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Search Engine Optimisation OVERVIEW


SEO is the process through which the number of visits to your website is maximised, by improving your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines. Carefully implemented SEO strategy is a proven recipe for success. Leading Edge can help you plan and execute strategic SEO campaign that delivers maximum impact. We only apply ethical, sustainable SEO techniques insuring the rankings are achieved via long term sustainable methods. Backed by our performance based retainer, we guarantee results.

SEO Offerings

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Analysis & Setup

We begin by seeking to understand the search trend of your ideal customer. Once the relevant and sought after search queries have been identified, we will target the highest number of variations to capture traffic from as many relevant search terms as possible. Leading Edge Campaign Manager will undertake a full Fact Find process to understand where your online business needs to be. From here, Leading Edge SEO analysts will develop a completely tailored strategy that will ensure you see the very highest return and dominate your sector in the search engines.

Structural Optimisation

The first thing to get right with SEO is the structural optimisation. Designing for SEO means much more than just designing a great looking site to impress your customers with. It’s vital to ensure that the search engines index your content in the right way. Once we have an optimised site structure we also need to ensure that your page set-up is designed to attract credit from the search engine algorithms. This will depend on the way in which you want to convert search traffic into valid business opportunities and will inform the creation and presentation of all content on the site.

Content Development

Onsite SEO focuses on optimised content, keyword positioning and occurrence per page, and internal linking to make the whole site easier for Google to navigate and read. Offering relevant, original and quality content is essential to long term SEO success.

SEO Offerings

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2 Our Approach

Link Building

Link building is the process of building one way, inbound links to your website. The key to link building is to create a natural link profile, acquired through organic progression from a variety of different sources.

In turn your website becomes more visible to Google and is awarded more credibility.

Campaign Management

You will receive a dedicated and experienced Campaign Manager who will be you point of contact for the entire project. Your Campaign Manager will provide regular updates, deliver your monthly ranking reports and will be on hand with all the information you will require. Leading Edge will continue to monitor search terms that are attracting traffic to your website, focusing on hits that are converting into revenue for your business.

SEO Offerings

For assistance in completing this form please call 1300 66 76 96



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