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PUBLIC NOTICE OF DISPUTE REGARDING TITLE, POSSESSION AND OWNERSHIP OF TRITON RADIOS IN THE ILLEGAL AND IMPROPER POSSESSION OF ROBERT “BOB” NULL AND MIKE SCHMID T OF COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO Pleasebe aware that title and possession of the Triton 38 GHz Fast Ethernet Radios, more particularly described below, are the subject of a legal dispute and imminent, or pending, litigation. Neither Null nor Schmidt has legal title or right of possession of these radios and would be unable to prove so upon request. It is alleged that both Null and Schmidt are civilly and criminally liable for taking these assets in violation of the law. Schmidt is also the subject of criminal complaints and investigations related to the receipt of funds in the approximate amount of $121,500(exclusive of the funds provided for purchase of the radios) between 2003 and 2006 from Richard F. Ford of Larkspur, California (deceased) which funds were wired to a personal bank account of Schmidt in California, purportedly for the businessof Tessare. Schmidt, in his capacity as sole director and officer of Tessare, has refused to provide an accounting of these funds to Ford’s executor and the successors in Ford’s interest to his equity shares of Tessare. It is believed by Ford’s family that Schmidt’s failure to provide such records is evidence that Schmidt extorted the funds and converted them to his personal use. For further information, including a status of litigation filings, pleasecontact us at The Radios: The Triton 38GHzradios, more specifically described on the schedules attached, were purchased by Richard F. Ford in 2002 and 2003 for approximately $100,000 The attached Schedules were prepared by Schmidt. The radios have historically been stored in two locations: Chelton Self Storage 1950 Delta Drive - Colorado Springs, CO 80910- 719-637-7545, and a trailer kept in Washington on private property owned by Schmidt’s family (Schmidt has refused to disclose the location to shareholders in Tessare or Ford’s executor). As of August 2011, it is believed that the the radios previously stored at Chelton Self Storage are being stored at Null’s home in Colorado Springs.


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