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AHEB Investment Group 1 AHEB Investment Group works with companies ensuring that they get that hard-to-get loan from major banks around the world. They do this by arranging collateral for these companies. The collateral provided reduces the risks for the lenders (major banks around the world) and covers the value of the project for which the loan has been applied for. This group has enabled companies to get loans for various projects including hotel and resort development, petroleum production projects and power plants. They have companies involved in corporate aircraft financing and airline acquisitions. The reason behind AHEB Investment Group’s success is it strong relationship with both regional banks and leading financial institutes of the world. In the year 2007 this group had managed to expand its business contacts not only in Europe, but also in the Middle East and Asia. They have strengthened their relationships with their existing prime banking partners and expanded their project financing activities around the world at the same time. AHEB Investment Group has plans that will further broaden its existing relationship with international banks. By doing so, they hope to provide their clients greater access to both commercial project and regionally-based industrial financing sources. The group hopes to capitalize on the current demand for alternate source of financing both for start-ups and large projects. It is constantly widening the range of options it provides to its clients in terms of programs and financing services. These options are lockstep with their respective banking contacts that the output can be determined to a certain extent. The group also helps both small and start-up businesses raise the required capital venture. This is very important as these start-up businesses don’t usually have access to the capital market. Investing in these companies is very risky, but the returns the investor gets from these companies can be above average.

Reduced risks for lenders