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How can Infrastructure Management help me reduce costs and increase business productivity while improving service delivery?

Infrastructure Management from CA consolidates and streamlines management of your IT infrastructure, helping you reduce expenses, address changing business demands and improve delivery and performance of services that drive the business.

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Overview Challenge Your IT infrastructure is one of your greatest assets and biggest investments, yet the management tools you have cannot provide all the information you need to expedite infrastructure management decisions. You’re also challenged by the competing realities of a flat or shrinking budget, ever-increasing and changing demands from business units and the need to provide rock-solid services regardless of these pressures.



Meeting these challenges requires consolidated and correlated realtime information so you can make the right decisions and automated processes to streamline management and issue resolution. Infrastructure Management from CA is built on Business Service Management capability solutions that provide unified information that enables you to take action, implement policy-based automation, improve service and reduce costs.

When information about your IT infrastructure is centralized, unified and easy to use, you can:

• Make better decisions faster • Address issues before they impact your business

• Provide better, more-business oriented services

CA Advantage Infrastructure Management is available through CA’s comprehensive EITM capability solutions, proven combinations of software, services, education and partner services to help you achieve your goals. Focused on unifying and simplifying your IT infrastructure, these solutions provide the tools, processes and the consolidated approach you need to improve performance, ensure reliable service delivery, reduce costs and streamline operations.

Next Steps If you are under pressure to improve services while reducing IT costs, CA can help. From improved service availability, network and voice management, database and application performance to virtual systems management and recovery plans, CA solutions are designed to help you achieve your IT Infrastructure Management goals. For more information about CA’s approach to Infrastructure Management, please visit as at



Simplify Infrastructure Management to Reduce Costs, Meet Business Demands and Ensure Reliable Business Services Your IT infrastructure is a strategic asset and the foundation for you to deliver services and applications that your business depends on. However, like many organizations, your infrastructure is complex and difficult to manage. To control costs, improve service delivery and use your infrastructure to create new business value, you need to unify and simplify how you manage these assets. Many IT organizations have tried initiatives such as data center consolidation to roll out IT operational best practices and better integrated tools. These initiatives alone have not delivered the enduring improvements demanded by the business or a sustained ability to react quickly to changing business priorities. You need a comprehensive approach to management, an approach that provides visibility into unified, up-to-date information, incorporates policy-based automation and provides consolidated data to identify problems, increase administrative efficiency and reduce costs. You also need to balance other conflicting priorities. With shrinking budgets, increasing demands and a no-compromise requirement to deliver reliable, effective services to support business goals, what should you do? Get More from Your IT Infrastructure with Lower Cost and Fewer Resources Controlling the costs of your IT infrastructure is a considerable challenge. Like many organizations, about 70 percent of your budget is allocated to your infrastructure and operations. When that much of your budget is allocated in one area, you clearly need to make the most of those investments. You may be asking, “Are the investments I’m making the best for today and tomorrow?” “Is my infrastructure effectively supporting the services that my business needs to grow?” “Am I just keeping things running or am I creating an infrastructure enabled to meet changing business demands?” And, most of all, “How can I do more with less?” Making sound investments, however, is only part of the picture. If the cost of maintaining your infrastructure is constraining your ability to invest in initiatives to improve service or to use your infrastructure for innovative business processes, you need to find ways to reduce operating and capital expenses and improve operational efficiencies. Do you have the management information you need to make decisions that affect the entire infrastructure, or are you using information from individual applications that only give you pieces of the overall picture? Is the data you’re using timely and useful, or is it out-of-date and too hard to consolidate to get real time information about your infrastructure? As you try to control costs, it also seems that everyone in your organization is asking for more and wanting to pay less for it. The business as a whole is demanding better service — more system, application and network uptime, faster response, the newest applications now. How can you provide more when you already are working with limited staff and the demands of “keeping the lights on” continue to grow?


Leverage Your IT Infrastructure as a Strategic Enabler to Deliver New Services You are also being asked to take a more strategic role in the business, to help enter new markets and enable new offerings or to use your company’s investments in its infrastructure in new ways. Taking on the role of strategic partner may be a new challenge, but if it isn’t already part of your day-to-day job description, it likely will be very soon. To meet business needs and build a service-focused infrastructure, you know that you need to take control of the management of your entire infrastructure. You want to be able to do more with less — much more, in fact. Again, it is clear that you need centralized, unified information to enable good decision-making, but those decisions also need to be implemented quickly across the entire infrastructure, using policy-driven automation to control costs, reduce errors and ensure compliance. You’re asking “How can I get the information I need to anticipate and respond to changing business demands?” “How can automation help me deliver more effective service while reducing costs and errors?” “How can I prioritize problems relative to the impact on my business?” And, finally, “How will better information, streamlined management and optimized data centers enable my company’s infrastructure to be used for strategic advantage?” Keep Your IT Infrastructure Reliable Your IT infrastructure is the foundation of the services you provide. With demand growing, your challenge is to increase and improve supply. But you already know that your budget is shrinking, so raising prices, or in this case, the budget, is not an option. That means that you need continuous efficiency and effectiveness improvements so you can deliver the growing supply of services without higher costs. How can you balance increased demand, control costs and ensure reliable service? And what about maintaining the ability to adapt to changing business plans and work strategically across the business? Every decision counts and you need to be sure that when those decisions are implemented that you get the best possible results.


CA’s Comprehensive Solutions Provide Information, Insight and Automation for Improving Infrastructure Management Insight and Automation are Key Enablers for Infrastructure Management Infrastructure Management is the foundation for Business Service Management, which enables IT to manage services based on business priorities and strategic imperatives. A consolidated, correlated infrastructure that IT can manage proactively ensures that IT can deliver services that meet business demands — and enable innovative uses of IT assets for competitive advantage. An end-to-end approach to management of your entire infrastructure requires up-to-date information about the infrastructure, enabling you to take appropriate actions. A simplified and unified approach to Infrastructure Management is your key enabler, as it provides the foundation for effective and efficient service delivery.


CA Capability Solutions provide a proven blueprint for implementation that is customized for your environment. Infrastructure Management solutions deliver comprehensive information and insight into your IT infrastructure, allowing your administrators to take corrective action, manage assets and improve service performance. As your business-driven enterprise strives to improve quality and increase value, it will require current information to enable IT management decisions that keep the infrastructure tuned to current business needs. CA Capability Solutions also provide automation capabilities to enable your IT department to streamline end-to-end Infrastructure Management. This streamlined management eliminates human errors, increases IT staff productivity, reduces costs and risks, improves business processes and keeps IT up and running efficiently to deliver critical business services. CA Capability Solutions Improving your Infrastructure Management starts with access to consolidated information about your entire infrastructure, which you can then use to gain the insight you need to take rapid action. The following CA Capability Solutions provide insight into your IT infrastructure, enabling you to correct problems before they impact your business, proactively manage assets and improve service performance. They also provide automation to help you reduce the complexity and cost of managing heterogeneous data center environments, eliminate costly human errors, reduce resource-intensive tasks and minimize risks associated with service disruptions and data loss. CA Service Availability Management

Optimizes business-driven IT operations by assuring consistently superior IT services. For IT organizations relying on complex infrastructures to deliver important business services, Service Availability Management integrates products and services to help you reduce problem resolution time, improve service levels and accelerate time to value. These capabilities make it possible to consolidate and correlate performance and event information across IT infrastructures, assuring consistently superior availability of IT services.

CA Network & Voice Management

Provides integrated, end-to-end proactive service assurance of multi-vendor, multi-technology converged networks, including both legacy voice and Voice over IP (VoIP). This solution simplifies the performance and fault management of network and voice infrastructures to improve service availability while reducing administration costs.

CA Database Management

Helps reduce the cost of database ownership, manage day-to-day operations and improve overall service availability. Advanced and integrated technologies enable you to manage increasingly complex databases across mainframe and distributed platforms, providing comprehensive database management capabilities for database design and modeling, database performance management, database administration and database backup and recovery.

CA Application Performance Management

Enables enterprises to ensure that their business-critical applications are meeting performance and business objectives. When problems arise, it allows IT teams and business stakeholders to immediately understand the nature, severity and business impact of the issue. Armed with this information, this solution then enables them to take swift action to remedy the problem and restore business operations. This solution helps optimize the performance of critical applications to support the critical business services.


CA Dynamic & Virtual Systems Management

Centralizes the monitoring, management and automation of heterogeneous, physical and virtual system environments, ensuring the availability and performance of business-critical processes. These powerful capabilities make it possible for organizations to reduce IT complexity and costs associated with the management of data center environments.

CA Recovery Management

Simplifies and automates the protection and recovery of data in multi-vendor, multi-platform, heterogeneous storage environments. It provides the full continuum of data protection technologies from high-performance backup, replication, integrated continuous data protection, automated and push button failover and failback and automated disaster recovery testing. This solution reduces costs and complexity, minimizes risks, meets business continuity requirements and provides improved data and application availability.



The CA Capability Solutions that encompass Infrastructure Management deliver comprehensive insight into your enterprise and incorporate policybased automation to reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies and improve service delivery.


Manage Your IT Infrastructure to Reduce Costs, Improve Service, and Gain Agility and Strategic Advantage A consolidated approach to Infrastructure Management starts with a comprehensive view of your infrastructure — complete set of information that enables effective analysis and valuebased decisions. CA solutions give you a complete picture of your infrastructure, helping you identify and prioritize real problems and then take quick action. This same consolidated information also helps you proactively manage your enterprise to reduce costs, improve service and enable strategic initiatives. The benefits of consolidated information are ongoing, providing the foundation of IT management for the future. Information is the starting point, and automation is a key enabler to help you reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, improve performance and ensure optimum service. CA Capability Solutions provide tools to streamline the end-to-end event-to-resolution management of your infrastructure, reduce costs and manage change without service disruption.


Every capability solution includes not only software tools but the experience CA provides through assessments, implementation and other services as well as education, training and support. CA’s partnerships with global systems integrators and technology partners also provide enormous benefit for you, helping you plan, implement, manage and control your environment for optimal business benefit. When you are ready to plan your Infrastructure Management initiative, you are likely to need advice on avoiding potential pitfalls. Success depends on integration of Infrastructure Management solutions and with other key aspects of Business Service Management — Data Center Automation and Service Management. You need an experienced partner with the capabilities to help you and a proven track record of success. CA is that partner.


The CA Advantage Beyond Infrastructure Management: Enterprise IT Management Infrastructure Management is an important part of CA’s overall approach to transforming IT management. With our unique capabilities, CA can help you unify and simplify IT management across the enterprise for greater business results. Our Enterprise IT Management vision, proven Capability Solutions and expertise help customers govern, manage and secure IT. Customers gain the ability to manage risk, improve service, manage costs and align IT investments with the needs of the business. Through CA Services and our partners, we can help you assess your current IT situation and management needs, define your goals in terms of process improvement and implement solutions to help you gain measurable results as quickly as possible. Our structured, proven, phased approach draws on the expertise and best practice knowledge developed during thousands of successful projects in large and diverse organizations. Our CA Support global network of people, systems and services delivers unparalleled technical and customer support devoted to keeping your CA solutions operating at peak performance. We also offer all levels of training around industry best practices and specific solutions, as well as certification through CA Education. Our Unified Learning Approach helps you assess your training needs and develop a plan to address those needs to gain the most from your software investments. If your IT organization is challenged by the complexity of your infrastructures, the ongoing inefficient, resource-intensive efforts needed to manage them and the reduced number of IT staff and resources available to do the work, you need a new comprehensive approach to Infrastructure Management. You know that inefficiencies increase costs, introduce unnecessary risks, threaten the performance of your systems and services and inhibit your ability to adapt to the changing needs of the business.


To provide a foundation for effective and efficient IT service delivery, you need to define, refine, standardize and automate Infrastructure Management processes, while aligning with best practices such as ITIL®. It’s no longer enough to simply guarantee server availability. You need to manage server performance, reduce manual efforts and provide flexible IT resource allocation to meet the dynamic demands of business — not just on one or two platforms, but across the enterprise. You also need to replace overlapping products that do not integrate with one another and eliminate the need for IT administrators to manage multiple products that put a strain on resources, increase costs and threaten Service Level Agreements. CA’s approach to Infrastructure Management alleviates the challenges organizations face in managing their IT infrastructures and provides the foundation for effective and reliable IT service delivery. Implementing CA’s Capability Solutions can help you automate and streamline the end-to-end management of your IT infrastructure. CA’s approach has been validated and measured by a CA-sponsored IDC1 survey. Here are some benefits CA’s customers report: • Network Management – Reduced network downtime by 25% – Gained 85 hours per year for internal network users – Recognized $8M in revenue due to increased network availability • Systems Management – Reduced system downtime by 25% – Gained 62 productive hours for each user in the organization – Increased revenue by $11.5M annually • Application Management – Reduced time deploying applications by almost 40% – Reduced time spent responding to problems after deployment by 26% – Gained IT productivity benefits of $34,000 per 100 users per year • Database Management – Reduced database downtime by 31% – Gained 41 hours of productive time per year 1 IDC White Paper Sponsored by CA, “Achieving Business Value and Gaining ROI with CA’s EITM Software,” Doc #205383, January 2007



If you’re asking: • How can I get more from my IT infrastructure with fewer staff and resources? • My infrastructure information is not centralized, is hard to use and is not linked to the business services it supports. What can I do? • How can I better manage my infrastructure to quickly address changing business demands and support new services? • How can I automate my IT processes to lower costs, reduce the risk of human errors and improve service delivery? • What can I do to identify problems in my infrastructure before they impact the business and threaten our Service Level Agreements? • Is there a way for us to reduce the number of overlapping products that we use to manage our infrastructure? • How can Infrastructure Management help me improve service performance and deliver value to my business? If you want to learn how to improve your Infrastructure Management to drive business value, reduce costs, increase reliability and improve service delivery, visit the CA website at You also can learn about Business Service Management and other CA solutions that can help you more effectively govern, manage and secure your enterprise — and that integrate with Infrastructure Management. To learn more, and see how CA software solutions enable organizations to unify and simplify IT management for better business results, visit


CA, one of the world’s largest information technology (IT) management software companies, unifies and simplifies complex IT management across the enterprise for greater business results. With our Enterprise IT Management vision, solutions and expertise, we help customers effectively govern, manage and secure IT.

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