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A critical element in moving forward in 2013 is to move forward in putting together the “individual pieces” of our group. This year, we will be taking a number of important steps to help create a common culture, to standardise group practices, to integrate our brand image, and to communicate the true value-added benefits of the Doncasters Group as a long-term supply chain partner to our customers. Central to this process is our “Quality, Safety, Delivery” focus. We understand that this has been attempted in the past with only limited success — it will be up to each one of us to ensure that history does not repeat itself. Our future success is dependent upon each one of us in the GLT taking ownership and working together as one team to solve it.

issue 3, February 2013

-Tariq Jesrai Chairman and CEO

A MESSAGE FROM TARIQ JESRAI, Chairman & CEO: Quality. Safety. Delivery. It’s Our Responsibility and We Must Act Now A variety of measures on Quality, Safety & Delivery (QSD) have been tried on a site by site basis over the years — but the time has come to make it priority one and standardise our method for achieving it A look back at our historical approaches to achieving excellence in Quality, Safety,

To support this effort, we are evaluating best practices within the group, and are combining these

and OTIF shows that, although there exist pockets of excellence, as a group we are

into a concise standards manual and scorecard. In addition, we will be providing communications

not where we need to be. To move forward, we need a single culture that has at its

materials to help you achieve the job. But the mission begins now!

centre QSD. Our customers are demanding it. Our employees deserve it. Our survival depends upon it.

The basics of our QSD approach include: 1. Driven and supported by top management

Achieving this will not be easy given our

2. Daily walkthroughs by GMs and their direct staff

inconsistent focus in this area, consequently standardising this as priority one is critical to

3. Regular meetings conducted with the employees

improving our current performance … and in

addressing Quality, Safety and Delivery issues

achieving future success.

4. Continuous focus on what must be done, every single day, to drive the site further towards and beyond its

First and foremost, shifting the focus to Quality,

Quality, Safety and Delivery goals (and overall productivity

Safety and Delivery must be driven by us — the

& efficiency)

leaders in the GLT. We must take ownership,

Tariq Jesrai Chairman & CEO

doing whatever is necessary to deliver this

5. Effective, highly visible feedback systems and

message in no uncertain terms. We must take

accurate reporting

immediate action to assure that its importance

To ensure that our QSD goals are accomplished, every

is truly understood by all those that report to

facility visit or review will begin with Quality, Safety &

us. We need to ensure that, in turn, actions are taken by everyone from Managing Directors to Line Managers to Supervisors to individuals on the shop floor. It must become a way

Delivery performance. No one expects a site to go from 50% OTIF to 95% OTIF overnight, but we must have an action plan to get there and the tools in place to achieve 95% OTIF minimum by year’s end.

of life; it is job one for each and every one of us. We must take these three words ­­­— Quality, Safety, Delivery — and weld it into a single idea. We In the upcoming months, we will be ramping up our new business development efforts. Without significant improvement in QSD, these efforts will be impossible

need to take that idea and translate it into action. Those actions will in time become the habit that defines our corporate culture. Then, and only then, will we secure a brighter future for all of us.

to achieve. Operations and sales are intertwined in creating our future. That future begins with current operations; we must keep our employees safe and excel in

I strongly believe that as a group we can rise to the challenge and do this, and in doing so secure

meeting customer expectations concerning quality and delivery to ignite significant

the success our employees deserve.

new business growth.

Simplified Performance & Development Reviews in 2013 Less Bureaucracy. More Interaction. A Company Moving Forward Performance Review: •

Covers progress against objectives, skills, knowledge, and behaviours

Influences the employee’s compensation

As announced near the end of last year, our PDR process has been enhanced in 2013 and is now comprised of two highly focused review processes. The true strength of the PDR process is that it allows Doncasters and its employees to advance side-by-side. The changes made strengthen that process by simplifying it. The forms are shorter and focus clearly on separate issues — allowing you to enter into increasingly poignant and straightforward conversations with employees.

— pay increases based on both the

employee’s performance rating and current

In 2013, we as managers will conduct two separate reviews and our employees will subsequently end up

salary market rate (unless the employee’s

with two separate ratings — one for performance and one for development. This provides employees with

contract is covered by a Union negotiation

a clear road map of directions to both improved performance and realistic professional development within



Conducted through December and January (but should accompany an open and ongoing dialogue throughout the year). During this time, the previous year’s review is closed out and objectives are set for the year ahead

The Performance Review is a tool to assess an employee’s behaviour, skills, knowledge and performance, set goals for improvement, and track their progress towards those goals. It is important to note that the performance rating will be considered, along with market rate, when reviewing pay and the employee’s compensation package. The Development Review covers an employee’s professional development within our organisation. The review allows us to outline a realistic plan for an employee to become more effective in their current role, and

Development Review: •

Covers personal development, future career options, possible next roles, projects and succession plans

Does not influence employee compensation

Conducted once during the middle of the

Emma Pugh HR Director - UK & Europe

ultimately advance into the positions they aspire to throughout their career. In each of these reviews, open and clear conversation is extremely important. In fact, that is why the Performance and Development Review process has been simplified. Less bureaucracy allows for more discussion between you and your employees. So, in 2013, please take this extra time created to engage in

“The bottom line is the act of simply filling in these forms isn’t where the value is — that in itself won’t bring our organisation to the next level. What’s important is the dialogue, the two-way conversation between employee and manager. That interaction is what will make Doncasters and its people more and more successful.”

these reviews. It will move us all forward.

calendar year in either July or August (also to accompany an ongoing, year-round dialogue)

To Access The New Performance & Development Review Forms, Visit:

The 2013 Environmental Health & Safety Scorecard: A Critical Tool in Creating an Increasingly Safe Doncasters Through Leading Indicators

Allen J. Coppolo Group Director, Environmental Health & Safety

Engaging Our Workforce to Get to the Next Level is

“be safer” doesn’t tell them exactly what you want them to do. Leading Indicators, on the other

Job Number One

hand, provide employees with specifics on how to perform their job function more safely.

As you know, we’ve introduced improvements to our

But in order for these Leading Indicators to be completely effective, we need our workforce to be

Environmental, Health & Safety Scorecard for 2013. The Scorecard

fully involved — in turn becoming the main drivers of our safety program. The idea is to engage

is an incredibly exceptional and effective scoring method tailored

our employees in such a way that they will stand up in a TSM, provide

specifically to meet the unique needs of our global operation. It

a safety analysis of their own job and present the solutions required to

not only accurately quantifies our current safety performance, but

make the process safer. The central strength of these Leading Indicators

now also places increased emphasis on practices designed to

is in fact employee involvement. After all, who is more knowledgeable

take our organisation further towards the ultimate safety goal — an

about the process and hazards of the job than the employee

accident free workplace.

performing it?

These practices are referred to as “Leading Indicators” and we as

We already have reason to be proud. When it comes to EHS,

managers find ourselves in a critical position to help dramatically

Doncasters is currently performing above the industry average. But

improve their effectiveness.

safety is an ever-moving target that requires constant vigilance. If we are

Leading Indicators, such as Tool Box Safety Meetings (TSM) and Job Safety Analyses (JSA), are measures designed to provide predictive and proactive focus on the actions we must take to consistently improve our safety performance. In other words, they indicate where our safety processes should be adjusted to “It is crucial to our success that we cultivate a culture in which our employees take complete ownership of their work environment, consistently presenting solutions to make their job as safe as it can be.”

prevent an accident before one ever occurs. This is why we value

not improving, we are moving backwards — we must press on towards a blank incident sheet. Not simply because we should, or that we have to. We do it because it’s the right thing to do. The fact is that “good enough” is really never good enough when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of our employees. That is why the Scorecard has evolved and that is why we must continue to cultivate a spirit of active employee participation. It’s paramount to our success in creating the safest possible Doncasters, which is exactly what our employees deserve.

them so highly in our Scorecard; they allow us to continuously and

Our Leading Indicators

consistently improve our safety program instead of temporarily addressing safety issues after a number of accidents have occurred. Relying exclusively on traditional “Lagging Indicators” (such as the Total Case Rate) means that our safety metric may simply be a measure of how lucky we’ve been. It won’t provide us with an accurate measure of our true safety performance. Further, Lagging Indicators are not prescriptive. Simply put, telling an employee to

• Proactive Assessments

• Near-Miss Reporting and Investigation (NMI)


Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

• Management EHS Walk-Through (MWT)


Ergonomic Job Measurement System (EJMS)

• Tool Box/Tailgate Safety Meetings (TSM)


Fire Prevention/Protection (FIRE)

• Employee Safety Committees


Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

• Supervisor EHS Training


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

• Attainment of OHSAS 18001/ISO 14001 Objectives


Environmental (ENV)

• Participation in Audits of Other Facilities

The Winner’s Circle: H E A LT H L I N K S

Part Celebration and Part Inspiration for Healthier U.S. Employees

Working Together for a Healthier Life DONCASTERS WELLNESS PROGRAM

Winner’s Circle

As you know, in 2011 we introduced our Health Links Wellness Programme in the U.S.


designed to help keep our employees and their families as healthy and productive as possible.

Working Together for a Healthier Life DONCASTERS WELLNESS PROGRAM

So far, we’ve held three Biggest Loser contests as a part of that programme, and it’s now time to recognise milestone weight loss — it’s time for the Winner’s Circle. The Winner’s Circle is a very important part of our Biggest Loser programme, and overall Health Links Wellness Programme, that publicly celebrates the personal accomplishments of our most

Winner’s Circle

Winner’s Circle



Working Together for a Healthier Life DONCASTERS WELLNESS PROGRAM

Working Together for a Healthier Life DONCASTERS WELLNESS PROGRAM

successful weight loss participants. Not only does it recognise weight lost during the Biggest Loser contests but, equally important, it also recognises weight loss achieved by an employee in between contests! Reaching these milestones is a clear testament to the drive our fellow employees have had towards improving their personal health, and the Winner’s Circle is an opportunity where we can all congratulate them on their dedication. But The Winner’s Circle is more than just a pat on the back for those who have made these

Three levels of winners are awarded prizes that may be used and worn whilst at work:

strides; it’s an inspiration to the rest of our employees who may have similar aspirations. We want our Winner’s Circle to become the “elite” of our weight loss participants and we want all of our employees to not only congratulate the winners, but also feel empowered to make similar accomplishments in their own lives.

Gold Winner – Overall weight loss of 10% or more! Gold Winner’s are recognised with a gold polo shirt emblazoned with our Gold Winner’s Circle logo

Our goal throughout Doncasters is to promote a healthier life for each of our employees. As

Silver Winner – Overall weight loss of 7.5% or more, recognised with a silver

leaders, we can take part in guiding our employees towards the healthier lifestyle they deserve

thermal tumbler featuring our Silver Winner’s Circle logo

simply by being a supporter of this Winner’s Circle. Take a moment to congratulate the winners, and listen to the journey they’ve made to reach these milestones. They’re all inspiring stories of

Bronze Winner – Overall weight loss of 5% or more, recognised with a white

determination that, when shared, will help encourage others around the business to consider

t-shirt displaying our Bronze Winner’s Circle logo

joining the weight loss/management programs at your site.

Happenings Around the Company New Group PowerPoint Format


Raymond Mitchell Appointed COO of Doncasters Group New COO Brings Long Track Record of Progressive Leadership in Related Businesses

side bar text editable


We are proud to announce that Raymond (Ray) Mitchell has joined Doncasters as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Effective immediately, Mr. Mitchell assumes operational responsibilities for all operations group wide. Prior to joining the organisation, Ray Mitchell was Vice President of Alcoa and President of Alcoa Power and Propulsion, a global leader

To help integrate our brand image both internally and externally,

in airfoil and structural investment castings for

we have developed a new Doncasters PowerPoint format available

the aerospace, defence, energy and industrial

immediately for use across the group.

markets. Its products are used primarily in jet engines and industrial gas turbines.

Simple in its approach, the new format provides a modern look to company presentations that is aligned with our overall efforts to visually differentiate the Doncasters brand.

Mr. Jesrai noted that, “Ray’s past experience and accomplishments in similar businesses and markets as well as his operational acumen make him a valuable addition to our

While this format has been created to present a standardised communications front, it has also been developed to be completely adaptable. The side bar text is easily editable, and 5 sub-master slides are included to help meet your presentation requirements.

executive team. As Doncasters prepares to further expand in 2013, Ray’s understanding of our markets and operations will play an

In addition, we will be working with divisions and sites to develop an online library of presentations covering frequently communicated topics for use group wide.

integral role in helping the organisation support its customers with exceptional service and in realising greater operational efficiencies across all our divisions. We are thrilled to welcome Ray to our executive team.” “I am excited about joining Doncasters and have enjoyed my visits to facilities so far. I look forward to visiting all of our operations and meeting key customers in the near future.” said Mr. Mitchell.

To access the updated PowerPoint format, and for support when utilising it, please contact: Aleisha Montgomery | or Michael Murphy |


Happenings Around the Company (cont.) Damon Harvie Takes on Expanded Role with Doncasters Group as GM for Forgings (Blaenavon and DPF) and Bramah Facilities Move Signals Further Expansion of Aerospace Support Capabilities Damon Harvie has taken on a new, expanded role as General

Efforts are underway to identify a new General Manager for

Manager for Doncasters’ Forgings (Blaenavon and DPF) and the

Shrewsbury. In the interim, Damon Harvie will continue to

company’s defence, aerospace and industrial gas turbine Bramah

be responsible for Shrewsbury.

facilities, according to an announcement by Craig Gooding, President of the Aerospace and Turbine Components Divisions.

In closing, Mr. Gooding said, “We have the technology,


the teams and the expertise in each business. We are

Doncasters Precision Forgings, based in Sheffield,

Previous to his promotion, Mr. Harvie was General Manager for

exceptionally confident that these changes will harness

England is part of the Doncasters Aerospace Division.

Forgings and managing Bramah and Shrewsbury. In his new role,

these skills to further enhance our position in our

It is a leader in the manufacture and supply of precision

Mr. Harvie reports directly to Mr. Gooding and will be focusing on

targeted industries.”

forging to the aerospace industry, and also provides

further enhancing the capabilities of each business separately and

forging to the industrial gas turbine, high performance

on how the businesses can coalesce to create unique synergies

automotive and defence markets. Specialising in drop

that will yield increasingly effective and cost-efficient turbine

forging, extrusions and hydraulic press forgings as well

blades. BRAMAH

Damon commented that, “I’m excited about taking on this new challenge and also enthusiastic about the impact the strategic

Doncasters Bramah, part of the Doncasters Aerospace

alignment of the three sites will produce. It is the challenge I’ve

Division, is based in Sheffield, England and is

been looking for, and am confident that this strategic move

recognised as a leading fabrications facility specialising

will be greatly beneficial to both Doncasters and all our critical

in advanced welding, press and stretch forming, hot

application customers.”

die pressing, hydrobulging and hot hydroforming of

Damon will also be responsible for tactical sales and will work closely with the Divisional Sales and Commercial Director Matt Hamblin on strategic growth in order to maximise sales opportunities in the short and long term.

nickel based alloys, titanium alloys, stainless and alloy

as isothermal and hot die forging, Doncasters Precision Forgings works with a number of advanced materials including carbon, alloy and stainless steels, aluminium, titanium and Waspaloy.


steel. The Bramah facility supports leading military and commercial operators and their sub-contractors with

Part of the Doncasters Aerospace Division, Doncasters

machine assemblies for airframes, exhaust systems

Blaenavon is a specialist manufacturer of forged

and propulsion systems.

and rolled rings, casings, blades and discs in nickel,

Mr. Gooding further noted that Shrewsbury is recognised as an

cobalt, titanium, aluminium alloys and stainless steel

integral part of the organisation, so the management realignment

for the aerospace, military and petrochemical markets.

also provides the opportunity to put in place a dedicated General

Doncasters Blaenavon offers full engineering service

Manager who can focus solely on the site and accelerate its

from project management to the manufacture and

forward momentum. The new General Manager will also have

supply of near net shape profile rolled rings and casings

responsibility for tactical sales and will work hand in hand with

up to 1.6m in diameter and 0.5m high.

Matt Hamblin to grow the business strategically.

Happenings Around the Company (cont.)


Carl Sanderson Re-Joins Doncasters as New GM of Trucast Ltd Doncasters Turbocharger Components Division is pleased to announce that Mr. Carl Sanderson has returned to Doncasters as General Manager of Trucast Ltd, located in Ryde, Isle of Wight. Carl officially re-joined the organisation Feb. 4th and reports to Chris Pritchard, Turbocharger Components Divisional Managing Director.


Doncasters Trucast Ltd, located in Ryde, Isle of Wight, is part of the Doncasters Turbocharger

Formerly Operations Manager at Doncasters Aerospace

Components Division and a leading international

Components, Carl has been working with Fremach in

manufacturer of hot-end turbocharger wheels for

Belgium, where he held the position of General Manager.

the automotive and power generation industries.

Carl led this automotive component manufacturer from a

Its over 8,000 square metre site houses the unique

position of financial loss in 2011 to significant profitability by

Trucast investment casting process specially

the close of 2012.

designed to manufacture turbocharger wheels, CNC wax injection technology, and a complete

Mr. Pritchard commented that, “Carl is a strong and active

on-site laboratory. The Trucast facility is currently

proponent of Lean and continuous improvement. He brings

capable of producing

to Trucast a wealth of operational leadership experience

over 2.5 million wheels

that will be instrumental in executing the positive changes

per annum.

envisioned for our Trucast UK business.” He added, “His leadership will allow us to further align and maximise our opportunities within our market, sustaining and surpassing the levels of service our customers demand and expect.” Carl holds an MSc in Engineering from the University of Warwick, a BSc Hons (Technology) in addition to a C&G Apprenticeship and a BTEC Nat Diploma from the Royal Navy Engineering School.

Have Any News? We’re Always Looking for a Good Story As we move forward in branding Doncasters, our ability to communicate news both internally and externally becomes increasingly important. From an internal perspective, it is vital to stay connected to developments within the group. From an external perspective, trade and public relations are very effective tools in reaching potential new customers and in raising awareness of Doncasters among all our stakeholders. If you have an idea for a story or news release, pass it by either Michael Murphy (in the U.S.),, or

Please let us know if you feel this publication serves a useful purpose. This is your publication, and we can provide the type of information you would like to see. Please email your comments to: *Note: if you would like to have your comments remain anonymous, please indicate so and we will honour your request.

Aleisha Montgomery (in the UK and Europe),

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