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teach english now!

How You Will Learn To Teach English Worldwide... In Just 5 Days

To quickly be on your way travelling and teaching English overseas, simply complete our 5-Day (In-Class) Foundation TESOL Course. This course is part one of our two-part Certificate and Diploma Programs. During this “intensive-accelerated” in-class course, you will learn the TESOL methods to use in the English classroom, and have the opportunity to practice them. You will be amazed at the skills that are hidden inside you! Highly acclaimed by both new and experienced teachers. Dynamic “TESOL Certified Instructors” deliver the in-class course material in an innovative, empowering and hands-on format. They combine a perfect balance between the theoretical and practical skills you will need to succeed in the overseas classroom.

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monday - friday: 5pm – 10:30PM Saturday: 9am – 6pm

5 Saturdays: 9am – 6pm

Specialization TESOL Courses Our GTC Specialization Courses offer the chance to study in-depth about specific subjects. Each specialization course consists of 60 hours of online study and can be taken individually or as part of our certificate and diploma programs. There are 16 internationally accredited specialization courses to choose from, according to your professional needs. • Graduate TESOL Course • Independent Study Elective • Non-Native English Teachers • Teaching Adolescents English • Teaching Adults English • Teaching Business English • Teaching Children English • Teaching Computer English • Teaching ESL Locally • Teaching Grammar • Teaching Legal English • Teaching Medical English • Teaching TOEFL Preparation • Teaching Tourism English • TESOL Practicum • Tutoring English

You’ll Receive 3 Invaluable Resource Books Included in the Foundation TESOL Course tuition, you’ll receive: • Foundation TESOL Training Manual (700 pages): This comprehensive, task-based manual provides you with the information you require to become an effective teacher of English, and is your best asset to help you while in the foreign classroom. • Foundation TESOL Workbook (350 pages): This is the Foundation Course Assignment and Activity Manual. It is a step-by-step manual that guides you through the in-class or distance study course work. • Global Employment Handbook (250 pages): This complete A-Z “How-To Guide” is your key to finding that perfect overseas job and it also prepares you for all aspects of living and working overseas.

get tesol certified in just 5 days in class! All Ages! No Experience or Degree Needed! Lowest Tuition Guaranteed!

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in-class outline Learn to effectively teach your students how to understand & use the English language. In-Class TESOL 120-Hour Course Components: • 35 hours of in-class instructor-led lecture and teacher training • 5 hours of out-of-class creative lesson planning, presentation, preparation, readings, and exercises during the week of the course

5-Day In-Class Outline:

• 20 hours of readings to be completed as well as after the course at the student’s convenience

Day 1 • Classroom Warm-Up Activities & Games • TESOL Methods & Techniques • Student Proficiency Levels • Student & Teacher Assessment • Lesson Planning • Instructor Lesson Demonstration

• 60-Hour Specialization course(s)

TESOL Modules: • • • • • • • • • • •

Foundations in TESOL Teaching Methodology in Second Language Acquisition Student and Teacher Assessment Lesson Planning Classroom Management Developing Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing Skills Teaching Vocabulary Teaching Pronunciation & Phonetics Teaching Spelling & Punctuation Teaching Grammar EFL/ESL Classroom Tools: Warm-ups, Games, Music & Videos

Day 2 • Philosophy of Teaching • Young Learners • Teaching English to Adults • Teaching Pronunciation • Teaching Vocabulary • “Dynamic Method” Video Day 3 • Teaching Grammar • Music & Video in the Language Classroom • Classroom Management • “Total Physical Response” Method • Developing Listening Skills • Developing Speaking Skills


Job Guarantee** Overseas! Step-by-Step Employment Handbook. Online Job Bank Access (Lifetime Access) Great salary from $500 to $1,000 per week. 85 countries around the world currently hiring




Foundation TESOL Course 5 Days in-Class – 3 Books Included (Foundation Couse Book, Student Workbook and Employment Handbook) – 2 Certificates Included (1 Foundation + 1 Specialization) – Teaching Practicum (Optional, but highly recommended)

Only $ 1,490


plus registration

Day 4 • Developing Reading Skills • Developing Writing Skills • Practice Teaching (Practicum) Lessons • Peer Teaching Evaluations • JET “Teach Abroad” DVD Day 5 • Teacher Lesson Presentations • Teaching English Overseas • TESOL Employment Workshop • Job Selection Strategies • Document Preparation • Graduation & Certificate Presentation

Boston, MA - 617.779.0367 • Somerville, MA - 617.628.0367

**Restrictions apply. *Application fee of $150 is non-refundable. Target International Student Center is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.


Take the first step. Start a new career. Teach English! Get TESOL certified in just 5 days in class

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