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AVAYA 6005.1 Avaya Communication Server 1000 Implementation Exam 10 Q&A

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-2- Q: 1 A customer is preparing to installSoftwareon theCPMG Serverand would like to displaythe bootsequenceon the system terminal forthe BOS, ROM, and Operating system. Which port on the CPMG server providesthis information?

A. Frontface TTY part 2 B. Frontface TTY part 1 C. Backplane 3-part connection TTY part0 D. Frontface embeddedLan(ELAN) part 0

Answer: B Q: 2 Atechnician is upgradingan existingoption11C Rls 55 system tocommunicate Server (CS) 1000 E Rls. 7.0 standardAvailabilitywith asingleMedia Gateway 1000E Chassis. ACPMG Co-Resident Server cardis being deployed duringthe upgrade. Thisis a stand-alone systemthatis not part ofa target network so that OPMG will act as its own primarySecurity Server. Which applicationdeployment combinationwill be deployed on theCPMG serverfor thethis customer?


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-3- Q: 3 A technician haspreviouslyscheduledSubscriber Managertobuilda new telephoneaccount for the subscriberjohn Smithat midnight. However, the next morningit is discoveredan account has not provisioned. What should be donenext?

A. Lookat ss_common logs in Linux base B. Within UCM, look at OAM logsunder toolsLogs C. With UCM look at Security Event logsunder toolslogs D. Look at cs_console logs in Linux base

Answer: B Q: 4 Click theExhibitbutton A customer has deployed a CommunicationServer (CS) 1000Rls 7.0 system at their siteand have askedthat a swap usingthe Element Managerphones toolon the two telephonesets shownin theprint-out be performed. What should the customer be toldregardingthis request?

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A. Thesetwo telephonescannot be swappedbecause they do not havecompatible TN types. B. These two telephonescan be swappedbecause they are both assignedto TGAR 1. C. These two telephones can be swappedbecause they both have the sameVCE class of service. D. These two telephonescannotbeswappedbecausethey bothhave the sameVCE Class of service. E. These two telephonescannot beswappedbecause they are notin the same Call Pickup group. Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,


Answer: A Q: 5 A customer has installed a media Gateway Controller (MGC) and would like to changethe baud rate settingsfor the SDI ports. The baud rates for allSerial data interface (SDI) ports on the MGC are configurable through Call Server. Which overlay isusedconfigure theMSG SDI ports?

A. LD 137 B. LD 117 C. LD 97 D. LD 17

Answer: D Q: 6 A technician is upgradingan Option 11Csystemto a communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls7.0 system using aCPMG ServerCard Configurationa co-Residentcall Server, SignalingServer and Media Gateway Controller. Whichtwo serialconnections are available on the CPMG Server card? (Choose two)

A. 2xRJ45 connections for the serial communicationwith the call processor B. The same3 port SDI interfacethat is usedto communicate with amedia gateway controller(MSG) C. The same 2 port SDI interface that is used to communicate withCPPM server card. D. A 9 D-type connector on the faceplate that is usedto communicate with theCall Processor.

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Answer: A, B Q: 7 Form which two parts is thefully Qualified Domain Name(FQDN) composed, and in what order must they be configured?

A. First host name andthenthedomain name B. First domain name and then the host name C. First the COTS server IP address and then theport number D. First the COTS serverport number and then the IP address

Answer: A Q: 8 A customer withcommunication server (CS) 1000E Rls.5.5 HA system IPMG systemsand dual ISP 1100 signaling serversis upgradingtheir system to release7.0.TheISP 100 SignalingServers are replacedwith CPDC servers.Thecontentsof upgrade kit have been installed and the cardis configuredas a Signaling server. A maintenance terminalconnection has been established. What are three other upgrade tasksto be completed? (Choose three)

A. Insert a large systemsecurity device. B. Insert the bootable media into the Faceplate. C. Connect the cardto the TLAN/ELAN subnets. D. Place the CPDC card into an empty card slot E. Change the speed of the COM port to 19,200.

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Answer: B, C, D Q: 9 A technician working ona communicationServer1000E SA Rls.7.0 cannot geta secured Media gateway to register with the call Server and Media gateway1 sit in the same 19 inch rackwhile Media gateway2 is inanotherbuildingand connected via the customer IP network Media Gateway2 can ping the Call Serverbut cannot register. The network is suspectedof having a firewallor port blocking issue. Which diagnostic tool will helpto isolateand identify afirewallor port blockingissue betweenthe Call Server and Media Gateway 2?

A. Gryphon Tool B. Packet Capture Tool C. Linux PPP Tool D. Linux modemConfigurationTool

Answer: B Q: 10 A customer with a CommunicationServer (CS) 1000 Rls.7.0 Co-Resident systemis experiencingan element Manager issuewhen the page cannot be displayedto the user.TheCPDC Co-Residentserver has the followingdeployedappliances. CallServer SignalingServer Element Manager Network Routing Service Which course of actionallowsfor the least serviceinterruptionwhen restartingtheelement manager web interface?

A. Restart the Jbossapplicationfrom the Linux Base Manager. B. Restart the signaling serverapplicationby pressing the INI button on the CPDC server. Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,


C. Restart the Jboss application by pressing theRSTbutton on the CPDC server D. Restart the signaling server application by logging into the CLI and issuingthe command reboot

Answer: A

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