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03#2012 March 30th


Mr. Marcello Manen , Sales Manager, explains the main applica on fields of Tesmec Trencher machines

MASTER DIGGING SOLUTIONS “Complete range for different applica ons” CHAINSAW

Tesmec Trenchers, manufactured in the plant of Grassobbio (Italy) and Alvarado (Texas) are nowadays used in large excava on works for: GROUND CONDITIONS MODELS

Extremely hard & Abrasive rock (Granit, Basalt)

Hard Rock

(Monolithic rock, high compressive strength)

Weak Rock

(Fragmented/layered rock, low compressive strength)



Cu ng depth: 91 - 732 cm Cu ng width: 20 - 183 cm

ROCK HAWG Cu ng depth: 0 - 61 cm Cu ng width: 255 - 381 cm


ROCKSAW Cu ng depth: 0 - 152 cm Cu ng width: 7 - 40 cm



Cu ng depth: 0 - 304 cm Cu ng width: 51 - 183 cm


under certain condi ons

Hard soil

(Hard clay, cement sand, gravel and cobbles)

Dirt soil

(Dirt, agricoltural soil)

Tesmec esmecMag 03#2012 PIPELINES Since 1984 Tesmec has been manufacturing trenchers machines for all type of pipelines, for oil, gas, slurry and water transporta on. Featuring different types of digging a achments, Tesmec trenchers are conceived for the most difficult ground condi ons. Working in the five con nents in the most various environments, Tesmec trenchers have been used in the main worldwide pipeline projects, digging up to 1.83 m – width and up to 7.4 m – deep. A comprehensive range of chainsaw and bucket wheel machines makes Tesmec the ideal crawled-trencher line for the most popular pipes diameters up to 48”-1200 mm.

Photo 1 Gas Pipeline Project in Yemen - 1675 Chainsaw Photo 2 Ruby Pipeline Project in USA - 1475 Bucket




Photo 3 Urban Telecom Project in New Zeland - 950SLO Photo 4 Energy Cable Project in New Zeland - 1100 Chainsaw


FIBER OPTIC AND POWER CABLES A mix of Chainsaw and Rocksaw models are nowadays produced in order to fulfill the different demands of the contractors working for the biggest telecommunica on and electrical power companies. High produc vity (m/h) and minimal environmental impact are considered key factors when crea ng a network, that’s the reason why Tesmec developed a full range of trenchers for these applica ons. Long-distanceand urban-ring machines have been developed since the nine es, and today Tesmec trenchers can be equipped with an integrated laying system for which these machines can - in one single pass - dig, clean the ditch, lay the cables and even back-fill the excavated trench. Tradi onal digging methods (bucket excavators) are definitely superseded and all the major telecom companies, as well as the major power companies, are now reques ng their network to be built with this innova ve technology.

Tesmec esmecMag 03#2012 QUARRIES Tesmec drum-trenchers, worldwide known as “Rock Hawg”, represent the most advanced and environment friendly excava on method in quarries and mines. Limestone, iron-ore, phosphates and coal mines are the most popular mining applica ons where our Rock Hawg trenchers are used for rock fragmenta on and crushing, replacing hydraulic hammers, rippers, excavators, blas ng and primary crushing. In a variety of situa ons surface mining is the most costefficient technology as one Rock Hawg can replace, in terms of produc vity, from 5 to 10 medium-size excavators with hydraulic-breaker.

Photo 5 Surface Mining Project in France - 1150 Rock Hawg Photo 6 Surface Mining Project in Qatar- 1475 Rock Hawg (detail)




Photo 7 Bulk Excava on Project in Saudi Arabia - 1475 Rock Hawg Photo 8 The King Abdullah Financial District Bulk Excava on Project in Saudi Arabia - 1175-1475 Rock Hawg


BULK EXCAVATION OF ROCK As for the quarries, the drum-trenchers are gradually replacing tradi onal methods. The specific layout of Tesmec “Rock Hawg” machines makes their durability (working hours), efficiency (m3/€) and produc vity (m3/h) definitely incomparable with modified road machines or tradi onal heavy duty equipment. Ver cal slopes and possibility of dug-material recycling are two of the mul ple advantages of this bulk excava on technology. Excavated material is a mix of aggregates suitable as filling material, while the stones/boulders produced by the hydraulic hammers shall be either disposed or moved to a crushing plant.

Tesmec esmecMag 03#2012 SEWAGE, DEWATERING & DRAINAGE Tesmec trenchers are employed in deep trenching opera ons for sewage/drainage/dewatering projects up to 7.4 m depth.


Besides the tradi onal chainsaw models Tesmec has recently developed a dedicated model for drainage applica ons, the new 775DT. Light machine with low ground pressure, the new 775DT has been conceived for agricultural drainage and irriga on works in so soils. For further informa on see the relevant TesmecNews issue.

9 Photo 9 Sewage Line Project in Qatar - 1675 Chainsaw Photo 10 Special Applica on in Egypt - 800M

SPECIAL APPLICATIONS Tesmec has recently developed a new line of special machines for extremely hard and abrasive rock like granite and basalts. Featuring a new-concept trencher drive, Tesmec chainsaw M3 and M5 can successfully work where other trenches cannot dig. More details on our M-series available upon request. The M800 truck-mounted trencher is a special vehicle suitable for civil protec on and military applica ons. Four wheel drive, automa c re-infla on system, high ground clearance, independent suspension with l ng device are some of the features of this vehicle.

PHOTO GALLERIES You can find the best pictures of trenchers working for the main jobsites worldwide in the Tesmec Photo Galleries!

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Tesmec MAG - Trencher Application  

MASTER DIGGING SOLUTIONS “Complete range for different applications” Mr. Marcello Manenti , Sales Manager, explains the main application fie...

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