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12#2012 12 #2012 October 29th


Mr. Alberto Oscar Technical director of Stringing Equipment Division, describes the Dielectric-Strength Rope, a new product for Tesmec

TESMEC, EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR FOR DIELECTRIC-STRENGTH ROPE Every day Tesmec is trying to complete its range of machines and equipments for fiber op c lines and Live Line replacement.

On 18th June the exclusive distributor agreement is made and entered by and between Yale Cordage Inc. and Tesmec.

Thanks to this agreement Yale Cordage Finally Tesmec has successfully found appoints Tesmec, and Tesmec accepts in the dielectric rope manufactured by to be appointed, to serve as its exclusive Yale Cordage, a custom and specialty distributors of the dielectric-strength rope manufacturer, the answer for its rope. need, considering this product the best The insula ng rope, thanks to its solu on a erwards a careful compara ve mechanical resistance and dielectric evalua on ac vity. strength, is the ideal and safe tool to Yale Cordage announced its Hy-Dee Brait perform opera ons of li ing loads in the dielectric rope is the first and only rope on vicinity of live conductors of the overhead the market to meet the newly published transmission power lines. ASTM 1701-12 (Unused Rope with Special It is necessary and essen al that Electrical Proper es) standard for ropes dielectric-strength ropes should be with special dielectric proper es. carefully treated, used and stored in In addi on, this dielectric rope has order to avoid or minimize the risk of also achieved cer fica on under the pollu on of these kind of ropes. European standard IEC 62192-2009 (Live working-Insula ng Rope).

Tesmec esmecNews 12 12#20 #2012 12 Hy-Dee is an 8-strand bi-polymer rope with extraordinary dielectric proper es. The rope is nubby which provides excellent grip, and treated with a proprietary chemical mixture Yale calls Aralubedielectric. This treatment is the key to Hy-Dee Brait’s wet dielectric performance and allows us to make the highest dielectric strength rope commercially available.


CauƟon: Absorbed and entrained moisture or impuri es will increase ropes conduc vity drama cally. InstrucƟons for use Always avoid fric on with any edge or with the rope itself. It is not permi ed that the insula ng rope touches the ground during use. Before any work, check that there is no damage, visible signs of wear or soiling. If the rope is wet, it must be le to dry in a dry and airy place. The insula ng ropes should be stored away from light, in clean, dry, closed (not air ght) and easily transportable containers. Quick Splice InstrucƟon Cut the end of the rope at an angle, and brummell it through the standing part of the rope five mes. The inser on point each me moves down the rope two pics before the end is reinserted and passed through the rope. The splice is finished by cu ng off the extra rope and taping it to the standing por on of the rope. This quick splice develops 90% of the ropes strength and is acceptable for most applica ons.

Photo 1 Dielectric rope splice sequence Photo 2 Dielectric rope Technical features table

2 Model* COI008 COI009 COI012 COI014 COI016 COI018

Diameter [mm] 9 11 12 14 16 18

[inches] 3/8 7/16 1/2 9/16 5/8 3/4

Min Spliced Break Strength [kN] [Lbs] 12.8 2880 19.6 4410 22.4 5040 28.1 6300 34.0 7650 44.0 9900

Hy-Dee Brait dielectric rope is cer ficated according to standard ASTM F1701-12, standard specifica on for unused rope with special electrical proper es. This specifica on covers the requirements, sizes, construc on, tests, and procedures for unused ropes for use by electrical u li es and related industries on energized lines opera ng at voltages higher than a certain value.

Work Load 8:1 [kN] [Lbs] 1.8 400 2.7 610 3.1 700 3.9 875 4.7 1060 6.1 1375

Weight [kg/100 m] [Lbs/100 ft] 4.9 3.3 6.0 4.0 7.1 4.8 8.0 5.4 11.3 7.6 15.9 10.7

*Standard available 600 feet = 181 m Specific Gravity: 0.92 kg/dm3 Electrical test shall be performed in order to determine the rope’s electrical conduc vity and resis vity to water. ASTM Interna onal, formerly known as the American Society for Tes ng and Materials, develops and delivers interna onal voluntary consensus standards used to improve product quality, enhance safety, facilitate market access and trade, and build consumer confidence.

Tesmec esmecNews 12 12#2012 2012 Yale Cordage Advantages: As a result of its unique construc on process, this dielectric rope offers several advantages: • The An -twis ng braided structure guarantees more facility to move loads • Flexibility and manageability • Long dura on thanks to bi-polymer material impregnated with silicon substance • Less storage space is required • Lower pull-out force on the anchor compared to other types of rope and chain • Superior performance in power windlasses

These tests have concerned the following point of the regula on IEC 62192-2009: •

5.4.1 Leakage current under dry condi ons;

5.4.2 leakage current a er water condi oning Mechanical test a er water condi oning

5.5.3 Elonga on and creep.

The test result were as follow: •

• •

Yale Cordage Hy-Dee Test: On 2012 Tesmec carried out electrical and mechanical tests on the Yale dielectric-strength rope in qualified and cer fied laboratories.

5.4.1: the leakage current was:

less than 100 μA (14 ÷ 65 μA)

5.4.2: the leakage current was: •

less than 500 μA a er 60” (360 ÷ 320 μA)

less than 250 μA a er 300” (200 ÷ 160 μA)

5.5.3 Elonga on was less than 11% (1,2%) •

Creep was less than 5% (0,2%)

5 3


Photos 3-4 Sequence of the dry and wet test execu on

Photo 5 Sequence of the mechanical test execu on

Tesmec esmecNews 12 12#2012 #2012 Examples of using the insulaƟng rope •

for li ing and lowering insulators near live conductors

for making a service rope for bare hand operator

for making a service rope close the live conductors

for making a par cular hoist

Photo 6 For li ing an operator on a special ladder Photo 7 Lower the insulators Photo 8 Service rope for bare hand operator Photo 9 Delimita on of the live zone





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TESMEC, EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR FOR DIELECTRIC-STRENGTH ROPE Mr. Alberto Oscar, Technical Director of Stringing Equipment Division, describes...