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Curriculum Vitae

Latin, Noun, Singular & Plural: An outline of one’s personal education and professional history, as prepared by One: one applying for employment. Two:

Latin; Literally translated as: “Path of Life”

HELLO MY NAME IS ADAM BOWLER Who Am I? As you may (or may not) have gathered; my name Adam Bowler and I am interested in part-time or casual work! I may not look like much, but I don’t complain much about hard work or heavy lifting and I’m quite self-motivated! I love a workplace with no time to think. I always want to keep moving and there’s nothing I can’t stand more than being bored out of my mind. If this sounds like the sort of person you could stand to have join your team then please; read on!

My Educational History. Right now, I’m studying in my final semester of my Diploma in Commercial Arts at the CATC Design School. I’m training to become a professional Graphic Designer. Next year I’ll be turning that into a Bachelor of Communication Design at Billy Blue. I finished my HSC last year, studying Art, Photography, Modern History, Maths, English and Entertainment Industry. I also have my: RSA, RCG, First Aid Certificate and Cert 3 in Entertainment! I’ve been praised for my ability to think laterally (noticing that the best solution is often outside the box), creatively, aesthetically and verbally. If you need a more detailed analysis of what I’ve done in the way of education, check the next page. It’s got a far better list, complete with dates!

My Availabilities.

My Work History. Recently I have been working as a “Professional Sandwich Artist” (no, seriously) at Subway. I started around June this year and have been working weekly shifts since. Unfortunately, my previous employers have been unable to give me more than about 2-4 hours a week so I can’t really afford to stay with them. Hence the CV! My job involves numerous methods of customer service and interaction. During which I have grown quite accustomed to dealing with people from a service perspective. Prior to that, the only work experience I had was volunteer work with local theatre companies, and educational performing art events. I have worked backstage on numerous performing events with NIDA and the DET’s School Spectacular, often as a stage-hand but occasionally as an organiser of young performers.

My university studies do keep me relatively busy but not all the time, I promise! On weekdays I am available any time after 3 in the afternoon, and my weekends are pretty much free.

Now, For The Really, Really Neat Stuff. My Interests.

Personal Details. Email Phone Number (02) 9896 6156 Mobile Number 04 0207 4497 Date of Birth 28th September 1994 Land Address 63 Lamonerie St Toongabbie NSW 2146 Australia

My Qualifications. Higher School Certificate September 2012 Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee July 2010 RSA and RCG Courses December 2012 & February 2013 Bar and Cocktail Course January 2013 Certificate III Entertainment September 2012 re:viva Certificate in First Aid August 2012

I am a human after all, not some machine! I do have personal interests! I love anything to do with good design, live theatre and productions, photography and modern art. In my spare time I have a healthy reading habit and enjoy any form of media which can tell a story; movies, games and literature, both modern and classical. My favourite genres are suspense, fantasy and sci-fi. That said I do try to make sure I don’t have all that much spare time by organising outings with friends and colleagues. But more than anything, I love travelling. I have been to 5 out of 7 continents so far, and have visited over 10 different countries. I have trekked through an Arabic desert and camped with the gypsies, I have attended a Japanese School and I have cruised around the Hawaiian Islands, and I don’t plan to stop exploring anytime soon!


Sample Resume


Sample Resume