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About me Through four years Interior Designer/ Decorator studies at the Hout en Meubeleringscollege (HMC) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Two years of interior design at Sint-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium, where I have designed a number of projects which have incorporated various design techniques.

Included in my portfolio are an array of designs ranging from my school projects to internship projects. Details of all my works are comprehensively outlined within these pages.

Education 2016 - present Luca school of art, Ghent, Belgium Batcholer Interior design 2012 - 2016 Hout- en Meubileringscollege ( HMC ) Rotterdam, The Netherlands MBO level 4 Interior design. Diploma achieved.

Apartment Q13

In my free time I enjoy to design furniture, kitchens and houses in Sketch-Up. Here is an example of a kitchen I designed. My idea was to design a cosy/country-like kitchen within an apartment. The design could be used for a student house or private use.

Microcosmos In the second semester of the first year at Luca school of arts in Ghent, I designed a foldable patisserie in which there is a possibility for one person to live in. In closed position it is not possible to use the patisserie, it is protected against burglary. However, it is possible to open certain parts sepretly. The glass ceiling creates an overall view of the workspace and by night you can enjoy looking at the stars and sky.

For this design I worked together with my internship mentor. We designed the whole house in wich I was assigned the desk/closset you see on the right. The wood type I choose for it is wenge. The closet has can open and ding movement computer or to

a part that you close with a slito close of the open it for use.

The closet includes storage for books and other administration as same counds for the drawers.


During Rotterda G3 pro al look

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Fenixlofts G3

my school career at Het Hout en Meubeleringscollege in am, I designed a various number of projects. The Fenixloft oject was the second last project in which I created an industrithat matched with the location and history of the new built apartments.

nixlofts are located near the harbour of Rotterdam, the building deat this location was once a big warehouse but it partly burned down. ed to bring back the atmosphere of the harbour into the atmosphehe apartment to create a matching style with the view upon the harbour.

artment was designed for a single person, although it is possible to start n this house as a young couple without children. For this project my client young single man who liked raw materials and a rough but modern look.

Dirk Vroege

During my studies at Het Hout en Meubeleringscollege in Rotterdam I ex king field by participating in 6 internships from which 2 of them at Bears Des Netherlands. My work included designing custom made kitchens, bars, cabin jects alike. Other activities that were my responsibility within the company we mers, ordering materials such as wood and kitchen countertops and draw

xperienced the worsign in IJsselstein, the nets and other proere talking to custowing up quotations.

This bar was a request for private use in his own house. Within the bar there is a sink, 2 fridges and pace for tableware. In the cabin behind the bar are 2 large fridges and space for glasses. In this cabin, the doors can be slid inwards, the design within creates an interesting view what makes it natural to keep the doors open if desired.

BM House

During the first semester of the second year at Luca school I was assigned a project to design the interior of a made-up couple. To cha self in this project I decided to design the house in a black metal (music g

This style includes knowledge of the black metal history and Nor logy. The two are combined in this interior. For example, the ba house includes a new facade where I got my inspiration in No

of arts, allenge mygenre) style.

rse mythoack of the ordic runes.

The construction adjustments I made were the replacement of the stairs, a design of a new facade in the back of the house and I placed a basement for band repartition and jams, since the man of the couple was a drummer.

The bathroom used to be on the first floor but I moved it to the second floor instead. I focused on an easy route through the house in which everything is easily accusable and has an open view.

Thank you. Tessa Gijsen - Interior designer

Portfolio Tessa Gijsen  
Portfolio Tessa Gijsen  

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