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Personality Styles’ Impact on Leadership Resident Assistant Training, Jan. 2013 Presenters: Roni Beck Tessa Brow

Overview of Presentation • • • •

True Colors Personality Styles Background Individual test Impact of personality on life and leadership How to integrate this knowledge into your RA position • Group brainstorm and application

True Colors Personality Styles Background • Personality classification systems have existed for millennia • True Colors = Don Lowry, 1978 • 4 colors represent 4 essential personality styles • Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange

Administer Test

Overview of Colors and Results

Impact of personality on life, leadership, and RA position

Working with the Colors

Group Processing 1. What type of work environment does your primary color function best in? 2. What does your primary color need from others to excel? 3. How does your primary color communicate? ď‚–

Brainstorm programs, bulletin boards, and other strategies that utilize your primary colors’ personal strengths.

Conclusion and Questions • Special thanks to Orterio Villa for sharing True Colors resources! • Sources: •

Brow beck personality styles’ impact on leadership  
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