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Designed by Pig Breeders for Breeders.

Remove Heavy Dead Pigs by Yourself, Effortlessly and in Total Safety! » ONE-WORKER PIG HEARSE Any lone male or female breeder can now easily remove a heavy dead or injured pig from the tightest confines without any risk of harm.

» UNEQUALLED MANOEUVERABILITY Hercules’ Arm’s stunning manoeuvrability, tiltable telescopic boom and 180° pivotal mast, work in unison to optimize Hercules’ Arm operation. It easily turns the tightest corners and navigates around obstacles in any confinement barn.

» MIGHTY PIG HEARSE Hercules’ Arm... A unique and revolutionary way to effortlessly remove, on your own and in total safety, heavy dead pigs from stalls, and haul them away to the designated area.

» HERCULEAN HOISTING POWER Hercules’ Arm also allows you to lift heavy cumbersome objects in a pig barn; it has been specifically designed to eliminate any risk of back injury and make work so much easier. Authorized Distributor:

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w w w. r o - m a i n . c o m

20” (51 cm)




• Winch (24V): 2500 lbs (1136 kg)

• Electronics: Variable Speed

• Winch Cable: stainless steel (1/4”)

• Articulated

• Hearse Motor: 24V • Electronics: high/low • Forward/backward operation • 2 rechargeable Gel Batteries (12V) • Built-in Battery Charger: 24V • Lock/Unlock 180° Pivotal Mast • 2 Safety Arms: galvanized steel • Steering System: front • Built-in Motor Brake • Front Wheels: 10” (25,4 cm) • Lock/Unlock Rear Drive Wheels: 12” (30,5 cm) • Flat Proof Tires: silicone-filled Heavy Duty

Weight: - Articulated Model: 700 lbs (316 kg) - Non-Articulated Model: 675 lbs (306 kg)

Width: 20” (50,8 cm) Length: 42” (106,7 cm) Vertical Mast Minimal Height: 74” (188 cm) Vertical Mast Maximal Height: 98” (248,9 cm)

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