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Cisco 642-902 Exam Demo Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE)

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QUESTION NO: 297 To configure 6to4 on a dual-stack edge router. Which three of the following are valid in 6to4 Tunneling configuration? (Choose three) A. IPv4 Tunnel IP address B. Tunnel mode (6to4) C. Tunnel Keepalives D. IPv4 Tunnel Destination E. IPv4 Tunnel Source. F. 6to4 IPv6 address (within 2002 /16) Answer: B,E,F

QUESTION NO: 298 In EIGRP, when the IP default-network command is configured on a router, what is generated in the router’s configuration? A. A static route B. A directly connected route C. An EIGRP route D. A default route

Answer: D

QUESTION NO: 299 Refer to the exhibit.

OSPF is running throughout the network and RIP is being redistributed into OSPF in R2. You want to minimize the propagation of LSAs into and out of Area 1. Which OSPF feature would be best to achieve this goal? A. stub B. totally stubby C. NSSA D. totally NSSA Answer: D

QUESTION NO: 300 A problem was reported that the prefix was not injected into the local BGP table on RouterA. The following information is available from RouterA: configuration: router bgp 65001 network neighbor remote-as 65002 no auto-summary routing table information: show ip route | include 10 O [110/11] via, 2d00h, Ethernet0/0 Why is this prefix not in the local BGP table? A. This route is not a BGP learned route. B. The network command is wrong. C. The neighbor is down. D. The prefix is not a 'connected' route. Answer: B

QUESTION NO: 301 Refer to the exhibit.

Which router configuration command can be given that will restrict router RTB from sharing its routing information with router RTA? A. the eigrp stub command on router RTA B. the eigrp stub command on router RTB C. the eigrp stub connected command on router RTA D. the eigrp stub connected command on router RTB E. the eigrp stub receive-only command on router RTA F. the eigrp stub receive-only command on router RTB Answer: F QUESTION NO: 302 Given the above output, which statement is true? A. is a static route. B. is a summarized route. C. is a redistributed route into EIGRP. D. is equal path load balancing with Answer: C QUESTION NO: 303 Which two types of routes will be advertised with the EIGRP configuration as shown? (Choose two.) router eigrp 100 eigrp stub A. static B. receive-only C. summary D. stub E. connected F. dynamic Answer: C,E

QUESTION NO: 304 Refer to the exhibit.

What happens when the router stops receiving advertisements for the network? A. The summary route will be removed from the table. B. The summary route will remain in the table. C. The more specific routes will be advertised from the table. D. will still be advertised but packets destined for it will be dropped when they reach this router. Answer: B QUESTION NO: 305 Refer to the exhibit. On all routers in the network, EIGRP has been configured for load balancing across the three links. However, traffic destined for Network B from R1 is only load balanced over paths R1-R2-R5 and R1-R3-R5. What is the cause of the problem? A. EIGRP will not select more than two links for unequal cost path load balancing. B. Because the path has a different link type, EIGRP will not select path R1-R4-R5 for load balancing. C. Because Router R4 is not a feasible successor, EIGRP will not select path R1-R4-R5 for load balancing. D. EIGRP will not select path R1-R4-R5 for load balancing unless the value of the variance parameter is increased. Answer: C QUESTION NO: 306 Identify three characteristics of EIGRP feasible successors? (Choose three.) A. A feasible successor is selected by comparing the advertised distance of a non-successor route to the feasible distance of the best route. B. If the advertised distance of the non-successor route is less than the feasible distance of best

route, then that route is identified as a feasible successor. C. If the successor becomes unavailable, then the feasible successor can be used immediately without recalculating for a lost route. D. The feasible successor can be found in the routing table. E. Traffic will be load balanced between feasible successors with the same advertised distance. Answer: A,B,C

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