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to the peace and unity of all people of good will of whatever race or nation, by the exposure of the false religion and the vindication of the true . DEDicATED

Abbreviations of Bible versions quoted or cited in this book AS AT CB Da Dy Fn Xx LXX Ly Mo Mk NW Ro RS Sp Yg

-American Standard Version, by the American Committee of Revision -An American Translation, by J . M . P . Smith and E. J . Goodspeed - The Holy Bible, translated by the Catholic Biblical Association of America - The 'Holy Scriptures', a New Translation, by J . N. Darby - Translation of the Latin Vulgate made at Douay and Rheims - The Holy Bible in Modern English, by Ferrar Fenton -The Holy Bible, translated by Monsignor Ronald A . Knox - The Septuagint Version of the Hebrew Scriptures, translation published by S . Bagster and Sons Limited - The New Testament in the Westminster Version, by Cuthbert Lattey, S .J. -A New Translation of The Bible, by James Moffatt - The Syriac New Testament, by James Murdock -New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures, 2d edition -The Emphasised Bible, a New Translation, by J . B. Rotherham -Revised Standard Version of the New Testament, by the International Council of Religious Education - The New Testament, a New Translation, by Francis A . Spencer, O .P. - The Holy Bible, translated by Robert Young Any quotation not followed by any specific abbreviation should be understood to be made from the Authorized or King James Version .

What Has Religion Done for Mankind?