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Achievements so far

2015 Plan

The water problems of the rural area in Teso have been the subject of a programme by Teso Development Trust working with its Church partners since the year 2000.

For 2015 we have a programme of 20 wells, 1 borehole and 12 borehole refurbishments. There are a further 6 projects that have been carried over from 2014, which have already had much community planning.

By December 2014 the Trust had funded 104 projects, spending £148,000 and benefitting 55,000 people. This has played a major part in improving rural water supply alongside provision by Water Aid (which has worked in the north of the region), with the Church of Uganda and local government. A key part of the project development process is to liaise with local government and other agencies to avoid duplication and get good technical advice. The significant impact on local communities have been seen during TDT’s regular monitoring visits to Teso. This includes:  A significant improvement in health due to the consumption of clean water and the greater availability of water for washing.  The reduction in distance of search for water resulting in a big improvement of life for the women and children..  Kick-starting of other income improvement projects such as vegetable growing, citrus trees and bee keeping.

These projects will provide clean, safe water to about 10500 people, plus 7 schools with a total of 7000 pupils.

Water Projects 2015 C l e a n wa t er f o r Te s o

What would you drink?

Finance: Each well costs £1500, a borehole £5250 and borehole refurbishments around £1000.


The total cost for this year’s projects is £48,000. Would you or your church fund a well? Could you raise some money with some friends? Could you join with us in some other way to provide clean, safe water to communities in Teso, Uganda? Please send any donations to the following address, marking them as ‘Water Projects’: Teso Development Trust 16 Heatherwood Court Hull HU7 4JR If you are a UK tax payer, we can claim an extra 25% of your donation from HMRC. Let us know if you would like us to claim gift aid and we will send you the appropriate form. Teso Development Trust is a Registered Charity. Charity number: 1005139

Or This???

Over a quarter of people in rural Teso, North-East Uganda have no access to safe water, resulting in poor health and sanitation. Together we can make a difference! Just £1500 could change a community by providing a well.

The Need

The Process

Water quality is regarded as one of the top issues needing attention in third world countries and its significant improvement is a key United Nations Millennium goal, but is one that is not being achieved. It is:

1) The location and need for wells is identified through a process of community consultation by the church development teams. This is done in the consultation with the areas local authority, and other partners and is overseen by a regular joint working group for the area which assesses needs, determines priorities and monitors programmes. This ensures all relevant agencies work together.

 A major causes of fatal and highly debilitating diseases such as typhoid, diarrhoea, dysentery, worms, bilharzia etc.  A major constraint in community life resulting in long journeys usually by women and children to fetch and carry water.  A key cause of problems of cleanliness and poor sanitation.  Exacerbating community tensions.  Growing in demand because of population growth and rising standards of hygiene. These problems are endemic in rural Teso. The towns have piped water and this is currently being extended in the west of the area. The rest is dependant on boreholes, wells or surface water such as from lakes, swamps or water holes. DFID recorded in 2009 that 37 % of people in rural Uganda lack safe accessible drinking water.

2) The Church is well established in most villages so is known to the community The pastors and Church leaders work closely with the village elders on many projects which enables effective community input. 3) Once a site and a committed group of people in the village are identified, a proposal is submitted for technical appraisal to the local authority water officer and a hydrological assessment .If it is seen as suitable, the project is submitted for funding to the Teso Development Trust who seek a funder or in where it can, provide part or full funding. 4) When full funding has been identified, it is sent via the Churches to pay for the development costs and the pump. The village then forms a committee to oversee the work

working with the Church development team. The community provides the labour to dig the well shaft and provide the well lining materials. 5) Once the well is dug, the pump installed and its operation checked. The well is formally handed over to the village community to manage and maintain. A well keeper and a technician are appointed and trained to look after the well. The community charges users a small fee for use to cover maintenance costs. Use of the well is open to anyone in the community. 6) The Local authority water officer will inspect each well and advise on any improvements and undertake occasional checks afterwards .

Water Leaflet - Teso Development Trust  
Water Leaflet - Teso Development Trust