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Tesmec Peninsula Tesmec S.p.A has signed a joint venture contract with TME, a long-standing local operator and Tesmec trencher dealer in the Qatar market. The new company will operate under the name Tesmec Peninsula and will allow Tesmec Group to have a direct presence in a very strategic area of the Middle East. The primary focus of the joint venture will be the resale of trenching equipment and related services in the Arabian Peninsula, with the exception of Qatar, which will remain under the direct responsibility of TME. With a direct presence in the Gulf area, Tesmec Group will provide key services to customers in areas of: pre-sale consulting and project estimation, post sales support, contract maintenance, fleet management, training and education programs, and equipment monitoring via GPRS. Tesmec Peninsula will serve as the hub for the logistics and inventory for just-in-time delivery of equipment, spare parts, accessories and skilled personnel. While the marketing and trading activities will be based in Qatar, Tesmec Peninsula intends to create a facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that specializes in trenching services. This facility will provide strong support and know-how to Rock Hawg in King Abdallah Financial District contractors involved with the infrastructure projects. The magnitude of the numerous infrastructure projects, as well as the requirements for trenching and bulk excavation in hard rock, represents an enormous opportunity to spread the technology of Tesmec throughout the region. This Tesmec technology will illustrate to customers the cost benefits and production increases associated with utilizing Tesmec’s machinery over other traditional methods, such as excavators and rock-breakers. Another benefit will be the massive increase in market share Tesmec will acquire from the previous traditional methods. The new global solution of providing local sales and post sales support is part of the Tesmec Group strategy of approaching the market and its clients as a service provider, without limiting the offering solely to the sale of equipment. As a service provider, Tesmec Group will offer a complete solutions package to ensure the best possible performance and cost efficiency for our customers. This strategy has lead to the success of many important client projects carried out by key contractors such as: Al Omari contracting and Nour Communication in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar Building Co. and HBK Contracting Co. in Qatar.

Even though Qatar currently has the highest population of large trenchers in the region, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the highest potential considering the massive investments in infrastructure projects required for regions with similar size and population. Tesmec machines and services have been chosen numerous times for very similarly important projects such as: the King Abdallah Financial District in Riyadh, the SCADA networks within the Saudi Aramco oil and gas fields and the implementation of the 2,000 km FOC network in the harsh Saudi Arabian desert environment. Rock Saw in SCADA networks and 2,000 km FOC network

King Abdallah Financial District

SCADA networks and 2,000 km FOC network

Tesmec machines used on project:   

Tesmec machines used on project:   

4 Tesmec 1150 Rock Hawgs 5 Tesmec 1475 Rock Hawgs 1 Tesmec 1675 Chain Saw

8 Tesmec 950 Chain Saws 2 Tesmec 1150 Rock Saws 2 Tesmec 1275 Rock Saws

Rock Saw in SCADA networks and 2,000 km FOC network

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With a direct presence in the Gulf area, Tesmec Group will provide key services to customers in areas of: pre-sale consulting and project es...