later. V: work? Besides boxing what is it that you do?

J: A/c and Heating during the day. It is a career, but I would like to eventually wean off of Air conditioning and make boxing my full time career. V: What started this track for you, how did you get started in boxing? J: My brother Daniel was into boxing. He would always want to take me, and being the ambitious kid I was I was all game. My dad was a bit leery so he talked to the coach and they put me in the ring. My dad was trying the reverse psychology thing on me haha! I got out of the ring and dad asked me... “Still wanna fight” and with a bloody nose… I said... “YES” V: hahaha! Why did you say yes?

Behind theScenes: Jesse James Anguiano

J: Daniel was always a big role model in my life, and anything he did I wanted to do. I was his shadow. He boxed. I wanted to box. Once I got started, I realized that it truly was something I wanted to do … as an individual... Not a shadow. (dog barking in the background) J: That sounds like a ferocious beast ! V: Oh yea .. Bono.. hes just a baby! Haha! V: has there been any struggle with continuing on your path ? J: YES. I honestly wouldn’t even be on this path if it weren’t for God who intervened. He put me on a strict 2 year probation. I struggled with alcoholism just before that, and I was in prison. This has definitely been a tough road , but God has things lined up for me. V: so your done with that life ? J: oh yes! Definitely! V: next goal? What’s coming up

next? J: I have a very big fight coming up on July 27th . I have to get passed this! V: what do you do in preparation? J: More training than usual, morning and night! Including personal training and boxing mon- sat V: how does diet play a role ? do u get to munch on “fun” foods or are you restricted to celery and water ? J: ha! Well I don’t get to splurge on burgers and fries . I do get to eat oatmeal.. and fruit.. even some veggies! V: sounds fun! J: well its worth it for a goal your passionate for ! V: Your fight on July 17th is at the AT&T center right? J: yes V: how does that feel .. or make you feel? J: most people would be nervous, but ive already been on pay per view. To me it’s just another fight. What im thinking

Behind the Scenes: Jesse James Anguiano

is this guy is a road block and I need to get through him! V: what keeps you focused? J: what keeps me focused? Drive my passion? At the end of the day… God give me strength to stay focused. There are so many adversities in my life . Being an ex- convict makes life hard! I have to work harder… punch harder, jump harder, just push harder! God is my strength to get me through it all. He keeps me from slipping back into my old ways.. and im grateful cause that is somewhere I don’t want to be! J: People say that I have what it takes to be a world champion and I believe it. I feel I’m blessed with talent… talent God has given me. V: What would you like to accomplish with this… accomplishment? Haha J: Well this would out me on a platform that will allow me to reach out to the community of ex- convicts. I feel it’s a calling God has on my life. So many times people in that situation

don’t really have a second chance. We get told we do but in most situations we don’t. I can see why people go back to the life they lived before prison. Fast food doesn’t even hire you. It’s discouraging! I want to open up a halfway home, maybe get some contracts with businesses that are willing to give this group a second chance at employment. I want to help them back on their feet! So they can start a better life! V: I literally wanted to cry... J: haha. V: well thank you for taking time to talk with me! J: of course! V: anything else you would like to say ? J: Just remember my name! The Outlaw - Operator under the lord a warrior V: haha thanks cuz! J: no thank you! Lummme! V: lummmme! (it’s a cousin thing) www.superiorsanantonioboxing. com

For The Love Of God By: Stacy Marin

Discover Your True Beauty


The bible refers to us as a 3 part being comprised of spirit, soul and body (1Thesselonians 5:23). Since 3 components make us who we are, it is safe to say it is just as important to tend to the outward man as it is our spirit man. A misconception is, tending to your appearance is vanity and may not have anything to do with the Kingdom

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Try Some Of These fantastic everyday fashion options! of God. However, brothers and sisters, I beg to differ. Let us consider our health for example. Physical activity AND food choice not only effects the outward appearance but directly impacts our quality of life. The Kingdom of God needs healthy able bodies to deliver the great commission. Now let us consider the adorning of ourselves which I like to refer to as “fashion”. Since we are children of The True and Living God, may I remind you we represent him as ambassadors? 1Corinthians 10:31 (KJV) says, “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or WHATSOEVER YE DO, do all to the glory of God.” Of course it is IMPARATIVE to find the balance in this regard just as

I believe every woman feels there best when they look the part.. its important to look how you feel..

just as we would anything. We wouldn’t want to accidently fall into idolatry. Don’t be afraid to express yourself so long as we stay within the loving boundaries of Gods’ word. Think of fashion for what it is, an artistic expression. Some are gifted in some of the traditional arts such as music, painting, interior design and some are gifted in the arena of fashion. Presenting your best self EVERYDAY is a skill you can develop. Now I know

“life” happens and some of us seem to not have as much time as others may have to spend on their appearance. Rest assured, all you need is a little effort and a few quick fix tips and VOILA! Be sure to start looking out for your up dated health and beauty tips. I will be touching on everything ranging from skin care, to hair, clothes, physical activity and even food! I hope you all will be enlightened and increased in every area of your life.

Discovering Your True Beauty begins when you learn to appreciate the simple things about you that make you unique.

Music Minute By: Freedom Music Group

Divine Connection By Jarrell Flowers I love music! It’s pretty bad. I’ve been in really deep conversations and then a song that I really like will start playing. The conversation has officially been interrupted! I start trying to listen to the way the music was put together. I’m thinking, “What a genius song!” “I love the way they faded out that guitar and brought up the violin in the same key!” “This song is just raw emotion.” Stuff like that starts going through my head. And then I remember that I’m in a conversation. And the person I’m talking with is waiting on me to respond. I take two hard blinks. And then I’m like, “Let’s pray. Father, you know all things...” (Disclaimer: I say that in prayers a lot. So if I’m ever praying for you and I start off

Music Artist Feature!

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with that phrase, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I wasn’t paying attention to you!) I think one of the things that I love about music is that it can connect to a person in a way that few other art forms can. It combines the power of words with the power of sound. And if the artist is good, it brings in another element that, to me, is one of the most powerful elements of all: the power of

imagination. When music calls for imagination, it allows the artist to paint the listener into the picture. And the more the listener owns the picture, the deeper the song connects. One of the artists that does this best in my opinion is Adele. I remember when I first heard her song Set Fire to the Rain. I wasn’t even in a messed up relationship but when I heard that? I almost cried. No lie. Now while I don’t agree 100% with the way Adele sees the world, I can ap-

So here’s my challenge to you. Next time you’re in a worship service, be all the way in the worship service! Let the music and the words paint a picture for you.

preciate how she has learned to communicate what she does see very effectively. Hence the hundreds of millions of YouTube views. I’ve had similar experiences with artists like Jenn Johnson, All Sons and Daughters, Jesus Culture, Propaganda. These are all Christian artists who make songs that I can really connect with. Naturally, I take these concepts of powerful words, moving music and imagery and place them into the arena of worship. Wow! What would it look like for worshipping musicians and artists to use words and music in a way that doesn’t just talk about spiritual stuff...but actually puts us in the picture! Or what if the congregation dared to use their holy imagination in a worship service! God does speak through these things, you know. If you submit your mind to Him, He can take you to the throne, give you a deeper reality of His presence, heal you, show you things to come...the possibilities are endless! When this happens, worship becomes more than a segment of a service. It becomes an exciting adventure where anything is possible.

“ Let the music and the words paint a picture for you. ”

So here’s my challenge to you. Next time you’re in a worship service, be all the way in the worship service! Let the music and the words paint a picture for you. Then give yourself the permission to imagine. Say, “Lord, my mind is yours. Guide me and let me see what you want me to see.” You probably won’t get the hang of it right away. Your mind may be running around thinking of other stuff instead of what’s being painted for you through the music. But keep practicing! One thing I can guarantee: you’ll have more fun then you would’ve had if you just stood there. We were destined to enjoy God and to be enjoyed by God. Powerful, Christ-centered music is like a red Ferrari speeding us to that destination. At your next worship service, hop in the car and go! - Jarrell

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Marriage 101

a practical look at Happily ever after

Strengthen Your Marriage.

Just about every Sunday you will heard this phase “At Faith Outreach we’re committed to Long, Strong, Healthy, Happy Marriages”. Some may wonder is this just another phase to repeat or can I have that type of marriage and it is really attainable. I believe our biggest issue related to marriage comes from our own perceptions. Our percep-

tions derive from many different aspects of our lives, our background, our culture, our environment, television, news, social media etc… Keeping this in mind many of us think differently about marriage. In the beginning of our marriages we commit to love, honor and obey but somewhere in that commitment statement there should be “I commit to continuously educate myself about marriage, communication, finance and children. Men and women are not education about marriage. Our commitments are

Article By: Perrianne Fulton

our jobs, our passion, careers, our hobbies and the church. Couples desperately need education on how to maintain a long, strong, healthy, happy marriages. Every couple will have problems but most successful couples hang in there by tackling problems and learning how to maneuver through the complexes of life’s everyday issues. Many seek additional help by reading books, attending seminars, going to counseling, and by observe other successful couples. Let’s commit routinely to educating ourselves to maintain or create long strong healthy happy marriage.

Recommended reading: The Four Season of Marriage by Dr. Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, Satan You Can’t Have my Marriage by Iris Delgado, His Needs, Her Needs by Willard Harley Recommended website:,

“Christianity and the natur influence of good and e I John 1:5 “This then is the message which we have heard of Him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.” The essence of Christ’s teachings, works, and life, was to expose delusion and falsehood and to manifest reality. Light cuts through darkness and evil is exposed for what it really is, a false reality of a life lived in rebellion against God’s will and purpose in creation (Luke 2:34, 35). Jesus went about doing good, freeing people from the disease of sin that caused them to embrace their own ways and the ways of this present age that originate from Satan, who desires to be as God (Isaiah 14:14; Ephesians 2:2). In this essay I will seek to examine the origin and influence of good and evil in the lives of men in relationship to our free will and the results of our decisions. This work is not intended to be exhaustive in its teachings but rather to spurn Christians to examine their behaviors and actions, and to

re of ethical choices: the evil in the lives of men” understand the relationship between our choices and advancing in truth and reality, and to better understand the nature and tactics of the enemy so as to obtain all God has and intends for us as His children.

Conscience, free will, and repentance

How do we know good and evil? Within the heart of all of God’s rational creation there is the ability to know right and wrong, good and evil, for His law is placed there for the very reason to show Himself as God the Lawgiver and that we might know how to govern our actions (Romans 2:15; James 4:12). I presuppose the scriptural affirmation of free will therefore I will not seek to explain this doctrine in detail in this work. Examination of one’s thoughts and actions can bring about catalyst for change; therefore, self examination is essential for obtaining greater freedom through Christ. We must examine:

“Christianity and the nature of ethical choices: the influence of good and evil in the lives of men”

1) The nature and origin of thoughts and actions 2) The effect of thoughts and actions Within this structure of though patterns it is essential to recognize the realtionship and timing of spiritual movement in regard to the influence of spiritual activity. Spiritual activity is primarily defined to the mind, henceforth affecting the other areas of our heart and personality. Paul stated, “be renewed in the spirit of your mind.” (Ephesians 4:23). It’ is God’s will that we seek out truth, love truth, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth. He desires to impart wisdom and subtilty to us, that is, defined mental acutity, that we might walk with him unhindered by sin and worldly influence (Proverbs 2). We have to examine from what source our thoughts come from and whether the actions brought about by those thoughts are within the will of God. An action is a choice and these are not limited to behaviors, but they are also actions within us that spiritually have an effect on us and our relationships to others and God. Thought patterns determine the

state of our heart and make up who we are as a person (Proverbs 23:8). These precede our actions which are responses to our thoughts and constitutional inclinations. Actions can be within us or outside of us. A change in actions without a change in thought patterns tend to hypocrisy and legalism. One must examine why they think what they think and source of knowledge that prompts the thought. Our nature determines how we react within ourselves and without to the complexities of life. The advancement of self knowledge allows us to move forward in truth and will protect against falsehood. Self knowledge and awareness is one of the first experiences within the Light of Christ. Our choices in thoughts and actions determine what nature we possess and what spirit we are led by: ourspirit, anothers spirit, demonic spirits, or the Holy Spirit. This essential relationship of the intellect and change make up the core of the doctrine of repentance. Repentance is a change of mind, a change of ideas, and a change of attitudes that bring us into truth. God’s kingdom is within the Christian; therefore, it behooves us to prayerfully seek His counsel in all

“Christianity and the nature of ethical choices: the influence of good and evil in the lives of men”

we do for as we obtain His guidance we can successfully bring forth heavenly reality into the present (Matthew 6:10). Keeping good discipline in our thought life brings the concrete reality of what God is doing and intends to do. If we take our eyes off Him we fall into the delusion of our own desires or into the enemies desire to take us away from the truth that has been ordained in heaven. To keep our minds on heaven is to keep the kingdom mindset of bringing forth the will of God in our lives. Discipleship requires commitment, and commitment fosters fruitfulness in the pursuit and advancement of truth. The desired end of a mature fruitful walk with the Lord Jesus Christ is the ability to have His mind (I Corinthians 2:16).

The Search for Truth Pilate said to the Lord Jesus Christ, “What is truth”? In man’s search for truth, knowledge, how one knows, and the reliability of that knowledge, men have come up with many truths unto themselves or they have come to the pitiful place of Pilate who eluded to the lie that we cannot know truth, don’t want to know it, or simply bask in the false bliss of ignorance. God is

light and in Him is no darkness at all the scripture says, and light always brings falsehood to light in the reality of truth and then truth can destroy the falsehood. One must embrace and receive truth in order for it to work in their lives. This is why God commands us to incline our ears unto His knowledge (Isaiah 55:3). God’s word is piercing like a sword and it cuts through everything that is contrary to it with precision and accuracy (Hebrews 4:12). God never lies, but men pervert the truth of God and thereby make themselves His enemies. The worst state a man can be in is to have the knowledge of the truth, yet reject that knowledge to believe error because it pleases himself. Jesus said that this is condemnation (John 3:19). It is a declaration of guilty because of rejection of light that is apparent and thereby making one responsible (John 12:42, 43). Ignorance is often forgivable in certain circumstances, but willful ignorance is criminal (Numbers 15:27-31). If one has knowledge, yet still chooses to practice and embrace what he knows to be false, he destroys his heart by measure of the rejection

“Christianity and the nature of ethical choices: the influence of good and evil in the lives of men”

of truth as an absolute reality. Darkness then overtakes him. One sees light, but stays in the darkness. This brings God’s judgment. Eventually they are given over to a reprobate mind if persistent in rejection of truth through an impenitent heart (Romans 1: 25, 28). Why do men do this? : 1) Truth is difficult (Matthew 7:14). 2) Truth demands change (Luke 13:2, 3). 3) Truth challenges us to live life bravely although it goes against the grain of this present world (1John 2: 15-17). 4) Truth requires faith (John 5:24). Walking in presumption and self will is darkness, having not God and rebelling against His will; walking in God’s will and direction through obedience is light, signifying a relationship with Him. Life is a path on which we can often get sidetracked to the right or left and sometimes backwards, but if we stay in God’s light we can move forward and

by staying on the path which is straight and narrow in essence, we can save ourselves much sorrow. Anything that deviates from His will for the present causes us to go into a direction that is not for our good regardless if it is seemingly good. Seemingly good opportunities are not always of God. This is why he commands us to acknowledge Him in all our ways in prayer (Proverbs 3:6; 4:6). This is why Jesus said that there is none good but One, that is God (Matthew 19:17). All goodness originates from God, and as Jesus abided in that goodness perfectly, He gave glory to the Father through keeping in the direct and dynamic course of His Apostleship (Hebrews 3:1). This is why He warns to keep a good disciplined life clinging to Him, loving Him, and fearing Him (Deuteronomy 13:4; Proverbs 4:13). Therefore, understanding truth requires seeking, and seeking requires diligence, and diligence requires commitment. Jesus never just immediately gives us all wisdom; He meets us where we are at and then desires to disciple

“Christianity and the nature of ethical choices: the influence of good and evil in the lives of men”

us. We must take on the yoke of discipleship, submit to Him, and learn of Him. This requires a commitment to Him above all things in our lives. He has to be first and our all (Matthew 10:39). Jesus is the most important Person in our lives because in submitting to Him, we can go on to know Him which is eternal life (Hosea 6:3; John 17:3). Jesus taught the important and precious nature of Himself and kingdom in His parables. Jesus posed questions to explain the nature of His kingdom and sought to bring to light to His disciples the understanding of the Father’s will and work in relationship to this present world’s direction and error. He preached, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” It was at hand in the manifestation of the Son of God and all His Words He spoke. All His miracles confirmed this truth and Christians carry on that work of the power of the Son of God in them. Jesus said, “You are the light of the world.” Jesus didn’t come to simply show how wrong men were in their search for truth, but He came to make the way for men to come into truth, to under-

stand truth, and to live because of truth.

Covenant Promises: A proper understanding of Kingdom Government There is a law in all of creation that governs in response to our free will and the results of our choices. It is the law of cause and effect. Every action has a reaction. There is merit and demerit and there is earned and unearned. One must understand the relationship of this law that is in effect so that the gospel and testament of the Lord Jesus Christ may be understood in relationship to His kingdom government. Even as the new covenant is a new and better covenant sealed by the blood of God’s Son (therefore everlasting), the aspects of the old covenant, it’s patterns and it’s principals that apply must be examined so that we might properly understand the nature of God and His response to our choices in this covenant Whom the Lord Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of. As God respects our freedom of choice, He also has set up guidelines we must follow, because within this law

“Christianity and the nature of ethical choices: the influence of good and evil in the lives of men”

He also moves in order to preserve justice whether it is immediate or withheld. Scripture confirms that our choices determine our destiny, and in relationship to covenant, God always acts in accordance with the standard He has set. So God seeks to bring us into a covenant relationship, govern us by it in and through love, and through this relationship bring about His purposes and promises. He desires to save us and bless us. One of the aims of God is to work in us to help us to love Him through breaking the hold that sin has on us. In this we see the everlasting covenant God made with Abraham in regards to circumcision. Circumcision is the putting off of the sinful flesh (Colossians 2:11). Covenants must be based upon fidelity, and without fidelity a covenant will always be broken because of the lack of love. This is why His will is the central focus of the Christian walk. We must stay within the confines of God’s will to obtain His promises. We must embrace His will through a loving relationship. We must unite our will to come into alignment with His plans and purposes. This is a daily activity that demands a faithful, prayerful walk with the Lord and it requires the obedience of a heart centered upon doing His will. Taking up one’s

cross daily is an act of submission in which the flesh is suppressed and the Spirit is yielded to in complete obedience. Kingdom government in relationship to the individual Christian’s walk with the Lord always has these principals and law of love as the supreme and ruling factor bringing forth God’s heavenly purposes into time charting the course for future activities in the Spirit. When Jesus said “the kingdom of heaven is at hand” it was at hand because He brought it into the world, even as He Himself was that kingdom in nature, essence, and in practice through His ministry, Person, and works. The aspects of the kingdom of God manifested through Christ are threefold: 1) Confession -Saying what God says (John 7:18) 2) Conformity -Becoming what God wants – Christ’s image (Romans 8:29) 3) Co-labor - Doing what God does (Matthew 28:28-31) Christ embodies all we need, all we should strive for, and all we should demonstrate. The Spirit of God is calling us to this high calling. Will we listen and gain all the marvelous benefits found in Christ?

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