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PROBLEMS. Marketing on the Internet will help Shoe Bank solve key

Shoe Bank’s biggest media problem is that


Through my research, I found that although Shoe Bank’s target audience is college students, many of customers who actually shop at Shoe Bank on a regular basis are also outside of the traditional college

Some students on campus, particularly men, do not know that there is such a store as Shoe Bank in S the store offers.

Some of Shoe Bank’s most important strengths are the store’s location and size, located in a convenie in that there is quite literally, something for everyone and at a wide variety of price points. The store al to grow on the Internet. Retail sales online is a huge industry, and Shoe Bank has a great opportunity offers a great marketing opportunity that would raise awareness of the store and its products to custom

Although Shoe Bank is located in a busy shopping center, it is located a couple miles away from camp in Stillwater. It is also important to note that there is a lot of competition for what Shoe Bank sells, both


the products sold in the store appeal to customers outside of that age range, and many of the e age of 18-22.

Stillwater and the majority of students I spoke with were not aware of the full range of products

ent shopping center with a lot of square footage. The variety of products on sale is also a strength lso has a the benefit of having been in Stillwater for many years. Shoe Bank also has the opportunity to leverage the assets of the brick and mortar store and start selling products online. The Internet also mers and potential customers.

pus, so students who do not venture farther than Campus Corner may not be aware the store is even h with brick and mortars and with online stores. It is important to differentiate from competitors.


With proper research and good use of the Internet, Shoe Bank can enjoy some very exciting



“Where the heck is the website for shoe bank??? Excerpt from a real customer review on insiderpa


As of 2009, 96% of OSU students have a Facebook account.






Because Shoe Bank’s target audience is college students, there is no better site to reach this audience than Facebook. As of 2009, nearly 96% of all OSU students were on Facebook and with higher enrollment numbers this year, that number is expected to be even greater. Shoe Bank cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to reach these students. Also, the fastest-growing demographic for new Facebook accounts is women over 55, which means that Shoe Bank’s account is a great way to reach a wide variety of their customers. This is something that the store agrees with, because Shoe Bank already has a Facebook page. However, by adding a few features, the impact of the page would really be increased. As an example of a successful retail store with a great Facebook page, I researched ModCloth. With more than 100,00 Facebook fans, ModCloth has a lot to teach other retailers about successful online marketing. For Shoe Bank’s Facebook page, there are several upgrades that can be made to boost the overall effectiveness of the site and ultimately lead viewers to the website. The goal of the Facebook page is to make it both entertaining and different from the website. Redundancy bores viewers. The site would be made interesting with a variety of photo albums featuring pictures not posted on the website. These pictures would feature a variety of products, from Vera Bradley to Toms Shoes. The page would also invite fans to tag Shoe Bank in pictures of themselves wearing Shoe Bank products. This page would feature special deals and “insider” news about upcoming events and sales. The ultimate goal of the Facebook page is to drive traffic to the website, where customers can purchase products or drive traffic to the store with special deals and first looks at new arrivals. In order to drive traffic to the Facebook page, Shoe Bank will create the Regulars Program.

The Shoe Bank REGULARS PROGRAM In order to drive traffic to the Facebook page and website, I propose that Shoe Bank create a “Regulars Program.” The purpose of this program would be to offer customers or potential customers the opportunity to gain benefits at Shoe Bank like a discount an opportunity to be featured in photo shoots by posting an entry on the Facebook Page. Entries would be a picture or short video explaining why contestants think they should be a Shoe Bank Regular. Entrants would be encouraged to have fun with their entries so that viewers enjoy getting onto the Shoe Bank Facebook page to view them. At the end of a specified time, the entries with the most ‘likes’ will become Regulars. The Regulars program is intended to get the word out about the Facebook page and website, but in order to get the word out about the Regulars program, Jana and/or representatives from Shoe Bank would notify groups from all parts of Stillwater such as these: -Fashionably-minded students at OSU in clubs like MADA -Athletic groups at OSU like the jogging club -Sororities -Fraternities -Cheerleaders and Pom girls -Volunteer organizations and environmentally-conscious clubs at OSU -Intramural sports participants -International students -Stillwater residents who are soon to be married or in a wedding -People who love the outdoors -Stillwater high school students in athletics, who attend events like the Prom, etc. -People attending events like a graduation -Church groups -PTA meetings -Local restaurants

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Shoe Bank’s website will be a huge asset to the overall marketing plan and to the company’s bottom line overall. The website will feature all of the products Shoe Bank sells in the store, and allow customers to purchase items online. There will be photos and notifiation of sales and events, but the overall site will focus much more on selling the product whereas the Facebook page focuses on entertaining viewers and then transferring them over to the website.

freemium The basic idea of the ‘freemium’ is that oftentimes, sales are made by giving something away for free. In the case of Shoe Bank, we will be giving away free delivery of shoes to residents of Stillwater who order online. This means that if you live anywhere within the 74074 and 74075 area codes and order anything online before 5pm, your order will be delivered to your doorstep that day. So if a customer is sitting at work at 4:00 and there’s a party that night but they don’t have time to go shopping, that customer can simply order what they want online and it will be delivered to their house before they even get home!

Tessa Ogden Fall 2010

Shoe Bank Web Marketing Plan  

Web Marketing Plan for local store, Shoe Bank

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