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Streets Of The City Urban Style Q&A with Amy Meredith


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Winter is a great time to chill out, but you won’t have to brave the cold to experience great sights and sounds at the Two Blocks festival. The action is all at Shot Tower Square at Melbourne Central, so drop in to warm up and check out some of the best creative talent our city has to offer – for free!

Two Now in its second year, the . e and creativity to the people Blocks festival brings cultur ,a art exhibitions, live painting You can experience unique s and music performances. pop-up fashion event, partie you to check out (and All of these are in-centre for on Thursday 29 July!). don’t miss Amy Meredith live

There’s a pop-up gallery showcasing the work of artists from 19 July. Professional athletes and performers from Trace Elements will get hearts pumping when they demonstrate freerunning at 1pm and 4pm, 22 July. There’s more art action with live painting by ACORN on July 27 and by Reka, Phibs and Meggs on 30 July, while DJs The Operatives promise entertainment for your ears with sets at 5:30pm on 22, 23 and 30 July, and a lunchtime gig at 1pm on 26 July. And if you still want more music, hot Sydney band Amy Meredith will launch its debut album, Restless, with a live acoustic set at 4:30pm on 29 July. -Leeyong Soo, Living Melbourne Blogger


Think fashion shows are all runways, dresses and champagne? Think again. Be at Melbourne Central on Monday 26 at 1pm to see how we Live Melbourne fashion.

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Their Say / Melbourne is affiliated with street art and with so many amazing local artists here, we are lucky to have such high quality work. Its great to see how Melbourne embraces street art now and truly recognises it, as a serious art form which belongs in galleries. -Andrew Chew, Melbourne Art Curator

/ Your Say Graffiti or Art? The ongoing debate about Melbourne’s alley ways. @melbcentral





@melbcentral Graffiti IS art. I love how when I travel on the train I see it everywhere. It brings colours to our ever wonderful city. @lilithia @melbcentral Depends on the intent of the person(s) doing it, and what message they want to convey. Either way - love it. @em_ma_w


Blogspot / Q&A with Amy Meredith By Joel Chapman – Vox and Guitar

Tell us about your debut album ’Restless’. What are you hoping people take away from it?






We focused a lot on writing the best songs we possibly could for the album. We had about 60 to choose from in the end. It will be good to see if the album will stand the test of time. I love those CDs that you can just leave on in your car and listen to on repeat. Hopefully we’ve made an album that can be listened to like this. And inspire people to dance and frolic in the sun. And make babies. You’re going on a big tour around Australia. What’s the best thing about playing gigs and do you have any favourite places to perform? There’s nothing better than playing live and having people sing along to the songs you’ve written. We love travelling and meeting our fans. Personally my favourite places to perform are cities on the coast. Waking up, going for a swim at the beach and playing shows with my four best friends is the best thing in the world.

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You’ve said before that being accomplished musicians was a priority over immediate success. Do you think this has paid off now? Well the album has taken a few years to be released. So we’ve definitely had a lot of time to master our instruments and develop our sound. I guess it’s only early days, with the release of the album only being last week. So time will tell how far we can take this. Full interview available at Follow us at or become our fan at 16/7/10 11:03:45 AM

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