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Mr. Flavio Villa Technical director of Trenchers Division, describes the new generation Tesmec Rock Hawg.

TRY A NEW GENERATION TESMEC ROCK HAWG! Since 1980’s Tesmec has been focusing on developing and manufacturing hard rock trenchers to operate day in and day out under extreme conditions. With over 30 years of continuous evolution and experiences, Tesmec has developed 4 complete series of products covering a wide application range such as big pipelines, surface mining, hard rock crushing, agriculture and utilities. With systematically dedicated designing according to different application but same high efficient performance, Tesmec machines become the ideal choice for the continuously working under the most difficult conditions all over the world. The first Tesmec Rock Hawg was built in 2003, from the original Tesmec idea of adapting a drum attachment to the famous Tesmec trenchers, world leader in hard rock excavation.

The result was an innovative surface miner, with an outstanding excavation effectiveness. Since then, there has been a constant evolution of this machine concept and a continuous improvement have been carried out over the years, to improve productivity, reliability and in order to extend the application range of this technology to other markets Specially born for surface mining, Tesmec Rock Hawg are to date used un four major application fields: • Quarries and open-pit mines (Surface Mining) • Excavation of big ditches (Large Diameter Pipeline) • Bulk excavation of rock for construction • Agricultural (Soil Reclaiming)

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Brand new electronic control: • Ease of use: high performances: even inexperienced operators can exploit the machine full potential; • Reliability: system components choosen to have the highest reliability in the toughest conditions; • Performance increase: higher machine’s performances, thanks to the optimized digging control.


RH automatically adjusts boom position, to keep a constant excavation depth, even if the ground is not properly leveled. The Rock Hawg will always work on a graded area, increasing productivity and reducing machine vibrations.

C “REVERSE SPIRAL” DRUM PATTERN To mitigate the problem of loose excavated material being thrown beside the ditch, and which needs to be removed before the next working phase (otherwise it will remain under the tracks, causing vibrations and instability).


Reduction of induced vibrations and smooth operating conditions. The effect is to make solid the boom with the machine frame and to provide additional supporting point for the machine.



The new generation of cutting drums has the following features: • Drum diameter reduction • Double spiral picks lacing • Modified picks attack angle The diameter reduction gives some benefits: • Cutting force increase Increased rock cutting capabilities; • Drum revolutions per minutes increase Increased productivity; • Tip cutting speed decrease Reduction of teeth wear rate; The new drum allows: • Better balance of excavation torque end forces in order to reduce vibrations and machine bouncing; • To change the number of picks according to ground conditions (hard or weak rock) and required excavated material grain size (finer or coarser).


Continuous remote monitoring of: • Machine position (GPS) • Operating conditions Remote troubleshooting in case of breakdown.

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ROCK HAWG PLUS 1. Tesmec Rock Hawg technology allows excavating in a cost-effective way even strong and unfractured rock completely substituting and avoiding the use of explosive. This aspect can be of primary importance and make (under certain conditions), the Rock Hawg a viable alternative to drill and blast methods; 2. Rock Hawg machines are relatively small size machine engineered with the scope of crushing rock thank to the special drum attachment with carbide digging tools and to the high engine power that allow a very high hourly output per single unit; 3. The high capacity of Rock Hawg machines reduce to one the number of units simultaneously working in the proposed jobsites; 4. Excavating with one single machine increases efficiency, safety and costs for manoeuvring and servicing; 5. The shock and vibration from Rock Hawg excavation is negligible, and therefore the danger zone becomes a non-issue;

Photo 1 Model 1475 Rock Hawg, Saudi Arabia Photo 2 Model 1150XHD Rock Hawg, Italy Photo 3 TrenchTronic control 3.0 Photo 4 Drum stabilizer

6. Up to 50% increase in productivity (according to ground conditions), compared to former standard RH series and extension of the economical application range for the RH up to 120+ MPa compressive strength rock; 7. Rock Hawg machines can excavate vertical side walls, thanks to the drum wider than the tracks and supported in the centre. Moreover, the rearmounted drum also allows the excavation of square corners. This means that the excavated pit in many cases will not need any further finishing by other excavation means; 8. Rock Hawg machines generally produce low amount of dust; 9. Rock Hawg machine, using a laser system to control digging depth can produce a very smooth and gently inclined surface. The inclination can be easily controlled directly on-site, and a one- or two-degree slope can be imposed on the excavation floor allowing any emerging water to be drained toward a sump for dewatering operations.

TesmecNews 02#2013 TESMEC ON THE PROJECT Saudi Arabia: The King Abdullah Financial District “The District will become a place where companies meet to do business, where students come to learn and where the best technology will serve the brightest minds” ( The job site had banned the use of explosives because of the proximity to other buildings under construction, as it might affect their structure. N° 11 Tesmec Rock Hawgs have been working in this project, for the bulk excavation of the foundations for 11 buildings at the King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh: • N° 3 1150 Rock Hawg • N° 8 1475 Rock Hawg

Strategically located south of Doha, the QAR 27 Billion (USD 7.4 Billion) megaproject, which includes a new port, a new base for the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces and the Qatar Economic Zone 3, will span a 26.5 square kilometer area. N° 7 Tesmec Rock Hawgs are currently in use in this project working 24/7: • N° 5 1475 Rock Hawg • N° 2 1150 Rock Hawg The deployment of the latest rotary drum trench cutting technology has greatly enhanced the productivity of rock excavation. These machines grind out fractured limestone rock and produce a crushed, fine material suitable for use in reclamation; in turn reducing traditional plant-intensive screening and crushing operations to a minimum and creating associated environmental benefits.




Qatar: New Doha Port

Спутниковая фотография района строительства нового порта.

Photo 5 Tesmec Rock Hawgs working in Saudi Arabia Photos 6-7 Tesmec Rock Hawgs involved in the New Doha Port project, Qatar

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Tesmecnews 2013 02 tr rock hawg en rev04  

Try a new generation Tesmec Rock Hawg!

Tesmecnews 2013 02 tr rock hawg en rev04  

Try a new generation Tesmec Rock Hawg!