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IBM 000-957 000-957 : IBM XIV Storage System Technical Solutions V3 10 Q&A

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-2- Q: 1 If an XIV system's interface module fails, how does the system respond?

A. Affected disks are rebuilt using hot spares B. Affected volumes are recovered using mirrored copies C. A data module is promoted to become an interface module D. Data partitions are rebuilt and redistributed across remaining modules

Answer: D Q: 2 A customer wants to use ProtecTIER with XIV storage as the back end. What configuration is supported?

A. ProtecTIER is unsupported with XIV systems B. It is supported using iSCSI connectivity only C. It is supported using Fibre Channel connectivity only D. ProtecTIER and XIV can be used together with VIOS only

Answer: C Q: 3 A customer, George Adams of Stimnex has an XIV system installed at 7001 Lake 0 , and a second XIV system installed at 4685 International Parkway, and would like to mirror the two systems. The two locations are approximately 15 kilometers (10 miles) apart. Which mirroring scheme would be the best solution for this customer?

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A. Asynchronous B. Synchronous C. Snapshots D. VDisk copy

Answer: B Q: 4 An administrator has just created several volumes and added a new host to the XIV environment. What is the next logical step to attach the volume to the newly added host?

A. Add ports B. Add snapshots C. Rescan the bus D. Unlock volumes

Answer: A Q: 5 Compared to other storage systems what feature does the XIV system exhibit when new hardware is added?

A. Automatic classification of new storage for use with Easy Tier B. Data is automatically redistributed to include the new hardware C. New storage is assigned to the controller with the least amount of expansions

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D. New RAID arrays are defined onto the disks and data is automatically redistributed

Answer: B Q: 6 On an XIV system, what is the smallest physical configuration that provides iSCSI replication?

A. Model A14 with 9 modules B. Model A14 with 6 modules C. Model 114 with 6 modules D. Model 114 with 9 modules

Answer: C Q: 7 What is the standard warranty period for an XIV System Gen3 2810-114?

A. 1 year B. 2 year C. 3 year D. 5 year

Answer: A Q: 8 What is the result of using the Create Mirrored Snapshot function in the XIV GUI?

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A. A synchronized snapshot and full volume clone B. Two identical snapshots from one source volume C. A snapshot on the primary is replicated to the secondary D. A synchronized pair of snapshots, one per peer volume of a mirror pair

Answer: D Q: 9 A customer orders an XIV system Model A14. However the data center access is height restricted to 1800mm (70.87 inches). What additional feature must be ordered so the system will fit through the data center door?

A. IBMRPQ B. Partial rack feature C. Height reduction feature D. Weight reduction feature

Answer: D Q: 10 On an XIV system, after hitting the performance limit of a QoS Class, how could the performance of a member of this class be increased?

A. Remove the member from the QoS class B. Allocate more cache to the QoS class

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C. Increase the size of its Storage Pool D. Move the member to the top of the QoS class list

Answer: A

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