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ceived, but the woman was thoroughly deceived and came to be in transgression ." (1 Timothy 2 :13,14, NW) Unlike Eve, Adam got his information, not from a snake, but from Jehovah God . If Adam was not deceived, why, then, did he accept forbidden fruit at her hand, knowing that to eat it meant death according to God's decree? Evidently because Adam feared to lose her in death . So now, in the choice between having this visible beauty Eve and having the invisible God, he preferred having his wife and sharing the same end as she did . 10 So Adam chose to join up with the new religion. It was just as in many lands today where the religious clergy dominate politics and commerce . The men who see the double-talk and doubledealing of the clergy have no use for these religious hypocrites . But because their womenfolk hold to the religious system, the men make no disturbance about it just in order to keep their women and get along with them . And the religious clergy know the wily power of the women over their men, and so they craftily use the women . 11 Some try to make the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil" to be just a symbol and argue that the sin which Adam and Eve here committed was their first act of sexual union .-Such an argument is unreasonable . Sexual intercourse between man and wife is a natural thing . Only by this act could God's command to Adam and Eve be car10. How are many men today prevailed upon by religion for reasons like Adam's? 11 . Why was our first parents' sin with the tree not an act of immorality between themselves?

What Has Religion Done for Mankind?