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07#2012 April 1st


Mr. Flavio Villa Technical director of Trenchers Division, describes the new MulƟpurpose machine “TG12”.

GALLMAC TG12 “IN STEP WITH PROGRESS!” Star ng from the design, components produc on, me culous assembly ll get and guarantee a maximum security on the job site, the “TG12” is the result of decades of experience, studies and work.

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With its innova ve “TG12”, the GALLMAC brand makes a step ahead from the standard mul -func on machines that indeed represented, in the past recent years, the most important development in the construc on equipment worldwide. Those kind of machines are designed to meet the mul ple demands of work with the one single product. The most different and unpredictable job tasks can be immediately and economically performed by the GALLMAC TG12.

Thanks to its specifically designed shape and reduced overall dimensions, the Gallmac TG12 has been developed to operate in confined spaces as Excavator, Wheel Loader, Li er. Moreover, the auxiliary hydraulic circuit on its boom allows several different applica ons.

MAIN ADVANTAGES & BENEFITS: • Excellent performance efficiency • Increased produc vity • New cab & Ergonomic driving seat • Easy handling and high stability • Maximum mobility • Significant versa lity & opera onal control

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EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE EFFICIENCY Equipped with the powerful 74.2 kW Tier III engine (and star ng from January 2013 with the new low emission 81 kW JCB Ecomax Tier IV interim engine), the TG12 offers a high level of produc vity with a considerable fuel saving. Reduced engine noise level and low exhaust emissions make the TG12 the perfect choice for every use in both urban and rural areas. The new Gallmac TG12 is equipped with a 12V electric system.



Marque Mark


Modèle Model



Tier IV interim

N°de cylinders N°of cylinders

44en in ligne line

Cylindrée Displacement

4399 cm3

Puissance Power Couple Max torque max

81 81 Kw Kw at à 2200 2200 rpm rpm 500 500 Nm Nm at à 1500 1500 rpm rpm

3 Photo 1 New Gallmac TG12 drawings Photo 2 New Tier IV interim engine’s technical specifica on table Photo 3 New Gallmac TG12 with pallet forks

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INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY The MULTIFUNCTION concept is the key dis nc ve factor among the TG12 and all the other construc on machines. It is dis nguished from all other machines with the name, MULTIFUNCTION. This innova ve system allows the operator, only by using the controls in the cabin, to hydraulically engage and disengage almost all standard equipments of many different kinds, sizes and capacity without any problems and very quickly (10-15 seconds). This reduces tools changeover me and machine se ng me. With the Gallmac “TG12” one single operator means 100% produc vity level.



NEW CAB & ERGONOMIC DRIVING SEAT Designed to provide the same internal volume as the one of larger excavators, the brand new cab if the “TG” series gives to all the operators a very comfortable working environment. •

Panoramic visibility

“ROPS” Structure and “FOPS” security

Ergonomics of the driver seat with adjustable operator weight and size

Controls and bu ons on the right side in a easy to find and easy to reach posi on

Til ng steering column

Five air vents for complete cab defros ng

Maximum Comfort

The pantograph windscreen wiper for be er cleaning, sliding front window, rotary lamp, working lights package with led light op onal, rearview mirror, sunblind, bo le holders and gadgets holder behind the seat, document holder, doorstop with the open door during work and 12V socket for charging mobile or GPS complete the standard equipment of “TG” series.

Photos 4-5 New Gallmac TG12 with bucket Photo 6 Internal view of the right side of the new cab

Tesmec esmecNews 07#2012 EASY HANDLING AND HIGH STABILITY The 4-wheel-drive mode and the servo-hydraulic steering allow a very small turning radius. The “crab” steering mode makes easier the close approach to walls and barriers; the two-wheel steering mode provides smooth run during road transfer. Its high opera ng stability has made the TG12 an extremely safe machine able to operate in any kind of construc on site. The TG12 is equipped with a not self-locking rigid front axle with nega ve parking brake and oscilla ng rear axle (± 10°) with hydraulic clamping.

MAXIMUM MOBILITY Close loop hydrosta c circuits and variable displacement pump and motor together with an “Automo ve” automa c adjustment transmission system allow to get a very smooth trac on in both forward and reverse drive, meaning a huge pulling force properly transmi ed to the ground through the big sized res.

SIGNIFICANT VERSATILITY AND OPERATIONAL CONTROL The hydraulic system together with the hydraulic pump allows zero flow when idle. Thanks to the servo controls, during opera on the hydraulic system ensures excellent boom synchroniza on, promptness, feedback and control. Hydraulic cylinders with highly reliable built-in end stroke cushioning system and safety lock valves allow to improve opera on control and to reduce impacts and shocks on the machine during work. The ar culated three sec ons boom, the side ar cula on “deporté” and the 360° stepless rota ng turret have been designed and built to work in ght spaces, alongside of walls and in presence of obstacles.



Normal Steering (2 wheels)

Internal R. = 4430 mm External R. = 7330 mm

Combined steering (4 wheels)

Internal R. = 2100 mm External R. = 4500 mm




close loop hydraulic circuit

Maximum road speed

0 ÷ 33 km/h

mechanical Speed system two-speed gearbox



Maximum working pressure Max hydraulic flow pump services

285 bar

156 l/min

Table 6 Turning radius datas Table 7 Transmission datas Table 8 Hydraulic excava on/li boom datas

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GALLMAC TG12 “IN STEP WITH PROGRESS!” Mr. Flavio Villa, Technical director of Trenchers Division, describes the new Multipurpose machine “TG...

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